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This is a brochure that I produced that provides an overview of the Progress Software Global Partner Program

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Bro partner program_printlf

  1. 1. THE PROGRESS APPLICATION PARTNER PROGRAMDelivering Value throughout the Relationship Life
  2. 2. 2 Progress Software offers you an award-winning partner program based on a shared success approach to your business. The Progress Application Partner Program gives you access to business, technical, and sales and marketing experts with specialized knowledge in building competitive, responsive and agile applications based on Progress technologies. As a result of this, hundreds of Progress Application Partners have successfully entered new markets, and adopted new business models, including Software as a Service (SaaS). Progress continues to keep the “I” in “ISV” by delivering the means “Progress has a well- for you to build market-leading applications and not offering applications that conceived strategy compete with you. VarBusiness, a leading global channel publication and for helping software industry expert, awarded Progress’ Application Partner Program its 5 Star vendors…With all of Award for 6 consecutive years, and IDC named Progress among the Top Ten the focus on SMB, we Partner Programs in the world. see Progress as a major The commitment of Progress Software to its Application Partners company to watch.” has resulted in more than 20 years of success for over 1,500 Application Bruce Richardson Partners offering more than 4,000 business applications. Progress products and AMR Research technology are used by nearly 140,000 organizations in more than 180 countries, including 70% of the Fortune 100. Today, over 6 million people around the world use a business application from a Progress Application Partner. BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS ACROSS THE PARTNERSHIP LIFE CYCLE The Progress Application Partner Program helps you grow your business from initial launch and ramp-up of your business through increasing demand and adoption, all the way to maturity and re-invention of your product or market. We call these three phases of the partnership life cycle “Engage, Empower, and Expand.”
  3. 3. 3 >> Engage includes initial ramp-up activities after assessment and growth stage assignment, and a draft business plan and marketing plan have been submitted to Progress. This phase addresses the fundamental components of a partner relationship in its beginning or revitalization stages. This process ensures that Progress provides the right resources when and where they are needed to assist in driving growth and market leadership. >> Empower offers you an optimal combination of Business, Technical TH E P R O G R E S S and Marketing Empowerment Programs designed to help you build P A RTN E R P R O G R A M your businesses and get the most out of your investment in Progress LI F E C YC LE technology. Empower provides you with the right resources to help Building value across the entire you achieve leadership in your industry. Application Partner relationship >> Expand helps you achieve a new level of business growth. Progress offers the right resources to help you reach new markets, deploy new products and/or service offerings, leverage new technology and take advantage of new business models to keep your business on the winning edge. DELIVERING INDUSTRY-LEADINGTECHNOLOGY AND REAL BUSINESS VALUE In addition to providing you with an award-winning global partner program, Progress delivers industry-leading technologies that include the Progress OpenEdge platform and products for open integration, complex ® ® event processing, business Activity monitoring, data interoperability and more. Progress technologies and our partners’ applications help businesses around the world reduce risk, improve performance and achieve Operational Responsiveness in today’s fast-paced information environment. Our Application Partner Program gives you real business value by offering the right resources and programs to achieve business and technical excellence. Progress engages with you to help you realize all the benefits of the Progress Application Partner Program with a large number of offerings that are geared toward the individual “growth stage” of each
  4. 4. 4 The focus on the individual growth stage of each Application “The Progress Technical Partner is a key differentiator between how Progress engages with its Empowerment programs partners and how other companies engage. Many competitive partner have really helped programs consider only revenue contribution as the key metric in ranking us… At the end of partners and assigning resources. our engagement, our Our growth stage approach aligns the right Progress resources board told me this was and offerings with your specific business needs and will help you boost the single smartest productivity—from application development to business planning, sales investment we’d made.” and co-marketing. Carl Brewer, President, THE PROGRESS PARTNER PROGRAM Upp Technology GROWTH STAGES Progress works with you on all aspects of your business. This true business partnership optimizes development efforts, increases the scalability of your application and shortens your sales cycle. Progress assesses your individual growth stage requirements based on your unique performance in three general areas—business vision, technical excellence and overall financial performance. Our unique growth stage qualification criteria are based on more than twenty key indicators that your Progress Account Managers to assess your business readiness and vision, your understanding and use of Progress technology, and your fiscal viability. Based on your assessment, your company will be included in one of the four key categories of Application Partners based on your growth stage and unique business and technology requirements. The categories of Application Partners
  5. 5. 5 TH E P R O G R E S S P A RTN E R P R O G R A M G R O W TH STA G E S Progress helps Application Partners achieve the most profitable balance. Member Partners Joining the Progress Application Partner Program provides partners with the resources they need to begin building and selling OpenEdge-based business applications. Once a partner has joined the program, it becomes eligible for access to a comprehensive set of business and technology resources supporting our market-leading portfolio of products and technologies. Preferred Application Partners Preferred Application Partners are market-proven and have demonstrated their commitment to delivering competitive business applications to their target markets. These partners have also demonstrated a desire to grow their market presence and consistently advance their business application. Premier Application Partners Premier Application Partners are Progress’ highest-growth, market- leading Application Partners. Our Premier Partners demonstrate excellence through their market-specific application expertise, and industry and technology vision and have demonstrated a consistent and proven approach for building technically competitive
