AARP Life@50+ iPad 2 Welcome Guide - September 2012


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AARP Life@50+ iPad 2 Welcome Guide - September 2012

  1. 1. Digital ExperienceiPad 2 Welcome GuideSeptember 2012 1
  2. 2. Thank you for choosing to take part in our special offer! Here’s information you need to access the AARP Life@50+ Digital Experience with your iPad®*. Now that you have your iPad 2, you can visit the Set-Up Counter and Orientation Stage in Hall G (right where you picked-up your iPad 2) to receive support. Setting up your iPad 2 to access the Internet The team of experts from the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) at the Set-up Counter will work with you personally to connect to the free WiFi here at the convention center, create an “Apple ID” or enter one you already have so that your iPad can download apps and access many other online services. Next to the Set-Up Counter, there is a row of computers where you can get assistance if you need to look up some additional information about your email account or view product information. 30-Minute Quick-Start Classes on the iPad Orientation Stage The ACN team will be presenting a continuous series of 30-minute orientation classes on the iPad Orientation Stage.You’ll be seated first-come, first-served in a classroom setting with infor- mation projected on a large screen. Apple Consultants Network, Exhibit Hall Booth 3313 During exhibit hall hours, the ACN team will provide individual consultation on the iPad 2s or answer most any other technical question you may have about Apple or other products. The Ap- pleCare+ extended warranty and accessories for the iPad 2 will be available for purchase. Both the Set-Up Counter and Orientation Stage will be in operation the following times in addi- tion to the normal exhibit hall hours: DAY PICK-UP SET-UP / ORIENTATION ACN Booth 3313 Wednesday 12pm – 6pm 12pm – 5pm Thursday 9am – 9pm 9am – 8pm 3pm – 9pm Friday 8am – 6pm 9am – 5pm 11:30am – 6pm Saturday 9am – 5pm 9am – 3pm 9am - 4pm   AARP Technology Ambassadors, Exhibit Hall Booth 3013 Along with the ACN at booth 3313, AARP’s Technology Ambassadors booth will be present- ing workshops on a variety of general topics including social networking,YouTube, online safety, digital photography, e-readers and smartphones. Extras from AARP on your iPad 2 We’ve placed two extra folders on your iPad 2 home screen. In the Quick Links folder, the Life@50+ icon connects to the AARP Digital On Demand web site where you can search for exhibitors, navigate the exhibit hall map, view the schedule, get event updates, check social media2
  3. 3. feeds and more. Other icons will take you to one of several AARP web sites with special contentfor Life@50+, including the web site. The icons in the Downloads folder connect toiTunes where you can install the AARP iPad app and digital versions of AARP The Magazine andAARP Bulletin. These downloads will appear on a second home screen that you can access byswiping to the left with your finger. Two special items in the Quick Links folder are:Life Reimagined - Life Reimagined is a community of people supporting each other in thequest for their best lives. It’s an innovative set of online and face-to-face tools, content andresources that helps 50+ and their families adapt to their changing world. Open up to new pos-sibilities and map your way forward!http://www.lifereimagined.orgWork Reimagined - Get practical help for your career at Work Reimagined. Check out joblistings, get advice from our coaches, and network with your peers.http://www.workreimagined.orgAdditional support resources for your iPad 2Be sure to open the white envelope inside your iPad 2 box where you will find a card with linksto download the iPad User Guide, view an extensive collection of video tours and access warrantysupport. AARP has also just published iPad Tech-to-Connect with Wiley. The book is available atall bookstores and online. The Life@50+ Events Team has also set up a discussion group on theAARP web site where you can post questions during and after the event: 2 System Upgrade Alert!Apple is releasing a major update to the iPad operating system starting September 19, 2012. Ared dot badge with the number 1 will appear over your settings icon. Opening your Settings,you will see the System Update section highlighted. We recommend that you NOT click on theSystem Upgrade button until after the Life@50+ event as the process can take quite some timeand requires a steady WiFi connection.Special OffersFree AARP eBooks – You can access copies of the new 299 Great Ways to Save and AARPGuide to Caregiving on your iPad or computer Until September 30, 2012. Visit the links below: support from GeekSquad - Enjoy complimentary Geek Squad® TechSupport via phone during the AARP® Life@50+ conference. Between Thursday and Saturday,simply call 1-800-921-0907 and dial 3 to get started with a Geek Squad Agent or stop by theGeek Squad booth D5 to meet Agents in person.* Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. You must be present at the event in New Orleans inorder to receive your iPad 2. 3
  4. 4. Winner of the 2012 Webby Award for Best Lifestyle App for Tablet. Winner of the 2012 Appy Award for Best Lifestyle App.HOW TO TURN YOURLIFE REIMAGINED INTOA LIVING REALITYUnstuck, a free iPad app fromSYPartners, helps you overcomethe obstacles that standbetween you and your dreams. DOWNLOAD Unstuck for free at the iTunes app store or go to