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Published on World class Graphic Design Outsourcing Industry, with more than 100+ Designers. We attain world class service in Graphics Production. World class Graphic Design Outsourcing Industry, with more than 100+ Designers. We attain world class service in Graphics Production.

Published in: Design, Art & Photos, Technology

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  • 1. PhotoEnhancementServiceConvert the old,damage, unclear,worst photo intoattractive, clean,beautiful photoby this service.
  • 2. PhotoManipulationServicePhoto Manipulationis evolvingcollaborationbetweenphotography andgraphic design
  • 3. Wedding PhotoRetouching ServiceRecomposewedding photo,removeunwantedshadows andpeople.
  • 4. Portrait RetouchServiceElimination ofcosmetic skindefects, wrinkles,“facelift”, make-upcorrection, narroweyes correction,asymmetrycorrection.
  • 5. Auto Retouch ServiceThe photo of a vehicleis buyers “firstimpression,” So, it’simportant to make thephoto as clear andprofessional-looking aspossible.
  • 6. Product RetouchingService Product Retouching Service is one of the popular photo editing services.
  • 7. Jewelry Photo Editing ServiceAn eye catchy jewelry Image can attract Customers eye,which is very helpful for business growth!
  • 8. Food Photo Editing Service
  • 9. Flower PhotoEditing ServiceFlower PhotoEditing / Retouchis essential toshow FlowerImages onBrochure,catalog,magazines,Calendar, Posteror wall paper aswell.
  • 10. Real Estate Photo Editing Service With the development of private property ownership, Real Estate has become a major area of business.
  • 11. PhotoIllustrationService An artist can easily transform the photo into an art work by using variety of special effects.
  • 12. Photo Colorization ServicePhoto Colorization means to add color to photos and restore andrepair damaged photographs.
  • 13. Age Progression Service Age progression A technique of Digital Photo Editing Services that enables to change a person’s age!
  • 14. Logo Design ServiceIt is better to have a Logo thatis informative, carry thesymbol of company massageand business service
  • 15. Clipping Path ServiceCLIPPING PATH- Clip means to cut off any particle from anitem. Path cuts out an image Clipping Path simply meanserasing selected outlined points from the background.
  • 16. Image Masking ServiceImage Masking is a taskwhich is time consuming,eye straining and eyenumbing.
  • 17. Print Design Service
  • 18. Album DesignserviceAlbum Design- Abest way to re-tellabout a nicemoment like-wedding, baby birthand other momentis creating a niceAlbum Design.
  • 19. Raster to Vector
  • 20. Creative Art / DesignUsed for Magazines,Newspapers, Books, Comics,Brochure, Posters, Catalogues,Greetings Cards, Calendars,T-shirts, Ceramics, Websites,Animation, Storyboards, andPress etc.
  • 21. 2D / 3D Image Design
  • 22. Flash Design ServiceFlash Design makes the website more attractive andalive. It creates visitor attraction more rather than asimple HTML site design.
  • 23. Web template Design
  • 24. Game Design Service