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Session 4   Osnap Campaign Builder
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Session 4 Osnap Campaign Builder


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Session 4 - APS Group on Campaign Building

Session 4 - APS Group on Campaign Building

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  • 1. Social Network Campaign Builder 10 Week Coaching Series Session 4
  • 2. Your Instructor Today Joe Kern
    • Operations Manager of Forward Progress, Inc
    • Over 25 years in Business Management
    • Social Media Expert
      • Specializing in Twitter & Facebook
    • Background in Print Management
      • Specializing in Marketing through Direct Mail
    • Certified Inbound Marketing Expert
  • 3. Game Plan Road Map to Success
    • Your 10 Week Campaign Building Game Plan
    • Intro - Positioning and Campaign Building
    • Review and Build a Campaign
    • Facebook Part 1
    • Facebook Part 2
    • Twitter Part 1
    • Twitter Part 2
    • LinkedIN Part 1
    • LinkedIN Part 2
    • Campaign Launch
    • Monitoring for Success
    • Create a Facebook Page
    • Upload Profile Photo and create 1 album with 3 images
    • Update Profile Information
    • Search and connect with Friends
    • Post 3 updates. One with a link in it.
    • Connect with Kurt
  • 5. Applications and Bookmarks
  • 6. Applications and Bookmarks
  • 7. Ads and Pages
  • 8. Ads and Pages A Facebook Page is a public profile that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users.
  • 9. Ads and Pages
  • 10. Ads and Pages
  • 11. Ads and Pages Facebook specs recommend that profile pictures should be 200px wide, while height can vary as needed. What is less documented is how the thumbnail that Facebook uses across the system is generated from this picture. The Profile Picture You’ll find the system crops images when generating a thumbnail, losing information around the edge. After some initial testing, we’ve determined that there’s a “title safe” area within all images. So when you create your profile image that’s 200px wide, allow a 12 pixel border around crucial information (such as typography or a logo) to allow for automatic cropping.
  • 12. Ads and Pages The Profile Picture Also bear in mind that regardless of the shape of your profile image, Facebook thumbnails are square (with rounded corners), and sized based on the length of the shortest side of your image. So when designing rectangular profile pictures, make sure to keep your desired thumbnail imagery within a square boundary.
  • 13. Ads and Pages Content
  • 14. Ads and Pages Content
  • 15. Ads and Pages Events Creating events is a great way to connect with your fans and to give them a reason to visit your Fan Page and participate in your business.
  • 16. Ads and Pages Events
  • 17. Ads and Pages Events
  • 18. Ads and Pages Interaction
    • Once you have created and set-up your Fan Page, do not forget to interact with your fans.
    • Post interesting information
    • Announce deals
    • Create videos and post
    • Use pertinent Facebook Applications
  • 19. Ads and Pages Track Your Progress
  • 20. Ads and Pages Track Your Progress
  • 21. Ads and Pages Track Your Progress
  • 22. Best Practices Create a calendar to guide your updates, you will achieve the following benefits: - You can spread updates out so that you carry on a persistent but unobtrusive dialog with your Fans. Post too often and your page updates will start being hidden, or you’ll lose fans. Too seldom and you’ll be forgotten. Try to mix up different update types – a status update, a Link, a Note, a Photo or video update. - By creating a calendar, you can also schedule moderation periods for comments if you feel this is necessary for your brand. Most Interaction activity (including comments) will occur within 24 hours of an update before it drops out of Fans’ news feeds. - By recording all activity on a schedule, it’s easier to map it against exported stats data from your page’s Insights. This can show you Total Interactions around different content types to gauge which gets the most traction/conversation, and track Removed Fans against certain update types.
  • 23. Best Practices
    • Make your Public Profile a place filled with valuable content.
    • Give your fans a reason to become fans.
    • Use updates to ask questions and elicit response, not deliver press releases
    • Engage fans through creative content
    • Think of your page in terms of being for your fans, not being for your brand
    • Give fans reasons to post content on your page
    • Worry less about posting good content, and worry more about creating good conversation
    • Monitor conversation
    • Thank and respond to the positive
    • Respond even more diligently to the negative!
    • Create a Facebook Fan Page or work with Kurt on joining Company Page
    • Invite Friends and Family to become Fans of the Page
    • Ad content to the page that will illicit conversation
    • Post 3 updates. One with a link in it.
    • Send questions, comments and feedback to Kurt this week. We will be starting next week with a feedback session.
    • Connect with Kurt
    • Next Session: Monday, August 3 at 3:00 CST – Twitter Part 1