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Intro - Founder Centric 3 for UCL SMILE
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Intro - Founder Centric 3 for UCL SMILE



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  • <Kicking off Founder Centric F-Day at @ucladvances with @robfitz>\n
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  • <“I wish I knew that sooner” is really common - this is why #LeanStartup resonates with experienced founders.>\n
  • <What’s worse than not living your dream? Sacrificing too much on an idea that should have adapted/killed sooner.>\n
  • <Failure is the most likely outcome for us. To be responsible, we have to be honest with ourselves about this.>\n
  • <Fail fast = learn fast. #leanstartup>\n
  • [The Lean Startup Learning Loop. Start with what you want to learn, then build something that’ll give you real-world data or insight into that. Do this as quickly as possible, so you’re acting on real information and customer contact, and so you can spot your fatal assumptions sooner.]\n
  • [Experienced founders know when to use each tool. Processes are tools too, they are answers to specific problems. Knowing which tool or process to apply is easier when you understand the principles that underlie them. That’s what we focus on at Founder Centric. ]\n
  • [Some principles that underlie Lean Startup and Business Model Generation - what we’ll be discussing today.]\n
  • <Make it your own. "The heart of Lean is to think for yourself in your context." http://sal.st/rWNcZA #leanstartup>\n


  • 1. Welcome toF-Day!
  • 2. Feedback!
  • 3. 9 Bad News and Assumptions10 Coffee10:15 Do Less12:15 Lunch1 Improve the Big Picture2:40 More Coffee3 Learn, then Confirm3:45 The Next Step5 Beer
  • 4. Do not open the kit until I say GO!Build the tallest freestanding structure.The entire marshmallow must be on the verytop.You’ll have 18 minutes.Use as much or as little of the kit contents asyou want, but nothing else!
  • 5. “I wish I knew that sooner.”
  • 6. Not livingyour dream?
  • 7. We will fail.
  • 8. Our job is to bringourselves the badnews sooner.
  • 9. BuildLearn Measure
  • 10. Principles,not process.
  • 11. Iteration Do LessPrinciples Improve the big picture Learn, then confirm Tangible next steps
  • 12. Make it your own.