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  • 1. 第一章 金融市場概論 呂宗勳
  • 2. 呂宗勳
    • 學歷
    • 清華大學經濟研究所
    • 成功大學企業管理所財務經濟組
    • 經歷
    • 中央研究院經濟所
    • 玉山銀行總經理室
    • 富邦證券自營部 亞東證券國際部
    • 群益期貨研究部 上市科技公司財務部
    • 統一證券業務部
  • 3. 授課方式
    • 分組
    • 每次上課先報價 ( 金融市場最新行情 )
    • 基本內容
    • 補充時事與基本常識
    • 基本的專有名詞
    • K 線教室 ( 技術分析 )
  • 4. 證券生態
    • 財務管理—金融市場—投資學
    • 專業券商、綜合券商
    • 自營、承銷、經紀、研究、國際、新金 ( 衍生 ) 、投顧、投信、行銷企劃
    • 外資研究員 ( 基金經理人 )
    • 理財專員
  • 5. Part one: Financial Environment and System
    • Ch1.Introduction to Finance
    • Ch2.Financial Institutions
    • Ch3.Monetary Policy and Financial Market
    • Ch4.Taiwan’s Financial Environment and Innovation
    • Ch5.The Behavior of Interest Rate
  • 6. What is Finance
    • Financial Environment
    • Financial system, institutions, markets, and individuals that make the economy operate efficiently
    • Finance
    • Study of how individuals, institutions, governments, and businesses acquire, spend, and manage financial resources
  • 7.
    • Financial institutions
    • Intermediaries that help the financial system operate efficiently and transfer funds from savers and investors to individuals, businesses, and government that seek to spend or invest the funds
    • Financial markets
    • Locations or electronic forums that facilitate the flow of funds among investors, businesses, and government
  • 8.
    • Investments
    • Involves sale or marketing of securities, the analysis of securities, and the management of investment risk through portfolio diversification
    • Financial management
    • Involves financial planning, asset management, and fund-raising decisions to enhance the value of businesses
  • 9. Financial Environment Institutions and Markets Financial Management Investments
  • 10. Financial System Policy Makers pass laws and set policies Monetary System create and transfer money Financial markets market and facilitate transfer of financial assets Financial institutions accumulate and lend/invest savings
  • 11. The Function of Financial Markets
      • To Reduce Transaction Costs
      • To Provide Financial Information
      • To Advance Economy More Efficient
  • 12. The Form of Financial Markets Capital Demander Capital Supplier Financial Instrument Financial Instrument Capital Capital Markets
  • 13. The Framework of Financial Markets
    • By Types
      • Indirect Financing
      • Direct Financing
    • By Instruments
      • Money Markets
      • Capital Markets
      • Foreign Exchange Markets
      • Derivatives
  • 14. Indirect Financing Capital Demander Financial Institutions Capital Supplier Deposit Loan Lower Rate Higher Rate
  • 15. Direct Financing Capital Supplier Capital Demander Capital Securities Financial Institutions Fee Underwriting
  • 16. The Framework of Financial Markets ─ By Instruments Financial Markets Monetary Market Short-Bill Conditional RP/RS Interbank Call Loans Treasury Securities NCDs Commercial Paper Banker’s Acceptance Capital Market Foreign Exchange Market Derivative Market Stocks Bonds Futures Options Warrants Swaps