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Digital Doha Summit - Mobile

  1. 1. Digital Doha Summit June 12, 2012 Nada Hamzeh
  2. 2. The International Research andExchanges Board
  3. 3. •  Promoting Active Citizen Engagement (PACE) is a program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that supports Lebanese civil society so that it can better assess and undertake its own issue- based advocacy initiatives. The program empowers Lebanese civil society so that it can increase civic advocacy, activism, and participation through grants that respond to citizen concerns
  4. 4. In 2011, More Smartphones and Tablets were Sold Than Computers Education Independent Media Civil Society
  5. 5. •  45%  of  all  Middle  East  &  North  Africa  Internet  users  surveyed   use  their  mobile  phones  to  access  the  Internet  •  71%  of  mobile  Internet  users  rank  email  as  biggest  mobile   data  acBvity.  •  Other  popular  acBviBes  on  the  mobile  Internet  included     social  networking  (34%)  •  85%  of  MENA  mobile  Internet  users  surveyed  have   downloaded  apps  and  27%  of  those  surveyed  download   more  than  one  app  per  week  to  their  mobile  phones.  
  6. 6. 4 out of 5 owns a web-enabled phone 1 in 3 are using social network on phones •  US Government •  European Commission o  USAID •  UNESCO o  US Department of State •  UNDP •  UK Foreign & •  Starr Foundation Commonwealth Office/ •  Carnegie Corp. of New York Global Opportunities Fund •  Institut für •  Government of Canada Auslandsbeziehungen/ •  World Bank Media-Im-Pakt •  Charles Stewart Mott •  Other public and private Foundation entitiesSecond Annual ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller Arab Youth Survey
  7. 7. How are NGOs using mobilephones across the world?      
  8. 8. SHOITCOM in Jordan uses mobilephones to raise awareness about Mobile communications are being used to spreadmaternal and childhood healthcare critical reproductive health messages to women
  9. 9. Connect Advocacy
  10. 10.
  11. 11. •  Photos - A picture can convey a thousand words and draw audiences to content of your website, blog or message. Depending on the organization’s social media strategy, NGOs can create and share photo albums using their mobile devices.•  Audio - helps organizations to connect better with communities by circulating their messages. Most mobile devices allow you to record audio content and temporarily store files which can be transferred to your computer/laptop.•  Video - You can use your phone, apart from flip cameras, to capture video footage. Even with an older phone you may consider video enhancement software, which can offer a less expensive way to get better quality video content.
  12. 12. 1. PixelPipe ( is available for handsets that use various operating systems and gives users the ability to post content to many social networks simultaneously.2. TweetDeck ( allows iPhone and Android to use the TweetDeck app for accessing social media platforms.3. ShoZu ( allows content to be shared on multiple social media sites by clicking one button.
  13. 13. Mobile Phones- Connecting beyond the Internet
  14. 14. How To Set Up A Mobile Campaign•  What do you want the system to do? Who is the audience? Do you have the staff time and technical expertise?•  Understand the different types of texting campaigns •  Bulk messaging •  Keyword response •  Smart Texting•  Understand the limitations•  Choose your implementation strategy•  Select a provider
  15. 15. Mobile Tools
  16. 16. Mobile Tools
  17. 17. Mobile phone use is booming, especially in low-incomecountries: In Kenya, cell phone ownership has risen by160% in the past two years. In Palestine, 80% of youthown mobiles. In Bangladesh there are 30 mobile ownersfor each web user.