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Measuring Social Media ROI

Measuring Social Media ROI



Presentation that provides practical methods for accounting firms seeking to measure the ROI on their social media marketing activities - Flashpoint Marketing - Accounting Firm Marketing.

Presentation that provides practical methods for accounting firms seeking to measure the ROI on their social media marketing activities - Flashpoint Marketing - Accounting Firm Marketing.



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  • Facebook is not just personal profiles for sharing photos of your dinner with your uninterested friends. It is actually a hugely important way to get thousands of people interacting with your business online and offline.Twitter – Excellent for following people in your industry, thought leaders, reporters and even for lead generation.LinkedIn – Excellent for recruiting and attracting prospects to your firm. Also a good forum for connecting people. This is Google’s reply to fears that Facebook is taking over. Its all about integrating your online social media life with your search engine
  • Measuring ROI on Social Media is Like Measuring the ROI of a Relationship.Similar to Putting a ROI Measurement on Your Office Phone System

Measuring Social Media ROI Measuring Social Media ROI Presentation Transcript

  • SOCIAL MEDIA ROI SESSION E-1 Brian D. Swanson - Flashpoint Marketing
  • Speaker Introduction  15 Years Accounting Marketing & Business Development Experience  Former Big 4 & Regional Firm Marketing Director  SEMPO Certified in Internet Marketing  SEMPO Certified in Advanced Search Engine Optimization  5 Years Social Media Marketing
  • Group Audience Poll How Many Are Currently Using Social Media to Market Your Firm?
  • How Social Media Works Let’s Get Very Specific Today!
  • Purpose of Social Media
  • Functions of Social Media Purpose for Using Social Media:  Enhance Search Engine Optimization(SEO)  Share Thought Leadership  Engage Clients & Prospects  Recruiting  Manage the Firm’s Brand – Informal Access  Advertising - LinkedIn
  • Focus & ROI How You Use Social Media Will Determine How You Measure ROI Let’s Discuss Strategy!
  • Effective Social Media Marketing What are you sharing? Engaging Content Proper Targeting Where are you sharing it? Measurement How are you measuring activity? Interaction How are you interacting?
  • How Do People React? How Alluring is The Content Your Sharing?
  • Assess Your Existing Content Reflect on Your Content:  Us versus You  Audience Relevant versus Irrelevant  Overly Technical vs. Common Language  Current Events versus Months Old News  Interactive vs. Static Social Media is The Tool Through Which Content is Shared!
  • Develop A Strategy • What is/are the objectives of our strategy? • Who Are You Targeting – Different Platforms for Different Targets (Recruiting, Clients, etc.) • What Type of Content Does Our Target Want? • What Information is Our Audience Searching For? • How is Our Content Reinforcing Our Brand Promise?
  • Social Media Examples
  • Social Media Examples
  • Content Sharing Ideas • News – Firm or Industry • Behind the Scenes Content • Top 10 Lists • Presentations • Infographics • Videos & Images • Stats & Facts – Industry Studies, Surveys
  • Proper Targeting There Are So Many Social Media Platforms Available Where Should You Be Targeting Your Efforts? Should I Invest Time On New Platforms?
  • Social Media Participation Assess How Your Audience Spends Their Time
  • Most Effective Platforms • Facebook – 845 Million Users • Twitter – 300 Million Users • LinkedIn – 135 Million Users • Google Plus – 62 Million Users • YouTube – 3 Billion Video Views Everyday
  • Talking vs. Conversation Are You Engaging Your Social Media Audience?
  • Your Approach Creates Value Reflect on Your Approach:  Manually vs. Auto Managed  One Person vs. Multiple People  Commercialized vs. Authentic  Business vs. Personal Focus  Firm Centric vs. Topic/Audience Centric  Questions/Surveys vs. Firm News Items
  • Authenticity  Focus On Audience - Individualized  Listen To Your Audience - Content  Interact With Followers– Respond to Posts, Comments, Re-Tweets, etc.  Genuine & Consistent Content  Create A Good Experience – Keep Them Coming Back
  • Strike A Balance Marketing Authenticity & Engagement The Sweet Spot There Is a Proper Balance For Your Audience! Authentic vs. Transparency
  • Authenticity Examples Demonstrating The Firm’s Commitment to The Community
  • Authenticity Examples
  • Group Audience Poll How Are You Currently Measuring ROI for Social Media?
  • Measuring Return
  • Measuring Return Important Social Media Metrics:  Mentions  Sentiment  Reach - Fans/Connections  Action - SEO Impact  Introductions Made  Questions Answered  Engagement - Number of Leads
  • Measuring Return
  • Google Analytics Provides Metrics on How Social is Impacting SEO Click Here to View Social Analytics
  • Google Analytics Very Detailed Traffic & Site Performance Metrics
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics Favorites Mentions
  • In Perspective Key Takeaways  Measurement = on How You Use Social Media  Leverage Effective Content for Sharing  Interaction - Be Authentic and Audience Centric  Right Platform = Right Engagement  Measuring Return is Not Always “Black & White”  Platform vs. Global Measurement Tools
  • Questions Brian Swanson Flashpoint Marketing bswanson@flashpointmarketing.biz 612-886-3561