AIESEC discovers and develops          young leadersand our partners play important          role in this
Foreword                                   3The AIESEC Way                             4Vision                            ...
Dear partners, It is my great pleasure to bring you annual report of what has beendone by AIESEC Czech Republic in last ye...
AIESEC Way  Many organizations are working to make a positive impact in oursociety, as we do. Each one of them has its own...
Vision     To ensure common direction of AIESEC                                                                           ...
© 2011 Accenture. All rights reserved.                                                                      CAREER > JOB  ...
Talent ManagementTalent Management  The experience and results in our organization are supported by thearea of TALENT MANA...
Corporate relations AIESEC and its partners  AIESEC provides its partners with wide range of products connectedto Universi...
selected for international internships.  Since first of September we have signed recruitment partnerships forone year. Mai...
Talent Development Product                                                     We would like to thank the following compan...
27/1                                                                                              Youth To Leadership 2011...
Incoming Exchange Exchange Projects                                                              This year we are focusing...
Results of Incoming Exchange                                                    Management Internships                    ...
Outgoing Exchange Results of Outgoing Exchange  This year AIESEC has visibly overachieved results from previous yearsinrea...
FinanceFinancial statementRevenues                                                                                        ...
Logo Coca-Cola a tvar láhve jsou registrované ochranné známky společnosti The Coca-Cola Company.
Local commitees    Local Commitees of    Czech RepublicAIESEC i n the Czech R epublic has its                         AIES...
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  1. 1. AIESEC discovers and develops young leadersand our partners play important role in this
  2. 2. Foreword 3The AIESEC Way 4Vision 5AIESEC in Czech Republic in 2010/11 Talent Management 8 Corporate Relations 9 Incoming Exchange 15 Outgoing Exchange 17 Financial Report 19Local Commitees Overview 22Partners of AIESEC in the Czech Republic 24
  3. 3. Dear partners, It is my great pleasure to bring you annual report of what has beendone by AIESEC Czech Republic in last year. If I should use just few words describing year 2010 in our organizationI would use SIMPLE, CHANGE and GROWTH! SIMPLE because that was one of the key words we were trying tocommunicate and achieve in last year. To bring solutions which aresimple and not to overcomplicate the things which AIESEC is doing. Wewere also trying to take example from other countries where AIESECis performing in less complicated ways as we used to do in CzechRepublic. CHANGE because we started to be more opened towards exter-nal environment having partnerships with more and more countriesbut also being more opened towards external environment in CzechRepublic. That is also why we started projects dealing with social issuesin our country and cooperating on that even with other institutions andcompanies. One of the most successful projects was project SPEAKdealing with language education at universities or projects focused onhigh-school students EDISON or My Better Myself. GROWTH because this year we grew in results by nearly 50%, weenlarged our membership and now we operate with nearly 400 active people in AIESEC Czech Republic and we also created structures supporting the growth to continue for next generations. Results achieved this year were never experienced in Czech Republic before. That is why I am really proud I could be part of this historical year in AIESEC Czech Republic and I am also very grateful to all of you, our partners and supporters, as without you it would never be possible to achieve this amazing SUCCESS! Michaela Schedlingova President of AIESEC in Czech Republic
  4. 4. AIESEC Way Many organizations are working to make a positive impact in oursociety, as we do. Each one of them has its own approach. Wealso have a unique way to make that impact. Our values Activating leadership • We lead by example and inspire leadership through What is AIESEC? our activities. We take full responsibility for developing the potential of people. AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organi-zation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher Enjoying participationeducation. • We create a dynamic environment by active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. We enjoy being Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and involved in Striving for excellence AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, • We aim to deliver the highest quality performancesexual orientation, creed and religion, national, ethnic or social origin. in everything we do. Through creativity and innovation we seek to continuously improve. What we envision Demonstrating integrity Peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. • We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfil our commitments and conduct Our impact ourselves in a way that is true to our ideals. Our international platform enables young people to discover and Living diversitydevelop their potential to provide leadership for a positive impact on • We seek to learn from the different ways of life andsociety. opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of The way we do it every individual. AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development expe- Acting sustainablyrience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships • We act in a way that is sustainable for our organi-and participation in a global learning environment. zation and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations. 110 Countries and territories 10.000 Leadership Roles 1.700 Universities 4.000 Partners/sponsors 50.000 Members 470 Conferences annually 13.000 International Internships 60 years of experience
  5. 5. Vision To ensure common direction of AIESEC AIESEC Experience International, AIESEC is creating five-years Engagement with AIESEC long visions. Last vision was AIESEC 2010. In this phase, young people are introduced to the world of AIESEC Therefore, at International Congress in India, through different engagement channels. They will learn about the WHY, HOW and WHAT of AIESEC and it will empower them to pick the path 600 members of AIESEC from all over the world to kick start their AIESEC Experience. created new mid-term direction for AIESEC internationally. This direction is called AIESEC Experiential Leadership Development 2015 and you can read its statements and The main programmes of the organisation are delivered here. This is description of what does it mean for AIESEC the leadership development centre where the members can learn and experience on this page. gain everything from the global leadership network of AIESEC. In the next section of this Wiki, you get to know the improved programmes. Life-longVision of AIESEC Connection2015 A lifelong connection will ensure positive change throughout an AIESEC members life. In this way, Engage and develop every young person AIESEC presents each of its alumni a platform forin the world continuous growth thus Our growing physical and virtual reach makes us the most credible enabling them to make aand diverse global youth voice. constant positive impact on society. We are recognized across sectors as first-choice partner for our abil-ity to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership. Our collaborative environment empowers every member to live ahigh-quality AIESEC experience, creating cross-generational positiveimpact on society.
