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Twitter Tweet Sheet by Forward Marketing's Tom King
Twitter Tweet Sheet by Forward Marketing's Tom King
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Twitter Tweet Sheet by Forward Marketing's Tom King


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. TWITTER TWEET SHEET SIGN UP Pick an account name that is consistent with your brand name, easy to remember, and avoids possible intellectual property conflicts. If you want to pick a consistent name across all your accounts, check out the service for free researching and easy registration.  SETUP Use a custom icon in the “Profile” area that is 48x48 pixels for your profile image and a custom background in the “Design” area this is 1920 x 1080. This way it will stretch out all the way even on large displays. The “Profile” area is also important for SEO benfits (linking, ranking, search). PUBLIC V. PRIVATE Twitter is a great inbound marketing tool with which to help outsiders bond with and follow your brand. However, Twitter can also be a great internal communications tool if you “Protect my tweets” making them private only to approved viewers. CONNECTIONS This is where you can connect Twitter with Google Buzz, Facebook, Digsby, YouTube or other applicstions. Helpful to “cross pollenate” your social media accounts. WINDOWS A great utility for managing all the input and output from social media accounts (including Twitter and Facebook) is Digsby. See Another popular tool to stay uptodate is TweetDeck, which works with multiple Twitter accounts. CHROME BROWSER If you use the Google Chrome Browser, a great Chrome Extension is (a) Chrome Notepad in which to compose your 140 character message; (b) Shortners + Share on Twitter or; and (c) Twitter Extender which adds extra features into Twitter itself. Similar Add-ons are available for Mozilla Firefox. 713-449-2000
  • 2. MOBILE DEVICES All Google Android 2.1+, Windows 6.5+, Blackberry, or iPhone smart phones have official Twitter applications. In addition, the new HTC Incredible Powered by Google Android includes the highly reviewed FriendStream to track all of your incoming Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and related feeds. Also devices such as this are great for pushing up text, photos and videos directly from the “event”. UberTwitter is popular on the BlackBerry and TwitterFon is also very popular (and free) for iPhone. DIRECTORIES Listorius – Loists Directorys Twellow – Twitter Yellow Pages WeFollow – Twitter Users TERMINOLOGY DM – Direct Message RT / RETweet – repeating a tweet from someone else Tweeps / Tweeple – people on Tweet(ing) – the act of publishing on Twitter; same as posting on a blog; publishing your content Tweetup – an in-person meet up of Twitter members Twetterveerse – the cyberspace area of Twitter SEARCHING • Searching Twitter Realtime – • windows 7 near:houston – will find tweets containing the exact phrase “windows 7”, that are published/tweeted near “sydney” • “facebook” near:london • from:tomkinghouston – will find tweets from the user “tomkinghouston”. FOR MORE INFORMATION Tom King, President/CEO Forward Marketing 713-449-2000 713-449-2000