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B2B Online Marketing

  1. 1. Oct 13, 2010 SeptB2B Online Marketing
  2. 2. Sept Agenda1. Online Objectives; Overview, Lead Generation2. Search Engine Marketing Optimization, Adwords3. ActiveConversion Marketing Automation; Know who is visiting what, when4. Thought Leadership Marketing; Credibility, top of mind5. Case Study; ActiveConversion6. Pricing Phase 1, Phase 2
  3. 3. Lead Generation & Scoring Sept Lead Generation & Scoring Convert Inside sales Inside sales uses appointments sets AcitveConversion, into customers Capture visits to appointments calling, and your website with Outlook plugin to Prospects ActiveConversion. qualify interest click on your Increase form filling ad, or click through thought through on leadership and softBoth search engine your email offersmarketing thateducates Google,and email marketingexisting contactlists, engagesqualified prospects FoundPages andto your message ActiveConversion measure what’s working
  4. 4. Lead Generation Sept
  5. 5. SeptSearch Engine Marketing Solution B2B Focused Search Engine Marketing • Search Engine Optimization – Targeting a basket of researched Keywords, content – Link building, conversion optimization, and website optimization – FoundPages as a technology partner for the fluid and evolving landscape of SEM • Online ad campaigns – Multiple campaigns that address matrix of business verticals and products/services offerings – Scalable, flexible, testable solution
  6. 6. Sept ActiveConversion Marketing Automation Know who is visiting your website • Anonymous visits Lead Generation • Known individuals Committee buying Know what lead generation is working • PPC, Blog, Email, Ads
  7. 7. Thought Leadership Marketing Sept Returning visits, sharing, Video & Interactive credibility, relationship Valuable selling Downloadable Webinars & Content: Content BloggingCase Studies,Whitepapers
  8. 8. Sept Case StudySearch Marketing Cloud Blog/Website “Conversion” through And email marketing Thought Leadership marketing bring qualified visitors ActiveConversion “Nurture” contacts scores engagement through for sales email marketing
  9. 9. SeptPhase 1 focus is lead generation Pricing Phase 1 1. Capturing searches in geographic areas that use targeted keywords 2. Using ActiveConversion to identify companies interested in United Safety products and services 3. Finding out which companies in your existing list are prospects via email marketing Deliverable Cost Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Program $4460 •Win natural and paid search •Includes landing pages content (using Google translate for oversees visitors) •Includes conversion optimization consulting $300/mo Monthly maintenance and reporting (12 months) ActiveConversion (12 month cost) $5200 •Includes Outlook plugin, QuikStart program Email marketing implementation; includes 4 email nurture campaign $2500 (ex. Webinar invite, case study, trade show invite) •Re-useable for future campaigns
  10. 10. SeptPhase 2 focus is thought leadership marketing 1. Longer term way to win with search engines Pricing Phase 2 2. Blog becomes a repository of sales material; sales personnel lead prospects back to your blog 3. Over time a search engine optimized blog will be the most efficient way to compete online 4. Blogs are ideal for participating in social media, blogs leverage email marketing to the fullest Deliverable Cost Thought Leadership Blog set up $1300 •Graphical skin similar to UnitedSafetyWorld.com website •Includes “soft offer” buttons that lead to contact forms •Repository of thought leadership for sales, SEO benefit SEOed Press Releases – 4 over 12 months $800 •Includes content but not wire fees Total for 12 months $2100
  11. 11. FoundPagesSept
  12. 12. SeptPartial Customer List
  13. 13. Sept Newsletters vs. Blogging For the same amount of effort, leverage the content to the SEO and social ecosystem The blog becomes a repository of Marketing and Sales collateral
  14. 14. Sept The Ecosystem Approach Expertise GeneratesInterest and Credibility Website using Marketing Automation Your Credibility Blog ProspectsPush content to Blog, distribute via Social Push content to Prospects via social and email
  15. 15. Sept LinkedIn- Get a profile, follow SEO best practices, link to your home page- Join Groups, participate in discussions (no sales pitch!), link to website assets- Avoid “updates” that prospects would find useless- Start a Group