苗栗縣公館國民中學一百學年度第二學期三年級英語科第一次段考範圍: Book 6 Unit 1~2                               Class:______ No:_______ Name:___________一、 ...
5. Jeremy Lin finished the work both wonderfully and ___________.        (A) good (B) bad (C) better (D) well     6. Jerem...
(A)The bank is very far away from my old house.        (B) There are no bus stops in my neighborhood.        (C) It is nea...
六、   閱讀理解區(10%, 每題 2 分)                                           In recent days, the name Jeremy Lin has become well-know...
苗栗縣公館國民中學一百學年度第二學期三年級英語科第一次段考    範圍: Book 6 Unit 1~2                                Class:______ No:_______ Name:_________...
Lin. (請用 neither…nor…合併句子)        ____________________________________________________________ In fact, Hello Kitty       ...
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栗縣公館國民中學一百學年度第二學期三年級英語科第一次段考, 範圍何嘉仁英語第六冊第一至二課

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  1. 1. 苗栗縣公館國民中學一百學年度第二學期三年級英語科第一次段考範圍: Book 6 Unit 1~2 Class:______ No:_______ Name:___________一、 字彙挑戰區 (20%, 每題 1 分) (一) 下列單字排列順序已經被迷糊的海賊王魯夫弄亂了, 請幫忙把這些單字依正確順序排列好! 1. wnod 沮喪的 2. hadte 死亡 3. eeeerrhwyv 到處 4. eevinnnoct 便利的 5. oestrp 海報 (二) 海賊王魯夫在坐船去美國看紐約尼克隊(the New York Knicks)的 Jeremy Lin 籃球賽的旅程中, 把下列要進入美國港口的通關之英文單字搞丟了, 只剩中文提示, 請幫他寫出正確英文拼法! 6. 溫順的; 馴服的 7. 階梯 8. 蹺蹺板 9. 消防局 10. 公寓 11. 記憶 12. 包裹 13. 錄影帶 14. 花園 15. 籠子 (三)當海賊王把護照拿出來時, 發現裡面表格裡的資料有缺, 請幫他把合乎上下文語意正確英文 單字填入句子中! 16. My dog, Max, p d away last night. I felt so sad and couldn’t believe that he had left me. 17. He used to run and d g in the yard and then brought mud into the house. 18. When I saw him die, my mind went b k and I felt so sad. 19. My father works in a bank. When people come to b w money, he lends it to them. 20. The railway station is not very far from the bank my father works in. It is only one m e away.二、 時態闖關區(5%, 每題 1 分) 請依句意填入正確的動詞時態之答案 1. Jeremy Lin __________ (play) basketball every day and he really works so hard. 2. _____ (do) you watch Jeremy Lin play basketball last night? He did a wonderful job! 3. When Jeremy Lin became famous, he ________(sit) on the bench for two years. 4. Look! Jeremy Lin _______ (play) basketball with Kobe Bryant! Both of them are so cool! 5. Jeremy Lin ________ (play) basketball since he was five. No wonder he can play it so well.三、 文法磨練區(20%, 每題 2 分) 1. Jeremy Lin’s parents are _________ from China _________ from Korea. They are from Taiwan. (A) both; and (B) either; or (C) not only; but also (D) neither; nor 2. Either Americans or my sister ________ crazy for Jeremy Lin. We are really proud of him. (A) have (B) has (C) is (D) are 3. Jeremy Lin moved into a new house which looks quite ___________ after he became so famous. (A) fast (B) wonderful (C) well (D) carefully 4. Nancy, let’s __________ Jeremy Lin’s photos on the wall. He is really a super hero! (A) come over (B) look up (C) put up (D) think of 1
  2. 2. 5. Jeremy Lin finished the work both wonderfully and ___________. (A) good (B) bad (C) better (D) well 6. Jeremy Lin used to ________ on his friend’s sofa, but now he doesn’t. He moved into a new house three weeks ago. (A) slept (B)sleep (C) sleeping (D) to sleep 7. That Jeremy Lin lost the game last Monday hit me _______ in the stomach. (A) fast (B) difficult (C) gentle (D) hard 8. When Jeremy Lin plays basketball, I _____ on the sofa to watch his basketball games on TV. (A) lay (B) lays (C) lie (D) lies 9. After watching Jeremy Lin play basketball last night, I couldn’t stop _______ of Jeremy Lin all day today. (A) miss (B) missing (C) think (D) thinking 10. When I saw Jeremy Lin play basketball last night, I _________ my