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Sponsorship Presentation Dutch Match Cup
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Sponsorship Presentation Dutch Match Cup


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The presentation of the Dutch Match Cup, stage of the World Match Racing Tour from of 2013. It's being used for sponsorship finding of this international sailing event

The presentation of the Dutch Match Cup, stage of the World Match Racing Tour from of 2013. It's being used for sponsorship finding of this international sailing event

Published in: Sports, Business

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  • 1. The opportunity
  • 2. competition = business
  • 3. Olympic medallists, America’s Cup winners: worldclass professional sailors combined with the highestinternational event status of the International SailingFederation alongside the America’s Cup: that’s what theWorld Match Racing Tour is all about. The Netherlandswill be part of this world tour, the perfect opportunityto show the world the Dutch capabilities in terms ofinnovation and sports. The Dutch Match Cup holds theexclusive rights to the tour stage in the Benelux.
  • 4. A fierce duel between two identical boats; that is theessence of match racing. Only two boats on a shortrace course: the winner TAKES IT ALL. A very closeand ferocious competition. Racing close to shoremakes the races easy to follow for spectators on site.And it fuels the excitement of the public at largewho follow the event on TV and via other media. Photography: Dan Ljungsvi
  • 5. FlevolandOne century ago, the present Flevoland was just a patch ofwater in the Zuiderzee. In 1957 the Dutch conquered the seaand Eastern Flevoland was drained to become the new provinceof the Netherlands. In 1968 Southern Flevoland arised fromthe sea due to the impressive draining methods of the Dutch.Flevoland considers itself as proud, full of passion, dynamic andinnovative. The youngest province, with the best opportunities fordevelopment.Lelystad, capital of the Province of Flevoland, will be the host cityfor the Benelux stage of the World Match Racing Tour. Lelystad isthe capital of Flevoland and aims to be the centre of match- andteamracing on a professional level in the Netherlands.As part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region, Lelystadaccommodates five marinas and most berths for yachts inthe Netherlands. With the presence of an airport, railway andhighway, Lelystad is perfectly disclosed logistically to host the bestevent possible. The venue will be the Bataviahaven. A brand newarena-shaped harbour suitable for special events. The races willtake place very close to the shore.
  • 6. “I’ve seen them all but Bataviahaven is by far thebest venue in the world for match and team racing.”Bruce Hebbert, ISAF International Umpire
  • 7. ex
  • 8. xciting Branded yachts, ideal for corporate hospitality events.Photography: Dan Ljungsvi
  • 9. “As a media partner in worldwide sport events theInfostrada Sports Group acknowledges the high level ofprofessionalism of the Dutch Match Cup organizationand the World Match Racing Tour. This event haseverything that makes sports attractive for a largeaudience: passion and excitement. The Bataviahavenwill be a unique place for media coverage of theevent and will promote sponsors, Lelystad and theFlevoland region on a worldwide scale. As the mediapartner we are fully confident this will be a successfor all participants.” Peter Sprenger, Director Infostrada Sports Group
  • 10. A “Theday event withRacing Tour operates on a unique five World Match racingheld close developed over 7 years ago whereby the concept to shore for anincredible spectator deliver world class match racing tour endeavors to andhospitality experience The and ringside atmosphere. to audiences in a stadiumWorld Match Racing Tour its highest level alongside Corporate hospitality atformat of identical racing family. The facilities and amenities for the entireyachts make the event infrastructure at Bataviahaven not only delivers alleconomical, competitive, of this it also boasts marina and yachting facilitiesbrand controlled and able tour has seen.” second to none that thetoPatrick Lim, Executive Chairman of the World Match Racing Tour around the globe.
  • 11. The City of Lelystadand the Provinceof Flevoland arecommitted tomaking the DutchMatch Cup asuccess.
  • 12. “Hosting a stage of the World Match Racing Tour sailing event inLelystad from 2013 onwards perfectly matches the ambitiousgoals of our city. The development into an internationallyrenowned centre of the sport of sailing is a cornerstone of ourstrategy. Apart from the harbour, the coastal area also holds greatpotential for development and growth. Our ultimate goal isbecoming the sailing venue of the 2028 Olympic Games. Thehigh quality and recreational characteristics of the area as well asits central location and excellent infrastructure contribute to thesuccess of large public events such as the World Match Racing Tour.The Bataviahaven embodies the core values of the City of Lelystad:young, innovative, room for development and welcomingcooperation with partners who are looking for opportunities”.Margreet Horselenberg, Mayor of the City of Lelystad
  • 13. world class
  • 14. Dutch Match Cup Lelystad, The Netherlandsevent Current World Match Racing Tour Events
  • 15. “Flevoland and water are inseparable. Not onlythrough our history as land made out of water butwe are surrounded by water as well. Water sportsare flourishing in Flevoland. Not surprisingly sailingis an important element in our sports policy andculture. Hosting a World Match Racing Tour event inFlevoland seems only natural. It suits us!”Jaap Lodders, Deputy Queen’s Commissioner
  • 16. “Sponsoring tells you something without saying it.Nature has given us water and wind. Sponsoring ofsailing is like positioning your brand as part of nature.Being part of the environment is of crucial importancefor any responsible member of society. Not in theleast for members of the business community.Bataviahaven offers a unique opportunity to becomea partner in the creation of a best ever sailing locationwith a number of (inter)national top events such asthe yearly World Match Racing Tour.” Frank van den Wall Bake, Sports Marketeer
  • 17. São Paulo IstanbulSingapore ShenzhenCape Town SochiMumbai Abu DhabiYokohama LelystadProposed 2013 World Match Racing Tour Events
  • 18. What’s in it for your business?A creative way for B2B, B2G and B2C activation due tothe corporate hospitality platforms during a world classevent and throughout the rest of the year at BataviaSailing Center, the centre for team and match racing inThe Netherlands.A 360 degree media platform, live online streaming andTV distribution to broadcasters in over 180 countries allover the world.The tour is expanding to new countries, includingsome of the BRICs. The broad media platform, themembership of a business club at all the host cities andthe exchange with the promo villages at other venuesin cooperation with WTC AA, makes a partnership withthe Dutch Match Cup a guaranteed springboard to newmarkets.
  • 19. The World Match Racing Tour is an annual event and will take place in The Netherlands for a period of at least 8 years. It attracts more than half a million visitors per year, about 60,000 people per event. Media - 21,565 minutes prime time TV in over 180 countries - TV value: 70 million dollar - Print value: 12.2 million dollar - Online value: 36.6 million dollar Sailing - A/B/C target group - A clean sport - A sustainable sport - Innovative - The power of nature - A lifestyle Business - A tailor made sponsor program with a high ROI - High-class business platform: a unique series of events at world-class venues - Springboard to new markets Calendar of Events Batavia Sailing Center 2012 June Qualifiers Dutch National Championships Team Racing 2012 September EUROSAF European Championships ‘2K’ Team Racing (provisional)Facts figures 2013 June Dutch Match Cup 2013 July Qualifiers Dutch National Championships Team Racing 2013 September ISAF World Championships Team Racing (provisional)
  • 20. Images by: World Match Racing Tour – Loris von Siebenthal ( Gareth Cooke (Subzero Images)For more information, please contact Hans van der Laarse Phone +31 (0)6 18 48 13 82
  • 21. Design: Mediabrein Concept