NASA Spacecraft 3D App Augmented Reality Target for Full-Scale Mars Rover


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The NASA Spacecraft 3D app (currently for iOS and Android) can display a 3D augmented reality model of the Mars Rover Curiosity on a special printed target. The target can be printed to poster size so that the rover can be viewed at full scale through an iPhone or iPad. Print the PDF at 36" x 60" in black and white on a reprographics plotter if you have access to one.

FedEx Office has over 1800 locations with these plotters (typically an Océ plotter) that output at $0.75 per sq. ft. The cost for the full poster, then, is only USD $11.00. This service is not available on the FedEx web site. You must go into a store and request it, although once the staff understands what you need, you can email the file to them. I have heard that a store refused to print the poster. Best I can suggest is to push back with the NASA links below to prove that this is taxpayer-funded material that can be reproduced as long as no unauthorized endorsement from NASA is implied. We all paid billions of dollars to get these images, we should not be discouraged from printing them, especially for educational purposes!

With the poster on the ground and acquired by the app, be sure to tap the zoom scale button plus one and back away to see the Curiosity rover at its 10 foot length. You can walk completely around and up to the rover to examine details such as the various scientific instruments. Try to find the 1909 Lincoln penny affixed to the camera calibration target! The poster can be folded in half four times down to 9 x 15" for easier storage. If torn, repair with clear tape. The target can sustain a pretty significant amount of defacing and still function.

See the app in action

Press release

NASA Copyright Regulations

Spacecraft 3D App for iOS

Spacecraft 3D App for Android

Spacecraft 3d app_target_36inch_v2.pdf

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NASA Spacecraft 3D App Augmented Reality Target for Full-Scale Mars Rover

  1. 1. Scan this QR code with an iOS device to download theNASA Spacecraft 3D App from the Apple iTunes App Storeor search Spacecraft 3D. An Android version of the app is in the works.This enhanced poster for printing 36 x 60” is by Mike Lee curiouslee@gmail.comhttp://www.olpclearningclub.orgVersion 2, 3 August 2012