  6. 6. © 2011 Accenture. All rights reserved. CAREER > JOB This is your invitation to join an Launch Your Career organization offering greater opportunity, You’ve put in the hard work to complete your degree. Now put Accenture’s people build careers in different areas of business, greater challenge and greater satisfaction. that degree to work in a dynamic, challenging environment specifically Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing, as well An organization dedicated to teamwork where you can grow and learn even more. Accenture offers as within our internal corporate functions. a wide variety of careers for graduates — all of which allow and collaboration. An organization working Visit, or send us a structured résumé the individual to build on his/her knowledge, skills and in the forefront of technology, helping 94 with a cover letter to interests, and launch a rewarding career. of the Fortune Global 100 to reinvent business. Our capabilities are so broad, you can even change jobs without ever changing companies. BE GREATER THAN
  7. 7. Talent ManagementTalent Management The experience and results in our organization are supported by thearea of TALENT MANAGEMENT. Our key role is attract and retain theright talent in AIESEC. Our members make unique our organization. The year 2010 is recognized for our growth in students connected inthe 6 cities that we have presence, increasing more that 80% our mem-bership, generating diversity in the students that are living the AIESECExperience. Every member is involved in our learning environment. AIESECdoes not only provide practical experience but even various ways oflearning. We provide possibilities for every member to choose their own expe-rience, set their goals and increase the self-awareness. By mentoringthey get support how they can use their potential the most and capital-ize opportunities. Marketing 22% AIESEC is a network for that reason gives possibilities to Finance 19%interact with others: all the people are experiencing teamwork, and everyone has access to connect anyone else from Economics 15%the global network via our internal communication channels. FieldConferences enable us to learn from each other and increase IT & Engineering 10%our impact more; in Czech Republic we generate 10 national Management 10%conferences, 16 local conferences and more that 50 work-shop in the different universities, but our members have the of Study Applied linguistics / Languages 8%chance to go to international conferences almost all aroundthe world. HR / Psichology 5% Number of Members: 500 Tourism - Hotel Management 4% Leadership Experiences: 98 Selling 4% Retention rate of Members: 78% Logistics 2% Other 1%
  8. 8. Corporate relations AIESEC and its partners AIESEC provides its partners with wide range of products connectedto University students. Those products are mainly aimed to: Employer Branding Products Career Days 2011 build the brand of the company among students as high pro- Career Days fulfilled its role once again in 2011. Traditionally, itfiled and desired employer (Employer Brand) was held in congress space at Hotel Diplomat in Prague during first week of March. 36 participating companies and 1587 students from • Career Days, Recruitment Partnership,, The Most Desired Company, partnership of international projects (EDISON, the Czech Republic attended this event. Main topic of all the part sof MyBetterMyself etc.) the programme was „development“, mainly personal and professional development, but also the development of the whole society or con- work closely with active students and develop their skills and crete company. Development is connected to future and that is whypre-select them as potential employers (Talent Development) the programme was designed so that it can cover the need of human • Conferences, Functional Team Partnerships, Talents of Tomorrow person to develop himself and think and discuss about his future. employ international students in order to boost company per- Main programmes at Career Days:formance (International Talent) • Companies from close shot • international internships • Panel discussions • Workshops • Entrepreneurship day Participants: • 36 companies • 1587 students on site • 593 students online Recruitment Partnership Last year we signed a recruitment partner- ship with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, RWE and KPMG. For our part, it is an opportu- nity to draw potential new members into AIESEC from the participating students. Of the equal importance is the aim to provide our partners with the chance for promo- tional campaigns, assessment centres and seminars for those students who could be
  9. 9. selected for international internships. Since first of September we have signed recruitment partnerships forone year. Main partners are Ernst and Young, Unilever and RWE. Theyare participating at national conferences, selection process for mem-bers and students going for Internship and visible at all promotionalmaterials we use for recruitment. Thanks to that they awareness atCzech universities is growing. We created space also for partners ofeach exchange programme. Currently we have Procter and Gambleand GE money as partners of Global Exchange Programme and EliteProgramme. Supporters of all programmes are Alka and Slůně lan- is one of the main awards inguage school and L´oréal. Partners helped us to educate students and “Employer of the Year” project.can offer jobs to students coming back to Czech republic from their This year the biggest innovationInternship. For that we organized conference Talents of Tomorrow for was to start the research on onlinereturnees in November 2010, where Unilever , Ernst and Young and platform and focusing not only on eco-People in need presented their companies. nomical students but also on technical ones. Partnership of international A portal provided and administrated by AIESEC in the Czech projects (EDISON, MyBetterMyself etc.)Republic. It provils