  6. 6. 6 Elite Application Partners Elite Application Partners are Progress’ most advanced, rapidly growing and industry-leading Application Partners. Our Elite Partners have achieved the most advanced stages of operational business management, product development, technical support, and revenue growth. These multi- national partners are often leaders in their respective markets and have demonstrated consistent and long-term commitment to Progress. ONE PROGRESS. ONE PROGRAM. MANY PARTNER TYPES. Progress helps you achieve the most profitable balance of programs and technology. In addition to our Application Partners, Progress maintains strong relationships with a wide range of other partners including OEM, System Integrators, Technology, Reselling/Distributing and SaaS Hosting Partners. THE PROGRESS PARTNER PROGRAM Partner Type Overview Technology Available Application Partners Develop, deploy and manage your business Access to OpenEdge, Sonic and other applications with Progress OpenEdge Progress Technologies OEM Partners Progress technology and programs to All Progress infrastructure software give you the winning edge System Integrator Providing customers with the business Access to all product information and Partners insight, technology, and services they need development and testing environments Distributor Partners Extend the reach of progress technology Access to OpenEdge and Sonic products and partner applications Technology Partners Leverage the community for best-in-class Mutual sharing of proprietary hardware technology and software information and trianing SaaS Hosting Partners Join an industry-leader in SaaS-based Access to Progress SaaS experience plus solutions all product information and development and testing environments EMPOWERING YOU FOR BUSINESS, TECHNICAL, SALES AND MARKETING SUCCESS Progress empowers you to succeed in a mutually profitable business partnership that drives margin-rich revenues by aligning business
  7. 7. 7 technology goals. Together we deliver real business value and competitive advantage to our customers, ensuring a sustainable, consistently growing business. The technology foundation for this empowering partnership is the Progress OpenEdge Business Platform. Progress OpenEdge is an integrated platform for the rapid development, deployment and management of standards-based and service- oriented business applications. OpenEdge’s unified environment is comprised of development tools, application servers, application management tools, a relational database, and the capability to easily connect and integrate with other applications and data sources. OpenEdge is designed to: >> Give you a competitive edge in winning new business. >> Provide you with the technology infrastructure that enables you to transform your industry expertise into best-in-class software applications that fit unique business needs for your customers, >> Deliver rapid ROI, maximize development productivity, lower operating costs and improve your agility. Progress Empowerment Programs Are at the Core of Our Combined Success Progress offers you a variety of programs designed to help achieve “Progress walks the your business, technology and sales and marketing objectives. The chart shows talk when it comes to the programs that are generally available to you. Programs include one-to-one being a partner. Their support for Elite and Premier Partners as well as one-to-many workshops and Business Empowerment Webcasts for Preferred and Member Partners. Progress uses industry experts Programs set a great from around the world to provide the content for many of the offerings. example for partner organizations to emulate. By participating in a Progress Empowerment Program, you will The Strategic Thinking strengthen your competitive edge, improve your return on investment and Program was particularly be well positioned to capitalize on future opportunities. Based on extensive relevant and filled with feedback and input from our partners, Progress constantly refines and practical tools.” updates empowerment offerings to ensure that there are no obstacles to Bob McLaughlin achieving your growth objectives. President and CEO DiscipleData, Inc. (DDI)
  8. 8. 8 Progress Business Empowerment “Our customers don’t Progress Business Empowerment offers both one-to-one and one- focus on technology. to-many programs designed to help you increase revenues, expand your They want performance market, globalize your reach and improve marketing and sales effectiveness. and functionality—and Business Empowerment programs include workshops on business planning, the Progress application globalization, merger and acquisition planning, pricing and licensing best transformation process practices, competitive analysis and more. is delivering that. We are now seeing performance Progress Technical Empowerment and functionality gains on the magnitude of Designed to help partners create and maintain competitive 3X—a huge benefit to applications, Progress Technical Empowerment programs consist of education, our customers.” communication, consulting services and an application transformation approach that helps position you for continued growth. Technical Empowerment also Martin Wolf helps partners build and transform those applications in logical steps and in VP Development & Technology proALPHA Software AG modules that match your resources and business plans. As a result, you are able to pursue new business opportunities with more competitive products while sustaining your current business with existing customers. Progress Sales and Marketing Empowerment To help you target your chosen market successfully, Progress provides marketing support to help drive your growth initiatives, including business tools to develop compelling direct marketing campaigns, and end-user demand generation programs, along with industry resources to improve your overall sales and marketing
