FVH Open Up The city: 3 Wdc 2012 Fvh Pekka Timonen


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Forum Virium Helsinki

Fourth Annual Seminar of Forum Virium Helsinki, Thursday 11th March 2010.

The seminar theme was Open up the City - Open data, design, interfaces and innovation

Speakers Presentations

We are providing these presentations as a courtesy to seminar visitors. Please contact the speakers themselves for permissions to use the material.

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FVH Open Up The city: 3 Wdc 2012 Fvh Pekka Timonen

  1. 1. World Design Capital World Design Capital™ is an initiative of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) One city designated every other year. •  Turin (Italy), 2008 •  Seoul (South Korea), 2010 •  Helsinki (Finland), 2012 ”City that uses design from a cultural, social and economical perspective to reinvent the city. Global role model.”
  2. 2. World As we all know, what our planet needs are good, simple, useable, effective, inspiring, sustainable and beautiful solutions. Whether it’s from home to business, from food to health. Our planet needs the best design. It deserves the best from us.
  3. 3. Design Design can make a difference – because its solutions are not fundamentally dependent on materials, techniques, disciplines or ideologies. It merely wants to find the best solution. The challenge is to lift design from being one discipline to being a truly embedded part of life, and that is what World Design Capital can do.
  4. 4. Different Roles for the Designer and Typical Statements on Design Source: Anna Valtonen (2007): Redefining industrial design - Changes in the Design Practice in Finland, University of Art and Design Helsinki
  5. 5. Open Helsinki Our mission is to do everything we can, in Helsinki and globally, to help expand the scope of design to include all activities of society, cities, companies, and individuals – To embed design in life. Our vision is an Open WDC 2012 Helsinki that will bring all the world together and will be remembered for the change it started.
  6. 6. Helsinki Tradition and background Significant and strong design tradition, part of identity, everyday solutions, global innovation hotbed Momentum Changeing and growning: major changes in metropolitan structure, population 1 303 000 (Finland 5 328 000) expected to exceed 1,6 million by 2030, internationalization, creative economy Vision Design as a key driver of cultural, social, economic and sustainable development.
  7. 7. Embedding Design in Life Embedded design is a human centered approach influencing all aspects of life. Embedded design embraces finding solutions for citizen’s needs and ensures that innovations are accpted by people. Embedded design is a method to realize the dream of sustainability.
  8. 8. Embedding Design in Life