Persuasive Communication


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  • The great secret is how language, both verbal and body language, and behavior connect. Ever noticed that some people are just sooooo persuasive, so influential? No matter what? And that there's a way they say and do things that is just mesmerizing? And you can watch them in action and be mesmerized yourself? Just riveted to them?Were they born gifted? Did they learn the secrets somewhere from some guru or other wise man? The real answeris: most of them have no idea, they just don't know how they know how to persuade and influence. . . they're just greatat what they do and they'll tell you that!! . . . Well, we do know something that most people don't know and we'll also tell you this:Anyone Can Learn How to Be More Persuasive, More Influential!! Yes, that's right, ANYONE!! If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!!The very fact that you can speak, think, act, even just sit there reading this means thatYou have the ability more than you thinkYou may not have known how to tap into it because no one showed you exactly how. Who, if anyone, has ever taught you to USE YOUR OWN BRAIN? Not to mention how to persuade or influence someone else positively!But just think about it this way: You have probably the same words the Greats do inside your brain somewhere, maybe even more.So what is it that lets them put those words in just the right sequence with just the right voice that makes a chill run up your spine?That motivates you to the point where YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW MORE?!! They want to learn more and more, that's one thing.They GO FOR IT!! When they see something that interests them, entices them, tantalizes them, they don't sit there and wait for itto come to them!! NO WAY, they GO FOR IT VORACIOUSLY!How many times have you been in a situation where you did or said something and blew the deal, or even the relationship?And then Later On Something Will Just POP RIGHT INTO YOUR MIND? And you'll Know It's Right? and you'll think . . ."Oh . . . if only I had done this . . . it would have been perfect . . ."? And so you beat yourself up over and over again.
  • Communication is done mostly using non-verbal gestures.Nonverbal communication is the single most powerful form of communication. More than voice or even words, nonverbal communication cues you in to what is on another person’s mindFace to face communication93% of how you are judged is base on your appearance and body language.7% is influenced by the words that you speakOn the phone communication- 70% of how you are perceived is base on your tone of voice.- 30% on your wordsPeople wont remember what you saidThey will remember how you said it
  • Without Disagreement, There Would Be No Need For PersuasionWe are playing with people’s minds, with their thought processes.Speakers Must Enter A Speaking Situation With Realistic Goals
  • Persuasive Communication

    1. 1. Persuasive Communication FOZAN RIZVI
    2. 2. Successful Communication requires Mirroring other person’s: - Tone - Rate - Body language - Eye contact
    3. 3. Tone & Vocal Variety
    4. 4. Rate
    5. 5. Eye Contact
    6. 6. WHAT PEOPLE NOTICE 0% 0% Tonality 38% Words 7% Body language 55%
    7. 7. COMMUNICATING TO PERSUADE • Persuasion Is A Psychological Process • Consider this: • Will everyone always agree with everything you have to say? • What are we up against when we seek to persuade?
    8. 8. People’s most basic attitudes, values, & beliefs form persuasive communication
    10. 10. Associate with positive, goal-oriented people Read motivational literature Strategies to develop Listen to motivational material winner’s attitude Believe in your ability
    11. 11. Thank You Join Me via Email: Cell: 0345-2109539