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  1. 1. Pringle Chip<br />Matt Kim, Tom Hickey, Jess Higgins, Adit Patel, AarshSachdeva<br />
  2. 2. Our Challenge<br />Our eco-challenge is to grow and keep a plant alive by substituting soil with coffee grounds.<br />We also have to keep the plant in a tight space (6’ x 8’)<br />O L I V E T R E E<br />
  3. 3. Our Plant<br />The plant that we decided we’d grow was potatoes. However, because of time constraints we could only get a plant, and attempt to keep it alive.<br />The plant we chose to use to substitute in for potatoes was the African Violets.<br />
  4. 4. If we could have grown potatoes, where would we send it to?<br />The country we would have sent the potatoes to would’ve been Haiti.<br />Haiti is still suffering from the massive 7.8 earthquake that struck them on January 12, 2010.<br />Because the weather needed to grow potatoes is cold and wet and the weather in Haiti is hot and kind of dry, they would have a harder time trying to grow potatoes.<br />Another reason why we chose potatoes is because it’s one of the most filling of edible plants.<br />
  5. 5. Important things to know about growing potatoes<br />In order to have success in growing potatoes, you must have the right weather. Usually, people grow them in mid to late spring. This is because it rains a lot and the temperature is in a range of 45°- 80°<br />While planting potatoes they should be at least 16 inches apart.<br />Growing potatoes takes about 2-4 months<br />
  6. 6. Data<br />Our plant is a potato, and we chose to send it to Haiti. We decided to send it to Haiti because they are still suffering/ getting over the huge earthquake that struck them on January 12, 2010. Because they would have a harder time growing potatoes there because of how hot and dry it gets there, if we send it there then we could help feed the needy. We chose potatoes because they are easy to grow and they are more filling than other edible plants. In order to grow potatoes, the climate needs to be cooler with a range of 45°-80°. Usually, people grow them in mid-late spring and they take about 2-4 months to grow. While planting potatoes, you should space them out about 16 inches apart. It is important to know that because you do not want all of the potatoes interfering with each other’s growth. For this experiment we are going to replace soil and see if we can still grow and keep the plant alive using by using coffee groundings in a 6’ x 8’ space. We came up with this idea because some people put their used coffee grounds on their plants rather than just throwing them out.<br />
  7. 7. Directions<br />You will need to save up at least four cups of coffee grounds for ever 1’x1’ space.<br />Put two cups of the used coffee grounds into a 1’ x 1’ section of the container and then put the plant in.<br />After you put the plant in, put the other two cups of use coffee grounds in the container.<br />Water the plant to where there is about a quarter of a centimeter of water resting on top of the groundings.<br />Water the plant once or twice a day depending on the plant you are growing and how dry it is. If you have a large plant in a small container or a plant with large or very thin leaves and with fine surface roots, it may require more watering.<br />
  8. 8. Pictures<br />