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120426 res english_short

  1. 1. A Zero Energy Building (ZEB)- Developing energy solutions for the futurewww.res.as
  2. 2. The BIG pictureNational Oceanicand Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center As appearing in the July 2010 issue(Vol. 91) of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS)
  3. 3. to achieve necessary cuts in CO 2emissions > 50% of the Executive Director of the IEA: “If the reduction will world continues on the basis of todays come from energy policies, the climate change energy impacts will be severe. ... efficiency We need urgently to set in > 25% of the motion an energy and reduction will environmental revolution , to come from transform the way we use energy and to Renewables deliver a sustainable future.” Norwegian Minister Liv Signe Navaseter address national challenges: Only 7 % of the recommendations towards energy efficiency in buildings in Norway are conducted. The Government targets an increased investment towards Competence and Model buildings, pointing out the directions for Zero Energy Buildings for the future.
  4. 4. “…recent Commission estimates suggest that the EU is on course toachieve only half of the 20% objective. The EU needs to act now toget on track to achieve its target. Responding to the call of the EuropeanCouncil of 4 February 2011 to take determined action to tap theconsiderable potential for higher energy savings of buildings, transport andproducts and processes, the Commission has therefore developed thisComprehensive new Energy Efficiency Plan.”
  5. 5. A bo om in energy ef ficiency in EUNearly zero-energy buildings*  Nearly zero-energy building’ means a building that has a veryMember States shall ensure that: high energy performanceby 31 December 2020, allnew  The nearly zero or very lowbuildings are nearly zero- amount of energy requiredenergy buildings ; and should be covered to a very significant extent by energyafter 31 December 2018, new from renewable sources,buildings occupied and owned including energy fromby public authorities are renewable sources producednearly zero-energy buildings . on-site or nearby Update of ”Energy Performance of Buildings Directive” (EPBD) May 2010
  6. 6. Who are we?Development company: Property owner:Rogaland Energisenter AS RES Eiendom AS Sig.Halvorsen The companies in the  Rogaland County Rønning consortium have a turnover of > 1 billion NOK/year Council Energi og Miljø dealing with plumbing,  Bjerkreim Municipality Covent/Comek heating, cooling, electrical  Dalane Energi installations, automation, Klimaservice energy-customer solutions,  Covent Hubro Hansen refrigeration systems,  Sig.Halvorsen freezers and heat pumps, A2- air handling units, ventilation  Bjerkreim AS – Employee: trelast RES Eiendom arkitekterne and sheet metal processing, Frank Emil Moen indoor air quality, facade Acl solutions, architecture, Managing Director Engineering engineering and business incubator companies. Prokulde Ipark EnergisenterRogaland AS -Employees:Frank Emil Moen Managing Director Magne Vaule - Project Manager Kåre Netland - Consultant
  7. 7. Com What are we? Education p eten Synerg c lo gy e y Deve lopmentTechno Cooperation Networking Science Education Centre Business Energy R&DThe RES-building will bea ’State of the Art’-building - both inconstruction and incontent. The Triple Helix Model in practice! => Innovation through collaboration, Wind development and interaction between Cluster business, R&D, education and government.
  8. 8. To Egersund18 km ≈ 18 min by car To Ålgård 26 km ≈ 20 min by car To Sandnes 37 km ≈ 33 min by car E39 To Stavanger 53 km ≈ 45 min by carTo Egersund 18 km Covent / Comek > 100 Employees Heavy traffic Bjerkreim river between residential areas Where: Low traffic to attractive high Bjerkreim, Dalane density residential areas Dalane In the CENTER of the RENEWABLE DEVELOPMENT AREA in South West Norway
  9. 9. 9 License denied License given Accepted License applied License notified Built Plans for installation of up to 1000 wind turbines in the Massive development South-West plans for wind parks region. in the region.Dalane Upper Licenses given forSecondary School more than 300 turbines, and manySvåheia wind park more to come.accepted (24 MW)Egersund wind park100 MW - Accepted Off-Shore wind park Siragrunnen 200 MW In construction 9 dalane.vgs.no
  10. 10. The ZEB-BuildingFor a graphic visualisation go to: http://bit.ly/RES-Building
  11. 11. The RES Building  Low Energy level 1) Target:  Commercial build. 115 kWh/m 2 /år  Private homes 95 kWh/m 2 /år The RES building shall not consume more energy per year  Passive house 1) than it self produce.  Commercial build. 80 kWh/m2/år  Private homes 70 kWh/m 2 /år Energy input RES: => 40 kWh/m 2 /yr  «Almost zero energy level» 1)  Commercial build. 60 kWh/m 2 /år  Private homes 55 kWh/m 2 /år By 2015: All new buildings in Norway with Passive House standard 1) 1) Arnstadutvalget: KRDs arbeidsgruppe for energieffektivisering – rapport august 10: http://bit.ly/eSAzHt
  12. 12.  The RES-building will be an energy efficient exhibition building developing sustainable building solutions for the future. RES shall promote collaboration and skills development across disciplines in business, research and education. RES shall be a strong unit - always lo oking for new partners for the development of sustainable and competitive solutions.
