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Forum for the_future_sustainability_and_brands_why_what_and_how_12_2_13

  1. 1. Sustainability and Brands, Why, What and How Sally Uren, Deputy Chief Executive | Forum for the Future Gemma Adams, Principal Advisor | Forum for the Future0
  2. 2. Please send your questions in throughout the webinar from the question box. We will try to get through as many of your questions as possible throughout the hour **don’t raise your hand, type a questionAny problems email Kester at 2
  3. 3. Leading company transformation16 years experience working with ambitiouscompanies who want to develop strategiesthat combine sustainability and businesssuccessInnovation coalitionsBring together groups to solve biggersustainability challenges - including wholevalue chains
  4. 4. why brands?(you’re an NGO for goodness sakes) 5
  5. 5. surely brands got us into thismess?Yes….and……. 6
  6. 6. there are short-term investorssystemic lack of enabling policybarriers to disengaged citizensmainstreaming unsustainable businesssustainability models
  7. 7. As the door to thebusiness model, and asthe entity with anemotional relationshipwith the end consumer,brands have thepotential to act astransformative agentsof change
  8. 8. and there’s the ‘aspirationals’• Consumers in emerging markets twice as likely to choose and pay more for sustainable products• ‘Aspirationals’ look for brands to provide solutions to improve their lives AND serve society Source: The Regeneration Consumer Study: BBMG, GlobeScan, SustainAbility 9
  9. 9. PS Logic applies to B2B brands too, particularly as a route to business model innovation (and really, it’s B2P) 10
  10. 10. what? 11
  11. 11. a new role for brands - steps to ‘brand2.0’? from awareness to activation from competition to collaborationfrom single- to multi-channel comms kill the eco sub-brands 12
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. 14
  14. 14. how? 15
  15. 15. 1. brand strategy and activationwhat is your brand’s contribution to a sustainable future?
  16. 16. 2. behaviour changetackling choice + the product use phase
  17. 17. 3. brand-led business model innovation Futurescapes | Sony
  18. 18. 4. collaborate toblast throughbarriers
  19. 19. Sustainability & Brands2012 Roundtable
  20. 20. Sustainability &Brands main insights2012 Roundtable 1. the importance of story: why do you care and why should your consumer care? what’s your contribution to a sustainable future? 2. know what you want to be famous for and ensure that it matches up with your biggest risks, impacts and opportunities 3. make it real: break down ‘sustainability’ into topics that matter to you and to your consumer, and talk about those 21
  21. 21. to summarise after peers + family, it’s brands that we trust time then to unleash their transformative potential which means a new role for brands (or back to their original purpose?) and in turn, redefine some aspects of marketing and branding as pre-competitive less competition, more collaboration and co-creation 22
  22. 22. 23
  23. 23. Forum Network – upcoming eventsNetwork Webinars• 21 February – Forum for the Future & Which? Consumers 2030 – with Gemma AdamsThis joint webinar with Forum for the Future and Which? will debate the findings of theConsumers in 2030 report, and explore how purpose driven businesses, brands andorganisations can respond.• 19 March – Future casting - with Peter MaddenThis webinar, hosted by our Chief Executive, Peter Madden, will introduce the mainfutures techniques such as trends, horizon-scanning and scenarios, examine the benefitsof futures thinking for you, your organisation and sustainability; and share case-studies ofhow loading companies have done this in more information or to register for our events please contact 24
  24. 24. Forum Network – upcoming eventsNetwork events• 13th March, London – Is your business wired for change?Exploring the role of digital and communications technologies in enabling radical systemchange, and what it means for you and your organisation.• 7th May, New York – Breakfast with Bob Willard• 11th June, London – Making the business case for step changeAt our June Network event in London, we will be sharing the latest thinking from ourSustainable Business more information or to register for our events please contact 25