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IMPACT. The Truth About Brands and Bloggers
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IMPACT. The Truth About Brands and Bloggers


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IMPACT has launched a research paper at today's World PR Forum in Melbourne, demystifying and decoding bloggers and how brands can work with them.

IMPACT has launched a research paper at today's World PR Forum in Melbourne, demystifying and decoding bloggers and how brands can work with them.

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  • 2. The biggesttechnological change since the printing press was invented In this internet age, audiences no longer sit passively and watch or read whatever is served up to them. They have more choices, more platforms. They are mobile, nomadic. Dipping in and out. Attention spans are shorter. They are harder to reach and harder to please…. Bloggers will start tothe role of determining what is news Laurie Oakes, 2011 Andrew Olle Lecturer
  • 3. Why should brandscare about blogging? • 89% of blog readers swayed by a bloggers to try a product • A quarter of bloggers believe they are as influential as mainstream media • 51% claim to influence niche audiences • 73% of bloggers treat branded and unbranded products equally
  • 4. Bloggers want a relationshipwith PR & brands• 56% of bloggers do not believe that PR companies understand blogging.• 83% of bloggers want to work with PRs with Code of Conduct for blogger outreach
  • 5. Journalists & bloggers are not the same thing What motivates bloggers?Growing Identifying food Gaining positive Making money Having fun Learning about Increasingaudience trends before reader or gaining or experiencing influence they occur in commentary professional topic Australia opportunities
  • 6. Blogging is highly personal • Creating a clear and unique voice is the most important part of blogging to 47% • 43% blog for a creative outlet • 93% won’t write about products they have not experienced personally “Blogs are written from personal experience so regurgitating a press release isn’t what a blog is about.” Lorraine Elliot, Not Quite Nigella
  • 7. Blogging is a hobby for 86% • 97% of bloggers write part time; juggling family and jobs • Only 32% gained professional opportunities from their blog • 78% spent $1000-$2000 on blog set up plus average annual spend of $884 • “Bloggers are becoming brands within themselves. The next tier of more professional bloggers will approach blogging with a different agenda over next five to 10 years.” Sandra Reynolds, $120 Food Challenge
  • 8. Blogging is connected; marketersmust be too• Social networking drives community, the key to understanding bloggers• 92% of bloggers link their blog to a social media network. Facebook (83%) and Twitter (97%) most popular• Bloggers are 32% more likely to use Instagram; 58% more likely to use Pinterest• Marketers need to think beyond blog content to amplify the messaging across owned and earned social networks
  • 9. What is best practice bloggeroutreach?
  • 10. Want to know more about bloggers?Allison LeeIMPACT Communications Australia@Alli_IMPACT_PR+ 61 2 9519 5411