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My slides for the online presentation to the English Teachers of Switzerland SIG Day 8th Sept

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Web quests

  1. 1. WebQuestsDo they have a future?
  2. 2. Key People annefox.eu
  3. 3. Web what? Web + Quest Scavenger hunt? For language? annefox.eu
  4. 4. Online Scavenger/Treasure hunt annefox.eu
  5. 5. Scavenger huntSample 1 annefox.eu
  6. 6. Scavenger huntSample 2 annefox.eu
  7. 7. Webquest classic The overall assignment Teacher’s Product Guidance for the guide teacher Self, peer or teacherStep by step instructions Intro Task Process assessment Final results of the Lead-in to the WebQuest Resources Evaluation WebQuest Links & tools to complete the WebQuest annefox.eu
  8. 8. Introduction Task Processannefox.eu Final product Resources Webquest classic Evaluation Teacher guidance
  9. 9. SamplesGuilty or Innocent? You be the Judge Could stopping all aid to Africa actually help end poverty? Follow this format:You will choose between 2 fairy tales and decide who is guiltyor innocent. Listen carefully and you be the JUDGE! 1. Clearly outline the African food crisis, citing facts andTask figures and quoting from local Africans, aid workers and anyIn order to try your case you must know your facts. other relevant players where necessary.Step 1 2. Formulate a statement which reflects your informedRead two stories. You and your team will decide who is guilty opinion on the matter after reading all the relevant material.and who is innocent.Step 2 3. Examine all the available arguments for both sides, supporting all statements with evidence.Examine the crime scene and gather the FACTS.Step 3 4. Try to make your writing persuasive enough to make otherYou and your team will present your case to the class. The readers of the blog want to respond to your view.class will be the jury.Teacher guidance YOU WILL POST YOUR RESPONSE TO OUR CLASS BLOG YOUR CLASSMATES AND TEACHER WILL READ AND COMMENT ONI designed this web quest to be a fun and interesting way to IT.introduce students to the fundamentals of a trial YOU WILL ALSO WRITE A REFLECTIVE SELF-EVALUATION INcourtroom, while building on their skills of comparing and YOUR LEARNING JOURNAL. http://www.theconsultants-e.com/resources/webquests/repository/general-language.aspxcontrasting.http://questgarden.com/105/61/2/100623071707/ annefox.eu
  10. 10. Talenquests •IntroductionA WebQuest •Task •Process •Resources attributes •Evaluation •Conclusion •Teachers page •Quality of languageB Instructional •Suitable level •Processing required value •Focus on form •Language production •Interaction in L2 •Encourages compensatory strategiesC Task-based •Tasks lead to final product •Degree of authenticityor content? annefox.eu
  11. 11. Talenquests •Introduction A WebQuest •Task •Process •Resources attributes •Evaluation •Conclusion •Teachers pageof language •Quantity •Quality of language •Suitable levelB InstructionalB Instructional • Quantity of language •Processing required • Quality of language • Suitable level • Processing required form •Focus on value value • Focus on form • Language production production •Language • Interaction in L2 • Encourages compensatory in L2 •Interaction strategies •Encourages compensatory strategiesC Task-based •Tasks lead to final product •Degree of authenticityor content? annefox.eu
  12. 12. Talenquest testIn a WebQuest about Disneyland Paris which isthe better task and why?1. In which restaurant can you order a hamburger?2. Decide what you would like to eat in each restaurant? annefox.eu
  13. 13. annefox.eu
  14. 14. Different cultural rules and behaviours and media Level of expertise:This task requires no previous knowledge and experience. Learning objectives1. To critically consider different forms of representation of culture and behaviour2. To consider how cultural rules and behaviours are represented in media Description1. Participants are asked to watch at least 6 of the HSBC video adverts on culture available on You Tube.2. Participants are asked to comment on one of them on the group wiki, considering both the cultural rules and behaviours theyreflect and the forms of media representation. EvaluationPeer evaluation through commenting on the group wiki page TimeThis activity will take around an hour. annefox.eu
  15. 15. Webquest 2.0Tom March annefox.eu
  16. 16. From WebQuest 1.0 to 2.0 annefox.eu
  17. 17. Challenge-based learning annefox.eu
  18. 18. From 1.0 to 2.0WINDPOWER: Good, Bad or Ugly?Windfarms have been proposed as a green alternative energysource. But how green are they really?Quandong Shire Council has received an application for apermit to construct an eco-resort within the shire. It isimportant for the resort owners, Quecco, to use renewableenergy as much as possible.Task: Advise the Council on:1. decide on the form of windpower suitable for the Queccoresort and2. formulate a set of criteria for similar permit applications onthe future.Roles: Windfarm investor, environmentalist, politician etcProduct: Presentation to Council (likely bias?) annefox.eu
  19. 19. annefox.eu
  20. 20. annefox.eu
  21. 21. annefox.eu
  22. 22. annefox.eu
  23. 23. Conclusions Use WebQuests as a way of Scavenger hunts are OK promoting authentic (now and again) learning. The talenquest checklistWebQuest products could does not have to behave impact with Web 2.0 followed to the letter. tools. WebQuests can be WebQuests could have a broadened out to place in workplace learning Challenge-based learning annefox.eu
  24. 24. ResourcesFind all mylinks here. annefox.eu