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Content used to support the interactive pitch bootcamp of the first Founder Institute Event in Munich at WERK1.

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  • We want to make the process of launching a technology company better. Our goal is to help you launch meaningful and enduring technology companies.
  • It’s a four month program with 15 sessions. There is one session each week in the evening. It takes 20 hours per week.
  • Fi event1 pitch bootcamp-werk1-23 may2013

    1. 1. welcome
    2. 2. JAN KENNEDY• Co-Director of FI in Munich• Managing Director Meltwater Group• 200 to 1,000 people• 0 to $140M• Zero Funding• Silicon Valley, Austria, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Munich
    3. 3. STRUCTURE• Intros – Sponsors• Intro to The Founder Institute• Steffen Matz CEO/Founder Social Media Interactive• Jan Küster – Pitching Bootcamp Intro• Open Floor• 1 on 1 speed pitching• Drinks / Networking
    4. 4. LargestIncubator inthe world800+Grads1,400+Mentors40+Cities200+Partners
    5. 5. The GoalThe Founder Institute has created a training andmentoring program, to help entrepreneurslaunching a new startup, create meaningful andenduring technology companies with shared equitythat encourages peer support.
    6. 6. The Processmonths15Sessions1Evening20Hoursper week per week
    7. 7. The Resultspercent survival rate75%+Strong42%+Funded
    8. 8. The FeesFee Amount DescriptionApplication EUR 50 For Admissions Test ProcessingCourse EUR 850 For Mentor Travel, Catering, Supplies, Etc.Bonus Pool 3.5% Optional upon GraduationTuition $4,500 Conditional on External Financing
    9. 9. The PositioningIdea-Stage IncubatorFounder InstituteFunding ProgramsTechStarsAngel InvestorsAngelListEntrepreneurial EventsStartup Weekend
    10. 10. The ProgramIdea Business Launch1. Startup Basics2. Vision & Values3. Startup Research4. Naming & Branding5. Mentor Idea Review6. Startup Legal7. Cofounders & Hiring8. Revenues & Costs9. Product Development10. Mentor Progress Review11. Outsourcing12. Marketing & Sales13. Publicity14. Fundraising15. Graduation
    11. 11. benefits
    12. 12. 1. structured curriculumGuidanceFrom IdeaTo Fundraisingapply now:• Idea Refinement• Mentor Review1.5Mn• Business Set-up• Mentor Review1.0Mn• Launch Planning
    13. 13. 2. seasoned mentorsExperienceTop Founders2:1 Ratioapply now:
    14. 14. 3. shared upsideCamaraderieShared UpsideAll Stakeholdersapply now:
    15. 15. 4. Investor preparationCapitalLocal InvestorsReal Feedbackapply now:
    16. 16. 5. partner discountsFree Services>75 Partners$20K to $2.5Kapply now:
    17. 17. Typical Founder• 34 years old• 60% have had a technical focus and 40% have had a productfocus• Has had professional experience• Has high fluid intelligence• Has high openness• Has moderate agreeableness• Remains employed whilst visiting FI• Wants to develop an idea or their recently launched startup toget more direction & support
    18. 18. Additional Benefits• Keep your day job• Build your dream company• Get expert feedback from top CEOs• Join the largest global startup network
    19. 19. The Testimonials
    20. 20. questions?
    21. 21. Steffen Matz,CEO Social Media InteractiveGmbH
    22. 22. Jan C. KüsterSales-Driven Entrepreneurship Enthusiast
    23. 23. Pitch BootcampThe Founder Institute
    24. 24. Who Are You?
    25. 25. Hopefully, Neither
    26. 26. 5 Rules
    27. 27. Display ConfidenceStand tallSpeak clearly
    28. 28. Don’t Make Excuses“I’m tired”“Let me apologize for…”“This is my first time…”“I think that…”
    29. 29. Avoid Superlatives“We’re the first…”“fastest”“best”“only”
    30. 30. Use Data“big” = bad“large” = ignorant
    31. 31. End StrongWhat is your ask?Leave with a slogan.
    32. 32. Pitch Types
    33. 33. The Three Pitch TypesElevator Pitch• <1 Minute• Every Day• ClearCompetition• 3-5 Mins• Excite• StructureFundraise• 20-30 Mins• Inform• Data Heavy
    34. 34. Elevator Pitch
    35. 35. My company,is developingto help(solve a problem)(with secret sauce)(company name)(a defined offering)(a target audience),
    36. 36. Easy?No.
    37. 37. My company,is developingto helpfind deals onlinefaster.Socialistaa social utilityfemale consumers,
    38. 38. State a Simple Offering
    39. 39. Be Specifica social utilityIn other words, a regional gas and electric ecommerce site
    40. 40. Avoid Buzzwordsmobile social CRMFor SMBs in EMEA over HTTP, of course.a mobile application
    41. 41. Skip the Adjectivesa revolutionary serviceFight the power!backend software
    42. 42. Specify a Precise Audience
    43. 43. Identify Demographicsfemale consumersConsumers, consumers everywhere!mothers aged 24 to 36
    44. 44. Specify Your Marketartists and musiciansJugglers, piano players and trained monkeys unite!unsigned electronic bands
    45. 45. Clarify the Buyerlarge businessesThey are just so large, and they want what I have.purchasing managers atFortune 1,000 companies
    46. 46. My company,is developingto helpfind deals onlinefaster.Socialistaan ecommerce sitemothers aged 24 to 36,
    47. 47. Identify a ProblemEveryone Understands
    48. 48. My company,is developingto helpSocialistaan ecommerce siteyoung mothers,shop for hip baby productsat wholesale prices
    49. 49. Add SomeSecret Sauce
    50. 50. My company,is developingto helpSocialistaan ecommerce siteyoung mothers,shop for hip baby productsat wholesale priceswith automated ordering fordiapers, wipes and other staples.
    51. 51. Other Examples
    52. 52. My company,has developedto helpTheFundedan online communitywebsiteentrepreneurs seekingventure investment,research, rate and reviewventure capital firmswith subpoena-proof anonymityto encourage accuracy.
    53. 53. My company,has createdto helpthe Founder Institutea training andmentoring programentrepreneurs launchinga new startup,create meaningful and enduringtechnology companieswith shared equity thatencourages peer support.
    54. 54. Open FloorThe Founder Institute
    55. 55. My company,is developingto help(solve a problem)(with secret sauce)(company name)(a defined offering)(a target audience),
    56. 56. One Minute Pitch
    57. 57. 1. OVERVIEW: What does your company do, and what need isyour product or service serving?2. MARKET: What market are you in and what are some factsabout the size?3. COMPETITION: What do you have that makes you unique ascompared to your competition?4. STATUS: Where are you in your growth plans and how doyou make money?5. THE ASK: What do you need, and, if you need money, whatbusiness milestones do you plan to achieve?
    58. 58. BREAK
    59. 59. Pitch YourNeighbor
    60. 60. 1. Find a Partner1. 60 Second Pitch• What does the business do?• What market is the business in?• What is the secret sauce?2. 60 Second Feedback• Did you understand it?• Was it compelling?• How to improve it?3. Switch Sides2. Find a New Partner
    61. 61. My company,is developingto help(solve a problem)(with secret sauce)(company name)(a defined offering)(a target audience),
    62. 62. Thank you!The Founder Institute
    63. 63. Networking /Drinks