Copia de stormi giovani activities


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Copia de stormi giovani activities

  1. 1. Name: ________________________ Date: _______________ Stormi Giovanni Club PREREADING PREVIEW & PREDICT I predict the subject of the story will be... because… Before you beginreading, preview the title, illustrations, and I predict I will learn about… vocabulary. Write any predictions you haveabout the subject of the story and what you will learn about. The genre is… What makes this genre different from other genres that weve studied?What is the genre of this story?Good readers are always 1 asking questions about what they are reading. List 2 questions you have based on the 2 information you listed above. Reread the following pages and then answer the questions. After answering the question, tell how you knew the answer was correct. Page 465: What haveyou learned so far about Stormi? (Character Analysis) Page 465: What My Generalization:generalization can you Detail from text:make about how Stormi She says that going to a new school is like feels about starting a going to the dentist with five cavities. new school? My Conclusion: Page 467: Whatconclusion can you draw Detail from text: about the releationship "But it wont be the same"between Stormi and her friends in Chicago? Page 466: In Scene II why do you think the author includes the scene with Stormis friends in Chicago?
  2. 2. Name: ________________________ Date: _______________ Stormi Giovanni Club I think… because….Page 466: Do you thinkStormi will like her new school and make friends? Why? Page 469: DescribeHannah based on whatyou learn about her on pp. 468-469 This play reminds me of…. They are similar/different because….Page 469: Think aboutthe main character and her problem. Does this play remind you of anyother stories youve read? Marshas email said: Page 470: What + generalization can you Davids email said: make about Stormis friends from their emails? My generalization: Detail: Hannah and her friends invite Stormi to sit with them at lunch. Stormi says no. Page 475: Make a generalization about Detail: Stormi cant find a place to sit, so Hannah and her friendsHannah and her friends. Support it with details _________________________________________________________________ from the play. My generalization: Compare: Contrast: David & Joseph: __________________ Joseph: ___________________________ Page 476: Compare & _________________________________ __________________________________Contrast Stromis friendsin Chicago with her new Hannah & Penelope: ______________ Hannah: __________________________ friends. ___________________________________ Penelope: _________________________
  3. 3. Name: ________________________ Date: _______________ Stormi Giovanni Club Graphic Organizers Stormi Me Using a graphic organizer can help youorganize information that you have read. VennDiagrams are organizers that can help you compare and contrast two or more things. Using the informationfrom the story and your experience from when you moved to Williams Intermediate, chart how you and Stormi are alike and different. TEN IMPORTANT SENTENCES Lunch at a new school is the worst. Page ____ You cant know when you will stop missing the place so much it hurts, Page ____ but you cant stop tying your shoes together either.After you read the entire That book is quite scintillating.story, go back and locate Page ____ the following sentences in the text. Its silly, but I thought I wuold feel better if I didnt make friends. Page ____ A) List the page I just moved here from Chicago where I had great friends, played Page ____number after you find basketball, and was on the speech team. it. B) Write next to the I felt worse and I think people thought I was mean. Page ____ sentence the person who made each You can sit here and read if you want to. statement. Page ____ C) Number thesentences in the order So, Ive decided to let other members into the Stormi Giovanni Club. they occurred in the Page ____ story. Lunch was almost as much fun as litening to Davids lame jokes Page ____ would have been. From now on its the Stormi Giovanni Club, and Im the only member. Page ____
  4. 4. Name: ________________________ Date: _______________ Stormi Giovanni Club CONTEXT CLUES Page 473 - Hannah: "…..Its my passion." I am inferrring that passion means: Use context clues to It actually means: determine the meaningof the word. Then look it up in the dictionary to Page 474 - Ajitha: "We were only trying to be hospitable and gregarious." see if you were correct. I am inferrring that hospitable means: It actually means: Vocabulary Connection Write sentences using each all of this weeksvocabulary words. episode demonstrates profile cavities strict combination
  5. 5. Name: ________________________ Date: _______________ Stormi Giovanni Club 1List any questions you have after reading 2 Stormi Giovanni
  6. 6. Using a graphic organizer can help you organize information that you have read. Time lines are organizers that can help you put events in order as you read. Make a time line of the dates listed in the story. Mahalia Jackson 1865 1911 1946 1972 1976