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Our OOW 2010 Presentation

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Forza Presentation OOW 2010

  1. 1. Full Service OfferingImplementation of JDE E1UpgradesTrainingIntegrationsProblem SolvingRemote Support
  2. 2. CNC ServicesE1 Performance managementUsing the Forzamon performancemanagement Tool24/7 Maintenance & Support
  4. 4. Package Manager 2.0 Significantly decreases the package build process time Minimizes errors by reducing the number of manual tasks Automates periodic update packages. Supports E-mail notifications Demo Available !
  5. 5. PDF Archiving & Purging Purge output after retention time Archive specific output based on program/version Browse for Archived documents
  6. 6. Self Service Password Reset End users can reset their password, after unsuccesful login Selectable private questions Saves helpdesk time
  8. 8. Business ServicesAvailable as from release 8.11 SP1Advantages include: Integration with SOA architecture Availability of standard Business Services Real time integration with external applications
  9. 9. Available Business Services – 9.0Address Book Sales Order Customer Service• Get Address Book • Process Sales Order • Get Service Order• Process Address Book • Process Sales Price Adj. • Process Service Order• Get Contact • Get Item Price and • Get Commitment Date and Time• Process Contact Availability • Get Customer Item Price Financial Compliance • Get Sales Order • Get A/P Processing OptionsInventory • Get Item List Price • Get Write Off Processing Options• Process Inventory Item • Get SO Price History • Get Aging Company Constants• Get Inventory Item • Get Customer Credit Limits• Get Item Availability Procurement • Get General Constants• Process Supplier Cat. Price • Process Purchase Order • Get Journal Entry Constants• Get Branch Plant Item • Process Purchase Order • Get Policy Edit Rules• Get Supplier Catalog Price Acknowledgment • Get Purchasing Tolerance Rules• Insert Inventory Item Staging • Get Purchase Order • Get Security WorkbenchEquipment Foundation Environment• Equipment Processor Financials • Get User Defined Code• Equipment Query Processor • Get G/L Account • Insert Batch Journal Entry Accounts PayableFixed Assets • Get Voucher• Get Fixed Asset Purchase Order Receipt • Process Voucher • Process PO Receipt Capital AssetsVoucher Match Supplier • Create Capital Assets Condition• Process Voucher Match • Process Supplier Based Alert • Get Supplier • Get Capital Assets Condition BasedCustomer Alert• Get Customer• Process Customer
  10. 10. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Business ServicesOracle SOA Suite BPEL PM B B Third 2 A Party B M Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) JDE E1 JMS Web Services Jdeveloper (OAS) HTML Business Business RAD (WAS) Server Events Services J2EE Business Functions JDE E1 Life Cycle Management Batch Enterprise Server
  11. 11. EnterpriseOne Architectuur
  12. 12. EnterpriseOne Architectuur & Fusion
  14. 14. iBOLT™ is Magic Softwares code-freebusiness integration suite that lets youcustomize and streamline businessprocesses quickly and easily, integratingthem across diverse applications,platforms, and databases.
  15. 15. iBOLT for JD EdwardsIntegration Platform based on Magic TechnologyA complete connectivity solution that integrates JD Edwardsacross all of your organizational business processes.Intuitive, user-friendly tools, includingwizards, drag-and drop actions and tables.Very cost-effective, fast development cycleNo scripting required
  16. 16. ComponentsiBOLT provides more than 50 iBOLT adapters, wizards, services andmethods to create business processes based on JD Edwards.
  17. 17. iBOLT’s Visual Approach: Flow Editor Drag, Drop & Configure
  18. 18. Data Transformation: E1
  19. 19. Case: Share Point Change =>JDEConsume a List Webservice for aspecific Contact (Contact List). STARTIf a Contact exists read the Web TriggerContact and process it, action Nodepends on the action code. Incoming Call YesAdd, change or delete a Case: Read A DJDEdwards AdressBook Record ActionCodeusing JDE businessfunctions C Create AB# Update AB# Delete AB#exposed by the JDE connector Call ABMasterMBF Call ABMasterMBF Call ABMasterMBFand applying data transformation. Write BackWith an insert write back the AB# Share PointAddress Book number to SharePoint.
  20. 20. Case: Share Point Change =>JDE
  21. 21. Case: Share Point Change =>JDE Result
  22. 22. Value to the CustomerROI - Cost-effective developmentProtect applications investments from ITevolutionsLower TCO and business costsReduce number of technologies – oneplatform, one skill-setReduce time to fast changes
  23. 23. iBOLT JD EdwardsSuccessful projectsMicrosoft Sharepoint integrationIntegration with Microsoft Dynamics CRMWebshop integration: Sales order entryand order informationSales Order InterfaceJD Edwards Warehouse Managementintegration (Actemium/DC Link)
  24. 24. iBOLT JD Edwards Customers
  25. 25. Forza Integration Scan1 day scan of your integration needsReport possible integrationenhancements with short ROI (<1jr)Ask for the OOW 2011 offer
  27. 27. Functional ExpertiseExperts in Business/JDEdwards fields of: Finance / AO Supply Chain (Including Planning, Tranportation and Warehousing) Manufacturing / ‘Lean’ Service Management
  28. 28. Functional ExpertiseSpecific knowledge: Local Government BI Publisher Bootcamp training (preferred partner) Supplier Portal / Supplier Sourcing SEPA European VAT changes per 1-1-2010
  29. 29. Project ManagementExperienced Project ManagersIMPA-C Level project managementJDEdwards specific ‘One Methodology’approachAdherence to Prince2 standards
  30. 30. ARCHIVING
  31. 31. Universal Access ERP Applications Additional Options ODBC / JDBC Excel Access