The Foundation Course Overview - Four Groups


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The Foundation Course is an advanced developmental application of 4G. By combining the Social Profiles from 4G with the skills of a facilitator, the Foundation Course represents an alternative to traditional executive coaching.

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The Foundation Course Overview - Four Groups

  1. 1. The Foundation Course Linking Behaviour to Bottom Line Performance The Foundation Course Overview The Foundation Course is an advanced developmental application of 4G. By combining the Social Profiles from 4G with the skills of a facilitator, the Foundation Course represents an alternative to traditional executive coach- ing. Foundation Course Benefits Introduction to define this > Greater success 2. Achieving more with less time and > Achieve more with less time and effort The Foundation Course takes the best effort, or just achieving more > Enhanced clarity and direction techniques from coaching and com- 3. Enhanced clarity, direction and > Focus on what matters bines them with the insights and awareness of choices > All round purpose and satisfaction understanding gained from 4G. By 4. Superior ability to handle the disrup- combining the objective, third party tions of change and to focus on what output from 4G with the skills and matters experience of a facilitator, client bene- 5. A greater sense of all round purpose fits are enhanced and magnified. It is and satisfaction proposed that this combination is a first class alternative to that of convention- How it Works al executive coaching. Building on the Social Profiles and the Benefits coaching modules, the Foundation Course is a six session development The benefits of the Foundation Course program. Our preference is to work are similar to those of other coaching with clients in person but when need- programs. The key difference being ed, the use of the phone is also possi- that Foundation Course provides the ble. same or superior results but in a short- er period of time. The results are also Structured as a 1 + 5 program, the first achieved in an easier manner than session is used to outline and describe when compared to traditional coaching the Foundation Course to the client and alternatives. seek their commitment. This first ses- sion gives the client and the facilitator The benefits of the Foundation Course the chance to meet, discuss their aims include; and to explore the Foundation Course in more detail. The remaining five ses- 1. Greater success, however you choose sions then focus on the detail of the
  2. 2. The Foundation Course Overivew course and lead the client through the confidential. Over and above this, Four Who are we? Foundation Course process. Over and Groups will update the appropriate per- Four Groups offers a methodical approach to under- above the hour long sessions, clients son on the progress of the client standing individuals, their behaviours and what are given exercises to complete in their through the Foundation Course process, motivates them. This document provides some own time. These are designed to rein- but will respect the client’s confiden- background to our work around development, force the outcomes of the sessions, tiality and will not report any client coaching and the Foundation Course. cement their learning and give the sensitive information to a third party. client the chance to fully prepare for the next session. The total time a client A Testimonial issues to face and it can get quite per- needs to complete the Foundation sonal. However, Bruce is a great listen- Course is around ten hours. “Bruce Lewin has recently taken me er and not a judge. He says little but through the Four Groups Foundation extracts a great deal! By the end of Please note, in certain circumstances, Course Programme, and it was a my programme, I was feeling washed some clients may benefit from a slight- tremendous experience. I am a veter- and refreshed and optimistic. All I ly longer process than the five sessions an of more than 20 years of various have to do now is learn to act on what mentioned above. If this is the case, "management training" programmes, I have learned." Four Groups will seek the agreement of including the "Belbin" and "New the client and any other relevant party Managerial Grid" programmes. Christopher Parr - Commercial Lawyer before proceeding. However, this one has lead me to lev- els of understanding which no other Prior to the course commencing, each programme achieved. I have made client is required to sign a short agree- major breakthroughs in two key areas ment with their facilitator. This serves of my management style and to establish the boundaries of their approach. For the first time, I have relationship and outlines steps for their been able to see, in simple, clear and success and how to resolve any partic- usable terms, the source of some diffi- ular problems that might occur. The culties which I have been experiencing agreement is usually signed after the over the last few years, as I have first session. In addition to the agree- become more involved in hands-on ment, all of Four Groups work is carried management teams." out in the light of an ethical code, copies of which are available on "I recommend the Four Groups pro- request. gramme, unreservedly to those who are willing to look quite deep inside Concerning client confidentiality, all themselves and pull down material information that the client shares with blockages which are hampering their their Foundation Course facilitator is personal performance. There are hard Four Groups Ltd 5 St. Johns Lane London EC1M 4BH, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7250 4779 Email: © 2009 Four Groups Ltd, 5 St. Johns Lane London EC1M 4BH, United Kingdom. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without Company Number: 4650494 express written permission from Four Groups Ltd. VAT Number: 817 7962 85 Registered in England and Wales