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Edu290weather Edu290weather Presentation Transcript

  • Weather
    By: Ashley Foster
    Shelia Millduck, Clouds, January 14th 2008, Creative Commons
  • Sun
    Important source of heat
    Warms the land, air, and Earth
    Helps plants and us grow
    Makes us feel happy
    Tatiana UgazPoémape, Mr. Sun, 2008, via Google
  • Spring
    Snow is melting
    Flowers start to come out
    Easter time
    Not to hot, not to cold
    Risa Edelstein, Tulips, May 3rd 2010, Creative Commons License
  • Summer
    Hot temperature
    No school
    Long days, short nights
    Beach days
    Mary Murphy, Journal Photo, June 10th 2008, via Google
  • Fall
    Gets colder outside
    Leafs start of fall
    Wind starts to blow
    Harvesting food
    Vortisic, Fall of Leafs, October 9th 2007, Creative Commons
  • Winter
    Really cold outside
    Christmas time
    Short days, long nights
    Derek Pwazek, Snow, February 23rd 2011, via Google
  • Temperature
    A physical property of matter to express hot and cold
    Gets colder and warmer
    What the degree is outside
  • Precipitation
    Rain, drizzle, snow, and sleet
    Fall from the sky, that are cold and wet
    Need this to survive
  • Rain
    Drops of water falling from the sky
    Liquid precipitation
    Waters the plants
    Makes things grow
    Falls from the clouds
    Michael Mohler, Wet Weather, February 16th 2011, via Google
  • Wind
    Moving air
    Caused by difference in air pressure
    A cold breeze
    Can blow things around
    Poisson Family, Aaron’s Kite, May 6th 2007, Creative Commons
  • Snow
    Frozen rain
    Cold, and slippery
    Happens when it’s cold outside
    Falls from the clouds
    Kamoteus, Snow in North Carolina, January 2008, Creative Commons
  • Tornados
    Violent, dangerous rotating column of air
    Many different shape and sizes
    Form fro the clouds
    They rotate in a circle
    Airwaves 1, Tornado, August 11th 2005, Creative Commons
  • Hurricanes
    Strong and heavy rain
    Very dangerous
    Start by heat and windstorms
    Very powerful winds
    Smiteme, Hurricane Katrina, August 28th 2005, Creative Commins
  • Lightning
    Atmospheric discharge of electricity
    Thunder comes after lightning
    Lights up the sky
    Dangerous, causes forest fires
    BahmanFarzad, Lightning at Night, December 4th 2008, Creative Commons
  • Thunder
    Sound made by lightning
    Makes loud crack or low rumble
    Increase of pressure and temperature
    Creates a sonic shock wave
    Ristok, Thunder, July 11th 2010, Creative Commons
  • Why We Need Weather
    To help plants grow
    Earth cant live without it
    Weather is Earths source of energy
    Keeps the Earth healthy
    Ian Robins, Tree and Deer, September 17th 2008, Creative Commons