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The first of three 90-minute talks given to the newly-formed AARP Design/Photo team....

The first of three 90-minute talks given to the newly-formed AARP Design/Photo team.

This first presentation was mostly industry stats pulled from a variety of sources.

The video clips I showed and external resources mentioned should all be clickable to launch in your web browser.

These three presentations will be revised and expanded to present to other groups around AARP.



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Mobile Forces Mobile Forces Presentation Transcript

  • Mobile: Forces, Forms, Futures A survey of mobile consumer market forces, evolving content forms and the imminent future Mike Lee February 1-3, 2012, For AARP Design / Photo 1Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Mobile Forces 2Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Video: Google Mobile Movement 3Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • 4Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Entire computers are on silicon chips now 5Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Russian doll phones by Karl Bean 6Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • The rise and fall of personal computing 7Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • The iPhone disrupt the mobile phone industry 8Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Apple sales last quarter ending 12/31/12: 37 million iPhones (Sales rate exceeded human birth rate) 15 million iPads (300 million iOS devices to date) 5 million Macs $26 billion revenue, $6 billion profit $97 billion in cash reserves 9Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • 10Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Amazon Kindle Fire #3 device on 11Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Pew Data February 2011 12Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Pew Data January 2012 13Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Google Study November 2011 14Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • 15Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Annie Leibowitz on MSNBC: The iPhone is the snapshot camera of today. 16Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Demos: - Path - Microsoft Photosynth 17Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Glossary Friction - Inefficiency in digital user interfaces and transactions (e.g. unnecessary clicks or downloads) Market force - Business phenomena that cause change in markets (e.g. Price competition, substitution of prevailing product or service, changing in supply of products) Disrupt - Sudden and forceful change in business; unseating of leading product or service Ubiquitous - Referring to computing embedded everywhere in everyday life Life stream - Frequent broadcasting by an individual of personal status, location photos, etc.) 18Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Mobile Forms 19Wednesday, February 1, 12
  • Mobile Futures 20Wednesday, February 1, 12