  9. 9. 9 BUSINESS TE C H N I C A L S A LE S & M A R K ETI N G P A RTN E R E M P O W E R M E NT E M P O W E R M E NT E M P O W E R M E NT E M P O W E R M E NT Accelerating Growth Strategies Application Transformation Sales Performance & Marketing Effectiveness OFFERINGS* Business Planning Application Transformation Go-to-market Planning Progress offers Application Partners Jumpstart a variety of programs designed Self-service Webinars Self-service Webinars Self-service Webinars to help achieve their business, technology and sales and marketing Market & Geographic Expansion Application Co-marketing Campaigns Transformation Mentoring objectives. The chart shows the Merger & Acquisition Planning Introduction to the OpenEdge Joint Customer Case Study programs that are generally available Reference Architecture Development to Application Partners. Programs Channel Planning Developing an Offshore Sourcing Joint Customer and Product Press include one-to-one support for Elite Strategy Release Development and Premier Partners as well as one- Business Performance Progress Directions Joint Analyst Briefings to-many workshops and Webcasts Management for Preferred and Member Partners. Effective Pricing Strategies Development Lifecycle Guide Participation in the Progress Progress uses industry experts from Global Solutions Locator around the world to provide the Planning & Delivering New Subscription to Progress Software Reference Program content for many of the offerings. Products and Services Developers Network (PSDN) SaaS Business Model Changes SaaS Transformation Customer Briefing Center SaaS Assessments Tenancy Considerations Progress Communities for Partners SaaS Business Plan Development Application Hosting Participation in the Exchange User Conference SaaS Service Pricing Service Level Agreements Bi-monthly Regional Partner eNewsletter Support & Monitoring Regional Partner Kick-Off Meetings Governance Marketing & Speaker Support for Partner Events Access to BETA Release Business & Marketing Plan Programs Templates Optional eLearning Catalog Progress Participation in Partner Events Access to the Progress Sales Skills Knowledge Center Demo & Presentation Skills Power Messaging Negotiation Skills Sales Forecasting* Not all offerings are available to all Application Partners. Some offerings include a fee or subscription for
  10. 10. 10 EXPANDING YOUR MARKET AND BUSINESS M O R E TH A N 2 5 0 S A A S MODEL WITH SAAS P A RTN E R S O F F E R I N G 5 0 0 SAAS- BASED In addition to helping you expand your market and opportunities A P P LI C ATI O N S for your traditional customer-hosted application, Progress empowers you to The number of partners offering SaaS- change your business and delivery model leveraging Software as a Service based applications is growing by 30% (SaaS). As an experienced SaaS leader, Progress created one of the industry’s per year. Revenues are increasing by longest running SaaS program offerings successfully operating for more than more than 25% per year. ten years. As your market focus and your product offerings evolve, Progress is prepared to help you expand your market and business model by leveraging SaaS. Over 200 Progress Application Partners are delivering more than 400 on-demand applications to customers worldwide using our proven SaaS technology and methodology. Over 50% of our SaaS partners have used Progress technology to develop multi-tenant applications for SaaS deployments, and more than 30% of our SaaS partners have successfully expanded into new geographical markets. To help you take advantage of the technical efficiencies and market opportunities possible with SaaS, Progress provides many programs to help you deploy your offering as quickly as possible. Progress offers Business and Technical Empowerment for SaaS and gives you the benefit of working with a proven leader. These SaaS programs will help you deliver successful new market penetration and revenue growth as we have in the past with more than 200 SaaS partners. Our proven approach to partnering and unique Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) for SaaS business terms result in a shared risk revenue model. As a result, Progress only receives revenue when the partner generates SaaS revenue—a true demonstration of partnership. JOIN A SUCCESSFUL COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY Your business application demands a proven, open, service-oriented business development platform that dramatically improves your time to market, reduces your customers’ total IT costs and gives greater deployment flexibility. The Progress OpenEdge platform is the fastest, most productive path to success for developing, deploying, integrating and managing
  11. 11. 11 applications. In addition, you need new technologies for open integration, complex event processing, business activity monitoring, data interoperability and more to keep pace with a changing business landscape. Adding to the advantage of OpenEdge, the Progress Partner Program and Empowerment offerings help you turn your business vision into reality with business and technical offerings that increase your ability to reach your target market with truly competitive applications that meet real world needs. Choose the proven company, technology and Application Partner Program that will engage you, empower you and expand your opportunities. Enroll in the Progress Application Partner Program and begin your path to
  12. 12. PROGRESS SOF T WAREProgress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global software company that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive to changingconditions and customer interactions as they occur. Our goal is to enable our customers to capitalize on new opportunities, drive greater efficiencies, andreduce risk. Progress offers a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class infrastructure software spanning event-driven visibility and real-time response,open integration, data access and integration, and application development and management—all supporting on-premises and SaaS/cloud deployments.Progress maximizes the benefits of operational responsiveness while minimizing IT complexity and total cost of ownership.WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERSProgress Software Corporation, 14 Oak Park, Bedford, MA 01730 USATel: +1 781 280-4000 Fax: +1 781 280-4095 On the Web at: www.progress.comFor regional international office locations and contact information, please refer to the Web page below:, OpenEdge, Sonic, Progress Software Developers Network, Progress OpenEdge, Progress Empowerment, Progress Business Empowerment, Progress Technical Empowerment andBusiness Making Progress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Progress Software Corporation or one of its affiliates or subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries.Any other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice.© 2009 Progress Software Corporation and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates. All rights reserved.Rev. 10/09 | 6525-127872