The Modern Marketing Tsunami
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The Modern Marketing Tsunami






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    The Modern Marketing Tsunami The Modern Marketing Tsunami Presentation Transcript

    • The Modern Marketing Tsunami By Tom King, Forward Marketing For The Houston Website Designer Seminars Monday, June 25, 2012Page 1
    • The Modern Marketing TsunamiSome universities have stopped distributing email accountsin favor of iPads, eReaders, tablets.What happens in Las Vegas stays on ... Facebook,YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world; in 5minutes, 100+ hours of video will be uploaded to YouTubeWikipedia has 15 million articles, 78% are non-EnglishPage 2
    • The Modern Marketing Tsunami 88% Percentage of buyers that conduct onlineresearch before buying a product or service Source: Pew Research, Google “Zero Moment of Truth” Page 3
    • The Modern Marketing Tsunami30% of how you rank is new content; 70% is linksForbes: 80% of todays Fortune 500s wont exist in 10 yrs.eBooks outsold Paper books96% of largest newspapers experiencing record declinesTexas A&M Marketing Department offers 34 courses …only 1 of which covers the InternetPage 4
    • The Modern Marketing TsunamiPage 5
    • The Modern Marketing TsunamiThere are over 200 million blogs25% of Top 20 largest brands connect to user content; 34%of bloggers post about products and brandsWordPress is the number one platform for running the Top10% of websites … such as of consumers trust peer recommendations; only 14%trust adsOnly 18% of TV campaigns generate ROI; 90% of peopleskip ads via TiVo or DVRPage 6
    • The Modern Marketing TsunamiWe no longer search for news, products or services … theyfind us on mobile, Facebook, iTunes, enthusiast sites, etc.Word of Mouth is now World of MouthSocial Media isnt a fad, but a fundamental shift in the waywe communicate. The ROI on Social Media is that yourcompany will still exist in 5 years.Social Media is like the Alaska Pipeline. It is the distributionmechanism. But the important thing is what is beingdistributed … oil, contentPage 7
    • The Modern Marketing TsunamiMobile adoption is occurring at a faster rate than socialmedia marketing, the Internet, the iPod, radio or TVOver half of all web pages by mid 2013 will be consumedon mobile devices?What percentage of your marketing budget addressmobile?Are you optimizing face-to-face for mobile contact?Page 8
    • Leading StrategiesGoogle’s “Zero Moment of Truth” is now the leadingmarketing theory on buying behavior and decision makingfor both B2B and B2C? Who owns ZMOT in yourcompany?Coca-Cola started from scratch in 2011 with their “Content2020 Initiative” with two public videos of their internalprivate strategies. Has your marketing team talked to youabout C2020I or ZMOT?The free ZMOT white paper and 2 C2020I videos are thetwo most impactful strategies I’ve experienced in a decade.See to access all this.Page 9
    • Content & Links Are “King” 30% of ranking is content 70% of ranking is back links 50% of consumption is mobile 4 of 5 prefer peer reviews and interaction over ads Customers control most of the conversation (ZMOT, C2020I)Page 10
    • Modern Marketing Disciplines1. Keyword Research2. Brand Management3. Website Design & Maintenance4. Webstores & Secure Transactions5. Graphical Design6. Content Production (see for 40+ types)7. Social Media Marketing (aka, Content Distribution)8. Mobile Marketing & App Development9. Website Analytics10. Search Engine Marketing (SEO/PPC)11. Email Marketing12. Modern IT (Google Apps, mobile devices, video/cameras, distribution, etc.)13. Traditional Marketing (radio, tv, print, billboard, magazine, direct, research)Perhaps 75-92% of decision making is occurring in Disciplines 1 – 12 for yourindustry. Are you staffed accordingly? Do your strategies reflect this balance?Page 11
    • It Starts with Your Company’s Culture• The best content comes from within and at the top• Leaders set the tone for the importance of embracing Content Marketing• Marketing team must have technologist at the core and top• 1/3 of your team must be retrained, 1/3 replaced, 1/3 “in probation”• Require certifications on job openings and to be earned with existing employees• Marketing degrees are worthless; certifications clarify capabilities; projects clarify judgment and experience• Create a “farm team”; aggressive internship programs are vital• If you can’t measure it, don’t do it• Set up means for your customers to tell you how they want to communicate• Bring in “transparent” external experts to teach while providing the servicesPage 12
    • Reorder Priorities; Retool TeamPage 13
    • Bringing It All Together• The Present and Future of Modern Marketing is user-empowered content marketing optimized for audience location (i.e., mobile) that constantly measures the ROI and improves the content.• Companies need a “Modern Marketing Initiative” which evaluates everything – Q: “what biz are we in” – Q: “do we have the right brand” – Q: “who are our audiences and where are they making decisions? – Q: “are we measuring all marketing activities for ROI”? – Q: “are our IT technologist more qualified for marketing than our marketing team”?• Modern Marketing will fail unless there are massive rewards and severe penalties based on the ROI measured against strategic objectives• Focus on following your audience(s) rather than asking “Do I need to be on Facebook”• You likely only have 10% or less qualified marketers and perhaps• You likely lack someone with at least have the disciplines to lead the teamPage 14
    • About Forward Marketing• Modern Marketing Strategists & Content Marketing Specialists• Founders of the Houston Internet Marketing Forum• Houston Website Designer Forum leader - at the Art Institute of Houston• Active participating company with UH’s Bauer School of Business• For more information, visit or contact• See for more info … Tom King, President Forward Marketing 713-449-2000 tk@forwardm.comPage 15
    • For More Information, Contact: Tom King, President Forward Marketing 713-449-2000Page 16