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Just a quick part of my presentation

Just a quick part of my presentation

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  • 4. Activists may have a number of reasons for protesting. To convince the government or third party group to initiate or cease something. To demonstrate the seriousness of the issue at hand for the protesters To draw attention to an issue or cause, often through the media. Some key things to remember during a protest. It is illegal to use force against the police when engaged in civil disobedience. Making contact with the police before hand is recommended. The spokesperson for the protestors should be given a cellular phone to encourage communication with the police. Going limp upon being arrested is not considered resisting arrest. Activists can be charged with mischief.
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  • 8. An act can be classified as a terrorist action if it does one of the following Intimidates the public or compel a government/organization to do a certain act. Intentionally causes death or serious bodily harm. Causes substantial property damage that could result in bodily harm. Interferes with an essential service (Unless on strike). Suspected terrorist still retain most of their rights Anti-Terrorist laws do not take precedence over the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A suspected terrorist can be held for 24 hours before being brought before judge. Suspected terrorists have the right to legal council.
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  • 10. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is responsible for a number of Canada’s National security, including but not limited to Counter-Terrorism Counter-Proliferation Counter-Intelligence Security-Screening Research, Analysis and Production Environmental scanning