Surfin'Milan: sintesi per dati e per immagini


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Durante la Social Media Week di Milano, il 24 settembre 2010 si è svolta la Surfin'Milan, la prima caccia al tesoro 2.0 interamente progettata per i social media. Foursquare, Facebook e Twitter: ecco le armi dei partecipanti!

Progettata da Mimulus, realizzata in collaborazione con Augmendy e Vodafone

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Surfin'Milan: sintesi per dati e per immagini

  1. 1. Surfin’Milan Treasure Hunt 2.0 Milano, Social Media Week September 2010, 24th
  2. 2. Social Media Week - Milan
  3. 3. Each hunter received: Surfin’Milan T-shirt & personal badge Foursquare gadget (thanks!) Game rules Notes to write the answers “Matilunga” (pencil) Mimulus with the first clue Hunter Kit
  4. 4. Hunter Kit
  5. 5. Managing Board is composed by: Roberto Cobianchi Francesca Fabbri Tommaso Sorchiotti & StaffBoard
  6. 6. & StaffBoard
  7. 7. Hunters supported with an official Twitter account Interviews Photos and videos Live streaming of Awards Ceremony MultiMedia
  8. 8. MultiMedia
  9. 9. Before the event: Many many reports and notices… After the event: Not so many reports (then you'll understand why), 2 articles on local newspapers, some videos Buzz
  10. 10. Buzz
  11. 11. Special Guest
  12. 12. People We expected geeks, bloggers, Foursquare users & fans BUT… They went to listen to the Naveen’s talk. This is also the reason why there are few reports: there were no bloggers or those addicted to social media Surfin'Milan was attended by people who wanted to play, have fun and win the iPad offered by Mimulus. Many of these were new to 4sq and had not yet added 4sq app on their mobile phone, or had only installed it a few days earlier. This being said, all the players had a great time: it was really an event for everyone! 80 booking on Eventbrite 40 participants (who played individually or in teams) 6 people from the Mimulus staff
  13. 13. People
  14. 14. Everyone is thinking about Surfin’Milan!
  15. 15. Everyone is thinking about Surfin’Milan!
  16. 16. 3, 2, 1… go!
  17. 17. 3, 2, 1… go!
  18. 18. Some clues In 4sq Tips
  19. 19. Go to Corso Europa n. 2 and take a picture next to the nameplate of the most "searchable” office Boccaccio isn’t allowed to enter the library where one of his manuscripts was discovered. Go to console him and see what he has to give you
  20. 20. Why don’t you take a picture with a model of Abercrombie and post it on your Facebook Profile? A tired horse is holding a fierce patriot. A caress could raise it again. Take a pic while rub his nose!
  21. 21. And the winners are…
  22. 22. Additional Resources
  23. 23. Photos Videos our video other videos Additional Resources
  24. 24. Photos by Anna Monti Anna Torcoletti Francesca Fabbri Luca Pistolesi Silvia Marinelli Riccardo Bigi Tommaso Sorchiotti
  25. 25. THE END for now ;)