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Cloud Computing For The XO Presentation
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Cloud Computing For The XO Presentation


Published on

Kim Toufectis' presentation on cloud computing options for the OLPC XO. This presentation was authored online in a cloud computing service. …

Kim Toufectis' presentation on cloud computing options for the OLPC XO. This presentation was authored online in a cloud computing service.

Published in: Education

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  • 1.  
  • 2. The OLPC has amazing hardware...
  • 3. What do we like about the xo? ...and the software has great aspects, too...
  • 4. On the other hand... It can be sloooooooooooooow It won't do many things at once ...and when did I agree to be a system administrator? It can run out of memory
  • 5. What can fill the gaps? How about help from someone else's computer? No matter how  remarkable it is, the xo has limits
  • 6. Cloud computing is a metaphor for linking computers via   the Internet
  • 7. Web mail got me started…
  • 8. ...then web productivity tools…
  • 9. a game-changer: Imagine... Not just a program on the web, or even my files, but   a whole computer!
  • 10.  
  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14. But is this really safe?
    • As a child, I kept my money safe and ready on my own...
    • but now having others do it makes more sense.
  • 15. So, what's the point here, for us?
    • Cloud computing extends the xo beyond some limitations
      • more memory
      • extra programs that do more things more easily
      • extra processing power
    • Cloud computing means worrying less about
      • computer hardware and software
      • when and how to back up data
      • whether to upgrade the operating system
    • If someone else takes care of these chores
      • can it using open source software?
      • can it happen for free?
  • 16. What's the big picture?
    • Cloud computing changes what to look for in a computer:
      • Simpler
      • Lighter
      • Greener
      • Easier to administer
      • Cheaper
    • other words,                                                            computing the world can afford!
  • 17. Try it yourself!
    • What to look for (more or less available)
    • Free (no cost), and better still free and open source
    • No software to download so it's ok to use at work
    • Secure (wish I knew exactly what that means!)
    • Runs passably on the xo
    • Evolves over time
    • Ad/logo free
    • Adaptable
    • Music
    • Fun
    • !
    • Where to explore ?
  • 18.
    • About me
      • Kim Toufectis
      • I'm an architect and planner
      • Learning low cost computing is a hobby
      • I still don't want to be my own system administrator
      • Despite some major missteps, I like OLPC and its mission
    Some fine print
    • Considerations
      • Some of these tools are not free and open source software
      • Some of these tools insist on Adobe Flash Player
      • I've tested them on the xo's Firefox activity
      • You need internet connectivity!
      • My specifics may be wrong
      • It still isn't FAST ...
  • 19.