  13. 13. Dalane – Becoming the largest windpower region in Norway -Education and O&M located to RES Rogaland County Council and  Dalane Upper secondary Dalane Upper Secondary school will together with the School are from 2011 RES environment develop a running the first (and only) Technical College in Energy Vocational Education and Efficiency. Training (VET) for O&M of wind turbines in Norway.  The intention is that both the VET, the Technical The wind power companies College and the joint building wind parks in Dalane are planning a joint operation Operation Centre will be centre for the wind parks in placed in the RES the region. building.
  14. 14. Science Centre for WindPower and ’Green Tech’located to RESTargets:To be a national visit  Introduction tocentre for Wind Power and democratic rules.Energy Efficiency  CollaborationKey elements: between Jærmuseet,Technology, environmentalimpact, conflict solving, Dalane folkemuseum,interactions and potential. Dalane Upper Secondary School andEncourage interest andrecruitment to science and RES.technology.  Input and support from NVE
  15. 15. A ‘Model EE 1 building’ In the centre of the building there will be a ‘transparent’ Technical Show Ro om. The Show Room will be specked with technology, data and energy ef ficient solutions . Outside the Technical Show Room data and statistics regarding energy production and consumption in the building will be presented. An allocated laboratory for product development and testing will be available for the RES Environment.1) Energy Efficiency
  16. 16. Innovation model - RES development GRID On site production Sintef sun & wind Teknova Innov. De Covent Norge En live er rin • Regulations gy g pr of e • Ventilations R&D od x uc ces • Sig.Halv. tio s n Heat recovery • Heat pumps RES NEW • SD-management Rønning Development Products • Light Ideas Services • Energy productionCovent • Etc. Development projects Main Challenge : Develop a dynamic and economical sustainable Zero Energy Building
  17. 17. Collaboraters Dalane Upper Sec. School Rogaland County Council Wind Cluster Dalane Municipality Bjerkreim Jærmuseet University of Agder TEKNOVA IRIS SINTEF Innovation Norway ENOVA … DNB ...and more…
  18. 18. BUSINESS CONSEPT CONSEPT ASRES Eiendom RogalandAS Energisenter AS XX Eiendom AS YY New Eiendom AS New businesses products The company CONSEPT AS delivers conceptual prospects for energy ef ficient ’State of the Art’ buildings to clients in close co operation with Rogaland Energisenter AS, and with RES Eiendom AS as a model.
  19. 19. R&D and business development Solar Energy1. Construction Ventilation design, materials Learning and research Composition of the energy2. Energy production solutions in the Constant energy RES Building measurements thin film solar panels, solar collectors and Recycling small wind turbines Efficient transport of energy3. Energy use Natural resources Work environment heating, cooling, ventilation, illumination, Wind Energy and climate technical installations n tilatio4. en ral v Energy storage Hybrid ventilation Natu Tech show room Energy recovery water tanks, energy wells , batteries, hydrogen Façade with thin film solar cells5. Energy management integrated energy management system, energy saving and energy storage. Educational and R&D environment
  20. 20. R&D => Productdevelopment Ambientor Solar Energy VRI/Teknova Delivered - Vertical wind Energy Storage VRI/Teknova Delivered turbine - Pilot at RES Energy Management IN/Teknova Delivered Energy Recycling VRI/Sintef Delivered Legionella VRI/IRIS Delivered Sun driven ventil. VRI/Teknova Delivered Ceiling – co oling VRI/Sintef Delivered Grid integration VRI/Teknova DeliveredR&D-projects formore than NOK 3,5 millions
  21. 21. www.res.as