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Off We Go - Offline Freelancing
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Off We Go - Offline Freelancing


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Off We Go! A presentation about Offline FreelancingFOWAB#4 - Bandung, December 11, 2010 Harry J. Husni |
  • 2. Now1999/2000 2004/2005 2008/2009Dotcoms era Dotcoms crash 2nd WavePlayers: Big IT Companies Small to middle agencies Better infrastructures,Immature markets Web/online presentation is affordable gadgets/devicesWhat company are you a luxury Paradigm shift on how to workwork for? What the heck is What the heck, are you still Friendster?! using Friendster?! Facebook/Twitter is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Suppers too.
  • 3. Choose client wisely.
  • 4. Be selective, offline clients tend to be more"demanding".Anticipate clients literacy of technical and onlinestuff, especially on implementation stage.Calculate costs - physically and psychologically,decide if the project is worthed or not.
  • 5. Attitude + Confidence.
  • 6. Show that being a freelancer is your choice, notbecause youre forced to or because its a coolthing.Show that being a freelancer doesnt mean youdont work professionally or lack of projectmethodology.Realize that agencies are your competitor.Therefore, show the benefits of hiring afreelancer.
  • 7. Learn to present.
  • 8. Understand flowcharts, wireframes, timeframe,schedule timeline, etc.That includes creating simple yet informativepresentation slides with charts, graphics,diagrams, etc.
  • 9. You are what you wear.
  • 10. Like it or not, subjectivity plays a significant roleto offline-client’s decisions.You need to impress the client with yourappearance, especially on 1st meeting.Dress casual but properly.
  • 11. Bring your gears.
  • 12. When online, you impress client with works onyour portfolio web. Offline, you show copies ofthem directly.So bring your gears: laptop, smartphone, usbstick, business card, iphone, ipad, iwhatever...As a bonus, it can level up your pricing too! ;)
  • 13. Speak properly.
  • 14. Learn to speak properly.Explain things using simple language.Speak to the point.Accept requests yet dont promise too much.
  • 15. Be honest.
  • 16. Tell the truth about who you are, where you work,how you work, assets you have, who you havework with, etc.There’s no point to brag about things. Eventuallypeople finds out.
  • 17. Work paperless.
  • 18. Not because of "being green" trend, but becauseit’s simply an effective and efficient way to work.Send previews, documents, quotations & invoicesin digital formats. In return, ask assets in digitalformats too.
  • 19. Go out. Socialize.
  • 20. Offline clients often comes from word of mouthand recommendations, so build a goodnetworking.“It’s not the people you know, but the people whoknows you”Furthermore, its nice to go out. It will keep yousane as well!
  • 21. Hatur nuhun! Harry J. HusniEmail: | Twitter: @aeroplant | FB: |