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Tangible Next Steps - Founder-Centric F-Day at UCL SMILE
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Tangible Next Steps - Founder-Centric F-Day at UCL SMILE






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  • [Braintrust is a 1-hour peer-support program where we learn from and hold each other accountable.]\n
  • Work on this alone.\n
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  • [Paper prototype - a way to put “an app” in front of people to understand how they’ll use it. Updating a paper prototype is way faster than a code prototype.]\n
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  • [Learning from other businesses that work in the same context or on the same dynamic is a great fast-track.]\n
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  • [Learning - customer interviews. The simplest MVP is picking up the phone!]\n
  • [Confirming - testing you have the right mix of location, product and price.]\n
  • [Confirming - lo-fi style!]\n
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  • [What MVP can you get out there in 48 hours?]\n
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Tangible Next Steps - Founder-Centric F-Day at UCL SMILE Tangible Next Steps - Founder-Centric F-Day at UCL SMILE Presentation Transcript

  • Keep the next step in focus.
  • “I wish I knew that sooner.”
  • Building witha heartbeat.
  • BraintrustMeeting every week with fellow founders to share ourweekly progress, and get advice to stay on track.
  • ProgressWhat you learned.ProblemsObstacles in reaching your learning goal.Learning GoalWhat will you learn by next week?
  • BuildLearn Measure
  • Minimum ViableWhat is the minimum thing I need to buildto prove or disprove my hypothesis?
  • How can you break down the big idea?
  • Starting low fidelity.
  • One pieceat a time.
  • Understandinganalogs
  • Making sureyou’re in theright place.
  • Have a conversation with your idea.
  • Start with yourlearning goal. BuildDraw your MVP on ablank sheet. LearnYou have 2 minutes! Measure
  • Braintrust3 minutes each to presentyour learning & goals. 5minutes each for feedback.Feedback is focused on risks,learning methods &environment - not your ideas!
  • Feedbackforms
  • 48-hour MVP
  • Shipped It!Let us know when you shipped, sowe can let everyone else know!
  • Salim Virani Rob Fitzpatrick@SaintSal @robfitzsalim@saintsal.com robftz@gmail.com Thank You! foundercentric.com