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Deliverability: You are in Control

Deliverability: You are in Control



Andy Thorpe's Slides from his Deliverability webina

Andy Thorpe's Slides from his Deliverability webina



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  • Pic: merlin?
  • Firstly, thanks to spammers, we still have to jump through hoops to avoid being junked because they think your email is spam.Pic: phishing [person fishing with black seahorse for Lloyds]
  • Pic: beg for cash / beg to king @
  • Pic: matrix with @ eyes looking over the top from behind
  • Man banging his head again the wall
  • Man jumping with glee / screen shots of inbox buttons: not junk, safe list, always load images
  • Person killing computer / crying over computer
  • Pic of marriage proposal and a tape measure
  • Little pic / man / smiley per rapport?Stranger: :-/Prospect: ;-/ (one eye brow up)Lead: Customer: Fan :-DAmbassador: ;-D
  • Welcome > tah-dah!Pic: welcome mat?
  • Pic: Snow ball going down hill?
  • Man shooting zombie? Zombie with blocks?
  • Pic: Man with arm over the shoulder of another / mind reading

Deliverability: You are in Control Deliverability: You are in Control Presentation Transcript

  • Deliverability
    The myth
    The facts
    Your control
  • What we will cover
    • What is deliverability?
    • What are you measured on
    • How are you measured?
    • What can you do
    • Questions & answers
  • Dispelling the myth
    Deliverability = Inbox placement
    ISPs decide your inbox placement based on your recipients reactions to your emails.
    ESPs can show you the metrics and give you the advice.
    You do the work.
  • Content filters
    Don’t get mistaken as a spammer
    • No plain text
    • One giant image
    • Spammy keywords
    • Phishing
  • Reputation is like a credit rating
    No credit history = No mortgage
    Poor credit history = mortgage + big deposit
    Good credit history = good mortgage
    Consistent volumes + engagement = good inbox placement
    Bounces & complaints = junk & blocks
    No sending history = very low volume inbox placement
  • How the ISPs see you
    • Email address
    • Domain
    • Prefix
    • IP address
  • What counts against you
    • Hard bounces
    • Marked as spam
    • Re-email marked as spam
    • Feedback loops
    • Spam traps
    • Too many, too fast
  • What counts for you
    • Opens over time
    • Clicks
    • Safe List
    • Replies
    • Not junk
  • What do I do?
    Focus on and improve
    the recipient experience
  • Common mistakes
    Get their name wrong with your personalisation
    Pretend a cold email is not a cold email
    Be dishonest in the subject line or from name to get the open
    Make an email that recipients are unable to read
    Assuming permission
  • Engagement
    Measure engagement > segment and target
  • Empathise
    Different levels of rapport
    • Stranger
    • Prospect
    • Lead
    • Customer
    • Fan
    • Ambassador
  • Welcome emails
    The first email you send them
    • Ask for address book & safe list
    • Tell them what to expect
    • DWYSYWWYSYWDIDo what you said you would When you said you would do it
  • Momentum of engagement
    Sign-up & Social Share = engagement
    Frequent shorter emails
    Monthly giant email
    Say thanks
    Thnx 4the RT;-)
  • The basics
    • Suppress previous opt-outs and hard bounces
    • Take out zombies
    • From address & From name matches your brand
    • Preheader with the reason for email, external view and optional opt-out link
    • Top third preview pane friendly
    • Footer has legally required company registration details.
    • Email renders properly
  • Recipient experience review
    Monthly / Quarterly
    • The recipient rapport with the sender
    • Why recipients might complain
    • Why addresses might hard bounce
    • Empathise with recipients
    • Segment based on engagement
    • Optimise creative for rapport
    • Welcome plans
    • Re-engagement plans
  • Summary
    • You control your deliverability
    • ISPs treat your inbox placement like a credit rating
    • Make sure the creative is inbox ready
    • Focus & segment on engagement levels and rapport stages
    • Welcome people to your lists
    • Capitalise on the momentum of engagement
    • Reward engagement
    • Engage on more than one medium
  • Recipient experience
    You are in control...
    Your deliverability
    is decided by
    Your recipients’ reactions
    to Your emails
    Just like your ROI!
  • Questions & Answers
    Thanks for listening!
    Andy Thorpe
    Please ask me lots of questions!
    Continue the conversation after this Q&A:
    Email me: andy.thorpe@pure360.com