Cultivating urban innovations


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This presentation from Form Virium Helsinki discusses and advocates harnessing the innovative capacities of entire communities to bring forth optimal city management. The focus is on overcoming the traditional challenges between public sector organizations and citizens.

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  • Empowering & harnessing the innovation capacity of urban community
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  • Cultivating urban innovations

    1. 1. New service ! innovations! – in cooperation with!companies, public!sector organizations and citizens.!! 11/2014 Picture:RamiHanafi/ViewmastersofHelsinkiOy
    2. 2. Content Introduction to Forum Virium Helsinki •! Mission, vision, and members Examples of Innovation Initiatives 1.! Harnessing the innovation capacity!of the urban community: CitySDK, Code Fellows, Apps4Finland, Helsinki Loves Developers 2.! Piloting digital city card and city as an interface 3.! Enabling innovation communities: Smart Kalasatama 4.! Supporting the growth of SME s 5.! Building international networks 6.! 6Aika: Finland’s largest cities cooperating with the Six City Strategy 1 3 6 4 7 2 5 Picture:Olli-PekkaOrpoPicture:Olli-PekkaOrpo Picture:KatjaVirta Picture:Olli-PekkaOrpoPicture:Olli-PekkaOrpo Picture:JoelPekari
    3. 3. Cultivating Urban Innovations Picture:Thinkstock
    4. 4. New service innovations in cooperation with companies, public sector organizations and citizens. Forum Virium Helsinki is a part of the City of Helsinki Group. Picture:Rodeo
    5. 5. Empowering and harnessing the innovation capacity of urban community Picture: Thinkstock
    6. 6. Mission Forum Virium Helsinki is an!innovator and an initiator of new kind of cooperation between companies, public!sector!organizations and citizens. The aim is to create internationally!competitive services that are based on the real needs of users. Photo:flickr:a4gpa'sphotostream
    7. 7. Vision Helsinki metropolitan area is the!capital of digital services in Europe. Partners and members of Forum Virium!Helsinki have created remarkable new business and growth.
    8. 8. Companies Public sector Networks
    9. 9. City as an interface! Smart City International harmonization! Open data, open API’s! City Service Development Kit! Open Helsinki! Co-creation! Interoperability!
    10. 10. Opening up public data •! Boosts!the ecosystem as a whole by fostering new business opportunities, innovations!and economic growth •! Makes!city governance more effective, saves public costs •! Increases!transparency Why?
    11. 11. Helsinki Region Infoshare • Public data pools from the Helsinki Region as open regional data • The opened data is ready to be used by anyone freely at no cost • One main goal is to pilot an open data activity model and its implications to both the producers and end users of the data –! Learning by doing –! Sharing the lessons learned
    12. 12. Helsinki Region Infoshare won the 100 000" European Prize for Innovation Picture:EuropeanCommission
    13. 13. EU Study nominates Helsinki as one of the TOP 6 European Smart Cities Study: Mapping Smart Cities in the EU 2014 Picture:VisitFinland,HelsinkiCityMediaBank
    14. 14. Picture:!Olli-ekkaOrpo Co-creating with the developer community •!Open Data & Open API’s in focus •!Helsinki Loves Developers •!Apps4Finland and hackatons •!Code Fellows
    15. 15. Helsinginkaupunginaineistopankki:MariaMiklas Stupid mayors are putting the wrong things at the heart of Smart Cities From San Francisco’s energy maps to Helsinki’s apps, truly Smart Cities need to give their residents the right tools
    16. 16. Apps4Finland Competition •!Encourages citizens, developers and organisations to develop new ways to utilize open data •!Organised since 2009 •! Over 600 entries •! Awarded with Pro Urbe Digitali prize in 2014 •!Past winners: BlindSquare, Stormwind Simulator, ParkkiNappi (Parkman) •!
    17. 17. • Apps for Europe turns open data into real business • Offers expertize, funding and tools to to transform data-based ideas, apps and concepts into viable business • brings together those offering data and those utilizing it, as well as already established companies and future financiers • Broad international network • Commercializing open data "Open Data Onderwijs" by Waag Society, licensed under CC BY 2.0
    18. 18. Code fellows opening up the cities •!The Code for Europe fellowship programme hires talented web developers, coders and designers to work in public sector organisations •!Code Fellows open up the cities in practice and open interfaces plus create new applications •!Solutions shared openly at and can be utilized all around the world •!
    19. 19. •!Helsinki’s Code Fellow built an open interface on top of the City of Helsinki’s Case Management Solution Ahjo –!Helsinki’s decision-making documents accessible as open data •!The OpenAhjo interface is a unique opening at global scale •!The interface has inspired new applications like Ahjo Explorer and Päätökset website, listing political decisions in Helsinki •! Increased transparency
    20. 20. Helsinki Loves Developers •!The City of Helsinki meets regularly with developers, inspiring them to take full advantage of the city’s open data and interfaces •!Practical support in coding, meetups and workshops •!Helsinki Developer Portal lists all the programming interfaces of the city of Helsinki
