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MVP Design and Customer Slicing

MVP Design and Customer Slicing



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    MVP Design - Emerge Education MVP Design - Emerge Education Presentation Transcript

    • MVPs A Founder Centric Module
    • Question I’m building a community of street artists and connecting them to brands who want to hire them.
    • Question You want to open a new chain of fast food restaurants.
    • Question You have a crazy product idea and the manufacturing setup is expensive.
    • C ER EX If we had to launch in 48 hours, what would our product look like? E IS Question
    • t Los Angeles Times Magazine, 1992 @robfitz
    • Quote source @twitter
    • Three Types of Learning
    • 1. Exploration
    • Question I want to create an online market place for fine marble sculptures.
    • 2. Pitch
    • Question I have a web app idea. It will take 7 weeks to build.
    • 3. Concierge
    • Question I want to build a app that recommends the perfect computer to buy.
    • www
    • EMAIL
    • Learning is progress. Building stuff isn’t.
    • Let users & customers help with the grand plan.
    • Launch fast & iterate. You haven’t really started working on it till you’ve launched. Paul Graham
    • No, this is not an indecent proposal. It’s an idea to add a little feature to Nupedia. Larry Sanger
    • Strip features ruthlessly to ship versions quickly.
    • Rule of Thumb The biggest strength startups have is speed. Every feature you add reduces that advantage.
    • E IS We’re building a better TV. What features does version 1 need? C ER EX Question
    • Rule of Thumb You can’t focus your product unless you know exactly who it’s for and what they want to achieve.
    • Customer Slicing ? Jobs Obstacles Goals Current Solution How deep do you go? They are real people (not attributes!) It’s clear where to find them. You’ll walk away if they aren’t a good fit. Decision Trigger Interest Trigger
    • C ER EX If we just focused on a specific customer group, how could we focus our product for them? E IS Question
    • You have customers, they pay you money for your product or service and you get profit, and it’s such a weird notion. David Hansson
    • C ER EX What are your top risks? What are the fastest ways to resolve them? E IS Question
    • C ER EX What are your fastest risks? How could this learning lead to coursecorrection? E IS Question
    • An MVP is an experiment that tests a critical, falsifiable hypothesis of your business.
    • Question I’m building social tools to help conference speakers get more retweets, follows, etc.
    • You reach scale by doing things that don’t scale.
    • Question I’m building a marketplace for event organizers to find & hire speakers
    • £1040
    • Question How can we make a better startup conference?
    • Question How come thoughtleaders don’t talk to each other?
    • Question What topics should we schedule?
    • Question Will people pay for membership rather than events?
    • Question This is hard. How can we do less work?
    • Question How can we seed stronger relationships in our community?
    • Question I’m building an automatic business card scanner for smartphones and the tech is difficult.
    • Question I want to start an airline.
    • What are you most worried about? E IS Listen to the pitch as if you were an investor. C ER EX Question
    • Design MVPs for as many of the risks as you can.
    • Sell it Make it Fake it Ask them Watch them Compare it
    • What’s most likely to sink you? What’s your most important metric? What can you do this week to attack it?
    • You keep working and you get another brick. And then you’re like “Ah! Now I have enough bricks - I can do something with these bricks!” And you have a wall. Amy Hoy@amyhoy
    • Thx! Salim Virani @saintsal