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Research essay about the Cave of Aracena by Reyes Rodríguez

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The Maravillas Cave-reyes-rodriguez-3-c

  1. 1. The Maravillas Cave
  2. 2. Introduction The Maravillas Cave is located in Aracena (Huelva) in the south of Spain.
  3. 3. Geological Characteristics
  4. 4. The geological history of the area of the Maravillas Cave began more than 550 millions.There are at least three levels of galleries. In the lowest one, we can find some of the lakes.
  5. 5. The geological history of the area of the Maravillas Cave began more than 550 millions years ago, when some of the oldest rocks were formed in the nearby mountain, now called Sierra de Aracena. The special characteristic of these carbonate-based rocks is that they dissolve very slowly when they are in contact with water. This process called 'Karstification' is responsible for forming the characteristic landscape of the Maravillas Cave. This cavity has a predominantly horizontal lenght of 2.130 metres. There are at least three levels of galleries. In the lowest one we can find some of the lakes.
  6. 6. Second and third level
  7. 7. The second level of galleries has an extraordinary abundance of formations from very diverse origins such as the existence of impurities of copper and iron, wich gives a wide range of colours to the shapes.One of the main characteristic of this cave are the Stalactite (a formation which starts on the ceiling and grows downwards) and Stalagmite ( which grows from the ground upwards). In the third level there are a great number of variety of speleothems and some remarkable gours of different sizes. At the end of this gallery, you can see the petrified remains of some plant roots.
  8. 8. Analysis of the economical impact of the cave
  9. 9. It was opened for the first time in 1914,so next year it will be its centenary. Since its aperture it has been managed by the City Council. A significant number of employments have been created taking advantage of the tourism developed because of the caves. The incomings come from the sale of the tickets with an average of 150.000 visitors per year. Part of these incomings goes to the advertising,maintenance and the development of the area where the caves are located in.
  10. 10. Examples of businesses developed within the frame of the caves
  11. 11. There are four types of business that have grown around the caves, restaurants, hotels, pork on the street shops and souvenir shops. These shops and restaurants offer typical foodstuffs from this area. There are other shops that offer souvenirs from the cave,such as postcards, t-shirts, magnets etc There are more than four hotels in the area. As the cave is open seven days a week, tourists are always welcome and weekends are specially busy in the area of the cave, where sometimes we can also enjoy some flee markets.
  12. 12. In my humble opinion, I would like to remark that the cave it is not just a great economical source for our town, it also provides a huge cultural impact. A good example of that is the open-air museum, where visitors can enjoy a huge range of different sculpture expresions of contemporary spanish artists.
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