    21. 21. Helsinki seeks to be the most developer-friendly city in the world Pöicture:TuomasSauliala,PrimeMinister'sOffice
    22. 22. Boosting interoperability •!CitySDK creates a toolkit for digital city services •!Opening and harmonizing city interfaces, processes and!standards •!Eight European cities plus companies and research partners •!In Helsinki, the city created a service allowing citizens to report issues via a local website •! Picture:TheCityofHelsinkiiMediaBank,EskoLämsä
    23. 23. •!Application interface to Helsinki city’s feedback system (Open311) •!Enables developers to create new services for citizens –!e.g. new feedback channel for citizens to report issues via a local media house’s website, feedback is forwarded to the city •!Replicable API: utilizes the Open311 standards & technology APIs enabling innovations
    24. 24. City as an Interface
    25. 25. Interactive screens •!21 touch screens around the Helsinki city center •!Currently piloting the screens indoors •!Between 2012–2013 numerous services and campaigns –!Ice Hockey World Championships, e-books…
    26. 26. Vision:!Digital City Card Picture:Rodeo
    27. 27. Library book loans with travel card •!Piloting new use cases of the Helsinki Region Transport s travel card, for instance as a library card •!The popularity & results of the pilot have exceeded all expectations Picture: Pia Mässeli
    28. 28. Stadi.TV •!Open, communal media •!Mix of content produced by citizens, a team of professionals and partners •!User-generated content form people living in the Helsinki metropolitan area •!Workshops teach how to make programs •! Picture: iStockphoto
    29. 29. New tools for democracy ! Piture:HelsinkiCityMediaBank,LauriRotko/VisitHelsinki •!Open, decentralised social networking platform for large-scale collaboration •!Created with citizens movements, civic innovators and developers •!Testing and piloting in Finland, Iceland and Spain •!
    30. 30. Innovation Communities Collective School Supporting independent living for elderly Kalasatama – smart urban development Living Labs
    31. 31. Smart Kalasatama •!A model district of smart urban development •!Developed through experimenting, new technologies and the use of open data •!Grows from the collaboration between the city, companies, and the residents Picture:ThecityofHelsinkiMediaBank,VilleRiikonen
    32. 32. Innovative procurement Picture:iStockphoto •! SILVER: Supporting Independent LiVing of the Elderly through Robotics •! The objective is to establish and execute a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process to run a cross-border PCP call for tender •! The aim is to identify new technologies and services to support the independent living of the elderly •!
    33. 33. Innovations for independent living • Open competition Independent Living Challenge • Looks for innovative solutions and technologies to improve life for the elderly and disabled • Five finalists get real-life piloting • The winner gets over 120 000" • Organised by Nordic Innovation and five Nordic capitals Picture:Shuttterstock
    34. 34. Growth Services EU Funding for SMEs in the Creative Industry sector Open forum events Internationalization services for eHealth and ICT companies Growth Coaching for Helsinki-based SMEs Picture:ThecityofHelsinkiMediaBank,CommaImageOy
    35. 35. Growth Coaching •!Supports Helsinki-based, small and medium sized innovative companies aiming for growth and international business •!Tailored and flexible coaching •!Since 2006 almost 300 companies have participated •!Produced by Forum Virium Helsinki for City of Helsinki Economic Development Kuva:Helsinginkaupumgimaineistopankki
    36. 36. Boosting eHealth and ICT SME’s towards growth •!Service for eHealth SMEs to boost their growth –! Training, mentoring, market intelligence, support and contacts •!Opening doors and contacts for ICT businesses to new markets in Europe, 12 countries included Picture:Thinkstock
    37. 37. Funding, tech advice, visibility •!Start a business by utilizing FIWARE technologies •!For SMEs, web entrepreneurs and ICT developers in the Creative Industries
    38. 38. Building international networks Kuva:Thinkstock Thinkstock •!Forum Virium Helsinki cooperates closely with foreign cities, companies, and various organizations •!Numerous wide international projects ongoing •!Active member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) •!Partner of EIT ICT Labs network and member of the European Business Network (EBN) Picture:Thinkstock
    39. 39. •! Strategy for sustainable urban development •! Carried out in 2014-2020 by the six largest cities in Finland: Espoo, Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Vantaa •! The objective is to create new know-how, business and jobs in Finland •! Open innovation platforms, open data and interfaces, open participation •! Forum Virium Helsinki runs national coordination as well as related activation, networking and communication •! Funded by ERDF and ESF •! 6Aika – The Six City Strategy Picture:ThecityofHelsinkiMediaBank,VisitHelsinki,LauriRotko
    40. 40. Forum Virium Helsinki Unioninkatu 24 00130 Helsinki, Finland