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Join us for a one hour online complimentary LinkedIn training.

Most of you were invited to LinkedIn or joined because you were told it was effective. You have now built a great profile, grown your network, are making posts, and are interacting at some level. Now you are ready for more and want to take your great Social Network to the next level of interaction. This is the webinar for you.

You will learn:

1. The importance of engagement
2. How to get good connections - level 2.0
3. What to do with your connections
4. Best ways to engage - directly and indirectly
5. Why does all this matter?

All in less time!

You’ll also learn powerful techniques for creating meaningful conversations and leveraging those conversations in-person and online through LinkedIn. There is also a new dynamic in our business world where many companies and business leaders are adapting Social and Emotional Intelligence as part of the culture to create a healthier workforce which is proven to create a more profitable company. This is critical whether you are looking to grow your business or need to boost your career.

"Dean's knowledge of social media, specifically LinkedIn, allowed me to close some of the gaps that existed for me. His insight on how to leverage this social media site in an effort for better prospecting to increase sales was superb. I would recommend his class especially if you want to work smarter and not harder in just 20 minutes a day." - Leanne Hoagland-Smith - Corporate Coach and Trainer

ALL registrants and attendees will get access to the recording and materials.

This LinkedIn training session will be provided by Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, Inc. Mr. DeLisle is a social media strategist, coach, trainer, speaker and writer. Dean and the Forward Progress Team have trained and coached over 60,000 people in over 35 countries.

We look forward to seeing you online in class

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LinkedIn Power Users - How to be Productive in 2 Minutes or Less - Dean DeLisle - Forward Progress

  1. 1. 592-6224LinkedIn PowerUsersHow to be productivein 2 Minutes or less -New Features for 2013
  2. 2. 592-6224• Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, Inc.• Train and Coach over 2,000 people a month• Trained and Coached over 70,000 in Social Network Skills• Over 30 years in Business Coaching, Consulting and Training• Call Center, Internet, eMarketing, Event Management,• Lead Generation, Web Seminars, eLearning, eSelling• Over Two Billion Dollars Sales, over 100 Million Leads, HelpedThousands of People using Internet Based Lead• Financial Services, Real Estate, Professional Services, Legal,Accounting, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Technical,Insurance, Agencies, Auto, Retail, Banking, Educational and ChannelSales…..Dean DeLisleUsing LinkedIn for New Business Development
  3. 3. 592-6224The Issue with Social NetworksPeople add connectionsThey make postingsThey link to content and articlesThey make updatesThey even link to their websitesTHEY DON’T PRODUCEANY RESULTS!
  4. 4. 592-6224• Blogs• Articles• Postings• Status Updates• Emails• VideoPhoto• LinksCurrent Use of Social NetworkCommunication?
  5. 5. 592-6224• Interactive• People Respond Better• Builds Trust• Builds Community• Viral Activity• SharingWhy Online Social Networks?
  6. 6. 592-6224• Ourselves• Our Business• CityCountry Clubs• Chambers• Industry Clubs• Organizations• Charities• ReligiousHealth• Network Groups• LinkedIn GroupsSocial Networks We Already Know
  7. 7. 592-6224• That Know YOU?• That Trust YOU?• That have done Business with YOU?• That would recommend YOU?Dean Sue Pat MarkNetworkingBeyondOne-to-OneHow Many Contacts Do You Have ThatYou Cannot See?
  8. 8. 592-6224
  9. 9. 592-6224• LinkedIn Has Over 230 Million Members• Average user has 240 “Connections”• One degree from over 35,000 “Trusted Connections”• Two degrees from over 3,200,000 “Trusted Connections”• 160 Million unique visitors a month• 1 million new members added per week• 17.8 million members belong to groups• 1.2 million comments and posts to groups weekly• 2 billion people searches annually• 1 million companies have a company page2013 LinkedIn Stats - GrowingOVER 1,000 to 1
  10. 10. 592-6224• Set your goals before you login• Set your time limit• Commit to Results• Connect• Engage• Generate Outcomes!First Assignment
  11. 11. 592-6224YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK C.E.O.ConnectionsEngagementOutcome
  12. 12. 592-6224Look Great – New ChangesNew ItemsHeadlineReferralsSkillsCertificationsNew ClientsSummarySpecialtiesGroupsOrgs
  13. 13. 592-6224New Menu coming soon!
  14. 14. 592-6224#1 Lets Make Sure – Look Good
  15. 15. 592-6224
  16. 16. 592-6224More New Items
  17. 17. 592-6224More New Items
  18. 18. 592-6224More New Items
  19. 19. 592-6224More New Items
  20. 20. 592-6224
  21. 21. 592-6224More New ItemsLOOKVIDEO
  22. 22. 592-6224Your Social Results Plan
  23. 23. 592-6224Next – Connect – Ask• 2 Min!• Are you on LinkedIn?• Is it ok if we connect?GetSocial
  24. 24. 592-6224Flip on the Add!
  25. 25. 592-6224
  26. 26. 592-6224People You May Know
  27. 27. 592-6224Get Real Social – Interaction
  28. 28. 592-6224Share an update
  29. 29. 592-6224Share an update
  30. 30. 592-6224Interaction – Home – 2 Min
  31. 31. 592-6224
  32. 32. 592-6224
  33. 33. 592-6224Endorse Someone – Be Real!
  34. 34. 592-6224Get to know one person –better!
  35. 35. 592-6224Note it!
  36. 36. 592-6224Interaction – Groups – 2 Min
  37. 37. 592-6224Interaction – Groups – 2 Min
  38. 38. 592-6224Interaction – Groups – 2 MinThe SecretSauce?Take them OFFLINE fora deeper conversationand then get yourresults!
  39. 39. 592-6224Love Your Inbox – 2 Min
  40. 40. 592-6224Next – How much time do youhave?How muchtime doesit take?20Minutesa Day!
  41. 41. 592-6224Your Social Results Plan
  42. 42. 592-6224
  43. 43. 592-6224
  44. 44. 592-6224• Set your goals before you login• Set your time limit• Commit to Results• Connect• Engage• Generate Outcomes!First Assignment
  45. 45. 592-6224
  46. 46. 592-6224www.ForwardProgress.NET