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Safety food management_final

  1. 1. Safety Food Management International Featured Standards IFS BrokerOctober 2011 Pavan, Marion, Maxime, Quentin, Eugenia
  2. 2. HistoryHistoryObjectivesReason for settingupMain Target  New IFS standardAuditor and  Suitable for companies that buy goods andcertification body delivery directly to customersDuration of theaudit  Available since january 2010AssesmentMain requirementsFocus onrequirements
  3. 3. ObjectivesHistoryObjectivesReason for setting  “The new IFS Broker checks to see whetherup brokers / importers have implementedMain Target appropriate measures in their processes toAuditor and ensure that their suppliers operate incertification body accordance with food safety and qualityDuration of the requirements and to monitor compliance inaudit order for the products supplied to meet legalAssesment requirements and contractual specifications.”Main requirementsFocus onrequirements
  4. 4. Reason for setting upHistoryObjectives  IFS Broker : Trading partners expectReason forsetting up brokers and importers to communicateMain Target their product requirements to manufacturers and that these will beAuditor andcertification body understood and implemented.Duration of the  IFS Cash and Carry : All handlingaudit activities of loose and unpacked productsAssesment in Cash & Carry-markets or wholesaleMain requirements companies.Focus onrequirements
  5. 5. Main TargetHistoryObjectivesReason for settingup  Used for all brokers independently of the productsMain TargetAuditor andcertification body  Can be applied to brokers in the Food, inDuration of the the areas of Non-Food and HPC (hygieneaudit personal care)AssesmentMain requirementsFocus onrequirements
  6. 6. Auditor and certification bodyHistory  Auditors must be certified IFSObjectivesReason for settingup  Compulsory to pass an exam and to know the sector of the company auditedMain Target (experience of 2 years in the same sector)Auditor andcertification bodyDuration of the  3 categories:audit  Food auditors for Food brokerAssesment  HPC auditors for HPC brokers  Non-food auditors for Non-food brokersMain requirementsFocus onrequirements
  7. 7. Auditor and certification bodyHistory  Auditors work for certification bodyObjectivesReason for settingup  Certification body has to be certified ENMain Target 45 011Auditor andcertification body  37 certification bodies in the world forDuration of the IFS brokersauditAssesment  Example:Main requirements  AENORFocus onrequirements  Veritas  LRQA
  8. 8. Duration of the auditHistoryObjectivesReason for setting  Duration minimum: 8 hoursupMain Target  Depends on:Auditor andcertification body  size of the company  Number of supplierDuration of the  Number of customersaudit  Scope of service activitiesAssesmentMain requirementsFocus onrequirements
  9. 9. AssesmentHistoryObjectives  71 requirementReason for setting  A / B / C and D assessments for every requirementup  Two level of certification:Main Target  Basic level at 75% - 95% points  Higher level from 95% pointsAuditor andcertification body  Major non-conformities (similar to the IFS Food definitions)Duration of theaudit  9 K.O. criteriaAssesment  Certification’s validity: 12 months irrespective of theMain requirements levelFocus onrequirements
  10. 10. Main requirementsHistoryObjectives Already in IFS standard  Responsibility of company managementReason for settingup  Quality management systemsMain Target  Resource managementAuditor and  Service provisioncertification bodyDuration of theaudit Newly formulated chaptersAssesment /requirements for brokers  Product developmentMainrequirements  PurchasingFocus onrequirements
  11. 11. Focus on requirementsHistoryObjectivesReason forsetting up  HACCP / risk managementMain Target  TraceabilityAuditor andcertification body  Product analysisDuration of the  Supplier selectionaudit  Product PackagingAssesmentMainrequirementsFocus onrequirements
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention
  13. 13. Sources International Featured Standard :