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Eighth Workshop for LubutoLiteracy Program in Lusaka, Zambia
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Eighth Workshop for LubutoLiteracy Program in Lusaka, Zambia


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[Note: This series should have been titled one through eight sessions of a single workshop.] …

[Note: This series should have been titled one through eight sessions of a single workshop.]

Slides from the eighth workshop with the children and staff at Lubuto Library at Ngwerere in Lusaka, Zambia. In this last general session, the participants constructed a full letter board in Etoys with spoken letter sounds recorded in Audacity.

The eight days of workshops I am delivering are funded by a USAID/WorldVision grant from the All Children Reading Challenge. Representatives from the Zambian Ministry of Education participated in all the sessions. Photos here:

Lubuto etoys ngwerere_27_feb_2013.ppt

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  • 1. LubutoLiteracyWorkshop #8: Make Your Own Letter BoardBy Mike Lee, Sugar Labs DC – Lubuto Library at Ngwerere, 27 February 2013
  • 2. My talk at Bongohive last night
  • 3. Using heat shrink tubing with the OLPC plug adapter
  • 4. Making up USB drives with all 2.5gb of my Etoys / OLPC resources
  • 5. Book with Chinyanja Alphabet
  • 6. Make Your Own Letter Board !
  • 7. Taking photos outside to collect artwork for the project.
  • 8. Setting up the work space in Etoys and importing the photos.
  • 9. Record letter sounds in Audacity; Cut andsave each letter sound as an AIF sound file
  • 10. Load the saved sounds into the Etoys Sound Library
  • 11. Custom format each letter pair in Etoys
  • 12. Custom format each letter pair in Etoys
  • 13. In the Viewer for the letter pair, assign the matching sound from the Sound Library
  • 14. Production TipsBe sure to name your sound files simply and consistently.Save your Audacity project file first. Then use the Export command tosave as AIF for import into Etoys.Best to save your Audacity sound files to a USB drive so that the filescan be reused in other projects.If your sound recording is faint, use the Amplify filter in Audacity tomake it louder.Remember that sounds recorded in Etoys can NOT be exported fromthe program!Remember that sound can be attached to any object in Etoys inaddition to text—sketches, shapes, imported photos.
  • 15. Follow-up Scripting Sessions with core LubutoLiteracy team Sunday 3/3, Monday 3/4