The international CSR Twitter and blogosphere

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Short presentation on why I think Twitter and the blogosphere are in closely linked.

Short presentation on why I think Twitter and the blogosphere are in closely linked.

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  • 1. The international CSR twitter- and blogosphere By Fabian Pattberg CSR 2.0 Innovations, trends and innovations 1 Warsaw, October 21st, 201.
  • 2. International CSR• What you need to understand about the CSRsector as a business sector• CSR is a global industry that needs to communicate to function• Direct one-to-one CSR communication and online CSR communication are closely linked now in order to make sense of CSR across the globe
  • 3. Twitter and CSR• How Twitter influenced and is influencing CSR best practice and communication• Twitter was the first real megaphone for CSR topics globally• Now Twitter is the standard for online communication in the CSR sector• New trends include online chats, polls and much more.
  • 4. The CSR blogosphere• Blogging has a long tradition in CSR• When you blog about CSR you are looking for feedback• CSR blogging needs to be opinionated• The CSR blogosphere is increasing all the time. All you need is a website, academic or work experience and an opinion.
  • 5. Key players and their approachesOrganizations• 3blmedia and their engagement with CSR bloggers• The Guardian Sustainable Business and contentIndividualsSusan McPherson and how to bring people togetherElaine Cohen and the CSR reporting blogDavid Connor and the power of retweeting
  • 6. What I want you to take away• Twitter, CSR and the blogosphere are linked more then you can imagine• You have the choice to either participate with a focus on Twitter & and CSR, the blogosphere & CSR or all of them together• But there is no excuse to not link your CSR work with Twitter or the blogosphere at all.