homework. (A) has finished (B) am finishing (C) had finished (D) finish四、 對話選擇區(10%, 每題 2 分) 1. David: _________________________ Mary: What happened? Why are you so excited? (A) I am so glad that I can’t say any word at all. (B) I am so happy that Jeremy Lin won the game yesterday. (C) I had passed my social studies test yesterday. (D) I had prepared dinner before you came home. 2. Jeremy: My dog had been quite weak before he died. Lily: _____________________________ (A) Oh! I see! You must be very excited about that. (B) But I have had stomach problems for several years. (C) I am very sorry to hear about that. Don’t be sad. (D) He couldn’t even like to take a walk with me. 3. Milly: Did you hear Jeremy Lin sing a wonderful song at the party last night? Kevin: No, I didn’t. ____________________ (A) Before I arrived there, she had left. (B) I like to listen to her sing songs. (C) I didn’t go to the party with her. (D) I didn’t talk to her about the party. 4. Jerry: Why did you buy that house? Jeremy: _________________ And I don’t have to get up so early to catch a bus and I can even walk to work. 2
  3. 3. (A)The bank is very far away from my old house. (B) There are no bus stops in my neighborhood. (C) It is near the place where I work. (D) It cost me two hundred thousand NT dollars to buy that house. 5. Cathy: Would you please give me a ride to Taipei 101? Jeremy: Sorry. ______________________________________ (A) I don’t know whether Taipei 101 has 101 floors. (B) In my car is no space for you. Maybe you have to take a taxi there. (C) The bakery is on the sixth floor of Taipei 101. (D) You cannot see it because the bus doesn’t stop in front of it.五、 克漏字挑戰區(10%, 每題 2 分) (1-3) New York City A 3-bedroom 2-bathroom house The house is only a 1 place, and it is on the 22nd floor. From the house, you can have an excellent view of the city. There are swimming pools, a gym, and a very big yard for everyone in the building. There are also a playground 2 seesaws, swings, and a slide for children. The building is in a safe and convenient place. It 3 the police station and the bus station. Also, there are bus stops around, and the railway station is half a mile away. There is even a big park across the road. Lots of people fly kites and ride bicycles there every weekend. 1. (A) two-months-old (B) two months old (C) one-year-old (D) one year old 2. (A) with (B) on (C) by (D) in 3. (A) is closed to (B) is close to (C) gets closed (D) is close (4-5) Jeremy Lin’s Diary Dear Diary, Last night, I lost the basketball games. I 4 never felt so dad before yesterday. All day today, I kept thinking of what I did wrong. I just wanted to run away and cry in a corner. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t lead my team to win the game. At that time, my mind 5 .I almost felt like I lost the whole world. Then I heard God was telling me to never give up easily and keep practicing and working hard. I felt much better after listening to the voice of God. I will keep the words of God in my heart and try my best to play basketball well. 4. (A) have (B) has (C) will have (D) had 5. (A) became mad (B) went blank (C) hit me hard (D) got older 3
