Forum One Web Executive Seminar Series: Internet Technology Investment Planning at the National Wildlife Federation

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This presentation was given by Matt Schuttloffel, the Director of Internet Services at the National Wildlife Federation during Forum One's Web Executive Seminar Series at the National Press Club in …

This presentation was given by Matt Schuttloffel, the Director of Internet Services at the National Wildlife Federation during Forum One's Web Executive Seminar Series at the National Press Club in Washington DC on June 21st, 2007.More information at . Contact: Kurt Voelker / .

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  • 1. National Wildlife Federation Decision Making: Change in Progress Matt Schuttloffel 21 June 2007
  • 2. 3 Drivers 1. Confronting Global Warming 2. Protecting and Restoring Wildlife Habitat 3. Connecting People with Nature © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 2
  • 3. 7 Initiatives Implement the Plan Sparking a Diverse Conservation Movement Providing Solutions to Global Warming Mobilizing Hunters and Anglers on Global Warming Protecting Wildlife from Global Warming Reversing Nature Deficit Securing Habitats for Wildlife Securing Water for Wildlife © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 3
  • 4. What NWF Is Doing Online © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 4
  • 5. Great American Backyard Campout © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 5
  • 6. GABC: Outsourced • Fixed Deadline (23 June campout) • Insufficient capacity to execute internally – Very limited internal technical capacity – No to limited web expertise at departmental level • Budgets live at departmental level – No charge-backs for internal staff time – Smaller buckets of money – Vendors as “magic” • Opacity of vendor management, maintenance phase © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 6
  • 7. Campout 2007: Early Results • Successes: – Increased NWF's Web 2.0 Footprint – Met deadline – Enabled NWF staff to manage content directly • Compromise: – Scaled back ambition level (narrower scope) • Areas of concern: – Appx. 20000 campers versus appx. 40000 for 2006 – Low levels of activity on site • 15 posts in scrapbook (maybe ok – more after event?) © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 7
  • 8. Change in Progress • At NWF, we’re doing a lot online, but we can be doing a lot better! • How do we complete projects, deliver enhancements and content more efficiently, more accurately? • How do we relieve our capacity constraints? © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 8
  • 9. Continuous Improvement – Building a Winning Team • Actions already taken by NWF (past 3 months): – Re-shaped team to a high-value “competence center” based on consulting/service model • Project Manager (w/ Usability and IA expertise) • Brand Manager (social media, brand quality/integrity) • Internet Marketing (revenue focused) • Web Designer (beautiful product) • Web Assistant (client coordination) – Deployed Atlassian JIRA for task tracking and PM • Increase operational effectiveness, traceability and accountability – Deployed Microsoft SharePoint for organizational collaboration and knowledge management – Increased strategic priority for Enterprise WCM implementation (coming in FY2008) • Create the conditions for programs to take ownership of content production and delivery © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 9
  • 10. Continuous Improvement Building Organizational Capacity • Actions pending with NWF (next 3-6 months): – Hiring additional technical capacity (2+ positions) – Building an “extended internet team” – a network of intra- departmental Internet experts/advocates • Sharing the maintenance phase – Building, consolidating and managing vendor/SP partnerships – Implement enterprise-caliber web analytics – Select and implement Enterprise WCM (first phase) – Enterprise IA – Centralizing planning and decision-making processes for online programs • Prioritization • Governance – Normalizing selection and implementation processes • Offer internal clients a “menu of services” • Aligning offerings with appropriate internal and external capacity – Training and change management to “forward position” additional capacity throughout programs/departments © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 10
  • 11. Long Term Integration Goals • Increase consistency across systems (processes) and data – Goals – Priorities – Vendor – Platform – Data model – Processes • Operational integration – Building metrics and accountability into organizational programs, including (especially) online • Set and agreed up-front • Be nimble (“fail fast”) – Strategy articulation – Governance – Workflow (QA processes, etc.) • Technology is a means to Mission – How do (we know) our online systems enable the mission? – How do we direct our efforts accordingly? © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 11
  • 12. End of slides © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 12
  • 13. What Is IT Governance? How will you communicate the benefits and content of your architecture? • IT governance defines the cross-jurisdictional organizational structure that provides a decision making process to determine the services, architecture, standards and policies for the enterprise’s IT – A management process of setting goals and establishing policies, practices, procedures and organizational structure to provide reasonable assurance that enterprise goals will be met – An improvement tool that provides vital input for continuous improvement of business processes, controls and key performance indicators to measure outcomes and reset objectives Enterprise Governance Model DIRECT Resources Enterprise Goals & Objectives CONTROL Activities USING REPORT Source: ISACA (© Gartner 2002) © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 13
  • 14. Service Strategy Articulation Essential Processes Critical Metrics Strategic Objectives Vision, Mission, Values © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 14
  • 15. Sample Strategy Map Drivers Vision Mission Values “We are a global, customer-focused sales and service team. We handle “We will be the global industry leader in • Value Employees, Customers and Shareholders more customers than any other - in the world and strive to deliver: sales and service by valuing our consistent, quality customer care , proactive and innovative services, • Honesty, Integrity and Respect enhanced service recovery, and increased revenue, through technology customers and employees and • Inclusive, High-Performing Team Culture and informed, empowered employees.” shareholders.” • Safety • Creating a Great Place to Work Market Customer Service Differentiators Our People Call Handling Capabilities Online Support Service Recovery Orientation Strategic Achieve an Develop a diverse Develop and deliver Serve as consultant on Maintain and Increase revenue Objectives unparalleled level of and high-quality innovative how to best support promote a safe work and profitability customer workforce technology solutions products and partners environment satisfaction Vital Customer Satisfaction On-time General Time-to-Market for % Revenue from New Measures Employee Satisfaction % Revenue Growth Index Product Release New Business Units Business Units Critical • Manage the installation process • Attract and hire • Monitor and evaluate key • Product development & • Develop services business plan • Develop business plan • Respond to customer • Train and develop products and services business plan process • Acquire knowledge resources • Identify and develop Processes • Communicate with customer • Evaluate, recognize, & reward performance • Product life cycle management to develop services partnerships/alliances • Provide products • Integrated communications • Market and sell • Build thru installation process • Continuous education and • Educate employees on doing • Set, manage, & document • Revision, warranty, training business internationally customer expectations and maintenance, & service • Develop local comp. presence desires • Multi-lingual workforce (©North Highland Co.) © 2007 NWF | Matt Schuttloffel | 15