  4. 4. 六、 閱讀理解區(10%, 每題 2 分) In recent days, the name Jeremy Lin has become well-known and the most internationally famous NBA basketball player in such a short time. He is only a 23-year-old Harvard graduate who recently has led the New York Knicks to win 8 games, which gives a big surprise to everyone in the world. Lin is the first Taiwanese-American to play in the National Basketball Association. He was born and raised in the US, but his parents come from Taiwan’s Changhua County. His journey in NBA did not go very well at first. He said that he spent almost most of his time on the bench during the past two seasons. But he also said what he did in recent days was because of not only the miracle from God but also the power given from God. He told us to stay humble and not to be proud. Trying our best to work very hard to face all the difficulties in our life is the key to success. Almost everyone is crazy for Jeremy Lin, so there are more and more new words about Lin, such as Linsanity. Every day, when you turn on TV, the word Linsanity appear on TV News again and again. Everyone is almost crazy for Lin. So many girls say “what I want is Lin Lin Lin.” Harvard graduate 哈佛大學畢業生 miracle 奇蹟 Chunghwa County 彰化縣 1. What is the best title for the reading? (A) Jeremy Lin is God in the world. (B) Jeremy Lin is the man of all the girls’ dreams. (C) Jeremy Lin becomes very famous and well-known. (D) Jeremy Lin is a very crazy basketball player. 2. Where was Jeremy born? (A) Taiwan (B) Chunghwa (C) Harvard (D) The United States 3. What does the phrase “stay humble” mean? (A) Don’t be proud. (B) Keep working hard. (C) Try one’s best. (D) Face the difficulties. 4. What does the word “Linsanity” mean? (A) Everyone wants to be famous in the NBA. (B) Everyone wants to get miracles from God. (C) Everyone is very crazy for Jeremy Lin. (D) Everyone is very proud of the NBA. 5. Which lesson of the following is NOT told to us by Jeremy Lin? (A) Remember to work very hard for our life. (B) Don’t be proud when we do a good job. (C) Try our best to face difficulties in our life. (D) Take a trip to America to watch the NBA games. 4
  5. 5. 苗栗縣公館國民中學一百學年度第二學期三年級英語科第一次段考 範圍: Book 6 Unit 1~2 Class:______ No:_______ Name:___________一、字彙挑戰區 (20%, 每題 1 分)1. 2. 3. 4. 5.6 7. 8. 9. 10.11. 12. 13. 14. 15.二、時態闖關區(5%, 每題 1 分) 請依句意填入正確的動詞時態之答案1. 2. 3. 4. 5.三、文法磨練區(20%, 每題 2 分)1. 2. 3. 4. 5.6 7. 8. 9. 10.四、對話選擇區(10%, 每題 2 分)1. 2. 3. 4. 5.五、克漏字挑戰區(10%, 每題 2 分)1. 2. 3. 4. 5.六、閱讀理解區(10%, 每題 2 分)1. 2. 3. 4. 5.七、 句子合併區(10%, 每題 2 分, 錯一字扣 0.5 分) 1. Jeremy Lin likes going to church. He also likes playing basketball. (請用 both…and…合併句子) ____________________________________________________________ 2. Jeremy Lin enjoys playing video games. His brothers also like playing video games. (請用 Not only… but also…合併句子) ____________________________________________________________ 3. Hello Kitty doesn’t like Snoopy. Hello Kitty doesn’t like Garfield. In fact, Hello Kitty loves Jeremy 5
  6. 6. Lin. (請用 neither…nor…合併句子) ____________________________________________________________ In fact, Hello Kitty loves Jeremy Lin. 4. Sara met Hello Kitty at 3 pm today. And then she went to Jeremy’s new house. (請用過去去完成式及 before 來合併句子) ____________________________________________________________ 5. Jeremy had graduated from Harvard University before he played basketball in the NBA. (請改成疑問句) ____________________________________________________________八、 寫作翻譯區(15%, 每題 3 分) 1. 在 Jeremy Lin 回家以前, 他的寵物已經待在客廳了。 Before Jeremy _______ home, his pet _____ ______ in the living room. 2. Jeremy Lin 在比賽最終時刻都絕不放棄。 Jeremy Lin never gives up _____ the games’ _________ ___________. 3. 因為 Jeremy Lin 這場比賽輸了, 他的球迷很痛苦。 Because Jeremy Lin lost the game, his fans ______ _______ ________. 4. 我向圖書館借了一本關於 Jeremy Lin 的雜誌, 而我又借給我同學了。 I _______ a magazine about Jeremy Lin _______ the library, and I ______ it to my classmate. 5. 對 Jeremy Lin 而言, 把他的生活打包在箱子裡並離開並不簡單。 (整句式翻譯, 錯一字扣 0.5 分) ____________________________________________________________________________ 6