companies with direct approach to students by a One of AIESEC contribution to give positive impact to society is bypossibility to send direct emails based on chosen selection criterions. organizing project with specific topic or issue to specific target groupBesides, companies can post their job and other offers connected with of participants to develop their potential. The uniqueness of AIESECHR, news from company etc. Year 2009 was a year of project is by involving international students or recent graduates toinnovation and re-building. Rather than just a contact provider, tvojek- bring international perspective to the project. Companies could be will be a social network where companies and students will be of the project by supporting and participating in the project. This yearable to get together and share opinions, experience, inspire each other at EDISON national project, RWE as national partner is participatingand through this positively influence companies’ recruitment strategies. in the project, interacting with high school students, and visible on will also offer new channels of promotion. Portal will be promotional materials. Therefore RWE’s positioning in high school ishighly interactive and intelligent and will be self manageable by compa- increased. Now we are developing national project connected with CSRnies´ administration access. program in company. Thus if your company is interested to develop CSR program or seeking partner to realize your CSR prgram, then The Most Desired Company AIESEC could be the right partner to support your company. An annual research run by AIESEC in the Czech Republic. The aimis to find out what attracts students the most on companies and whatcompanies they want to work for the most. The Most Desired Company
  10. 10. Talent Development Product We would like to thank the following companies for being the main partners of AIESEC National Conferences in 2010: This category provides products, where partners can participate in ČSOB for NEXT (leadership and personal discovery conference inAIESEC activities and either attract AIESECers for possible job oppor- January)tunities or simply promote their image. The benefit of this activity is that Česká spořitelna for SprinCo (Spring Conference where the nationalcompanies are able to interact with students and get to know them so planning takes place)that they can pre-select those whom they want to subsequently inter-view for employment. We have organized many of these products that Coca-Cola HBC for FallCo (Autumn working Conference)are individually targetted to the needs of the companies as well as theneeds of AIESECers. Patron of functional teams It contains mainly conference partnerships and functional team part- This new product was launched ast year. Most of the functional areasnerships. However, this type of product is very flexible and designed (PR, finance, international internship, selling, talent management) haveaccording to needs of AIESECers and companies as well. their patrons. In this product, the company helps the students with training in these areas and provides coaching and feedback on their Conferences performance. We want to thank Accenture, Československá obchodní banka, Grafton Recruitment, Komerční banka and Koučing Akademie. Conferences are a frequent mean of delivering information and education to our Youth to Leadership forum members. An important part of the deliv- ery is provided by our partner companies. In the beginning of year 2011, we decided to open part of our con- Conference partners are involved in cre- ferences for all University students. First event connecting University ating the content of a conference and students to our AIESEC conferences was Youth To Leadership forum we invite them to participate actively. 2011. We encourage them to provide our We would like to thank all participating companies and also host of members with workshops, keynote this event – Jaroslav Dokoupil from Future Considerations. speeches, partnership launches, Number of participants: 255 etc. as we believe that these forms of presentation are more attractive Number of participating companies: 13 and valuable for students - Number of participating schools: 3 the AIESEC members.
  11. 11. 27/1 Youth To Leadership 2011 3/12 – 5/12 (external conference) December Functional Meeting topic: leadership topic: functional area education participants: 255 (including external students) number of participants: 60 main partner: ČSOB 27/1 – 30/126/11 – 27/11 NEXT 2011 (conference)Talents of Tomorrow for students topic: leadership conferencewith international experience number of participants: 200topic: evaluate international experience main partner: ČSOBnumber of participants: 31partners: Ernst and Young, Unilever, Člověk v tísni 10/2 – 13/2 National Takeover Meeting (functional meeting) 11/11 – 14/11 FallCo 2010 topic: transition of the knowledge topic: hard skills education and practice number of participants: 90 number of participants: 350 main partner: Coca-Cola HBC Flow of the AIESEC conferences in 2010/11 8/4 – 11/4 SprinCo 2011(conference) topic: planning conference number of participants: 300 10/9 – 12/9 main partner: Česká spořitelna September Functional Meeting topic: Autumn preparation number of participants: 60 22/4/ –24/4 Talents of Tomorrow for AIESEC members topic: evaluate the AIESEC experience number of participants: 30 partners Accenture, ČSOB, Procter & Gamble 29/7 – 3/8 Central European Congress (conference) 30/4 –1/5 topic: international conference Talents of Tomorrow for students 17/6 – 20/6 with international experience number of participants: 60 MC TOP (functional meeting) topic: evaluate the experience from abroad main partner: Procter and Gamble topic: functional area planning number of participants: 30 number of participants: 60 partners Accenture, Loréal, Člověk v tísni
  12. 12. Incoming Exchange Exchange Projects This year we are focusing on English, but for the next SPEAK!, we are planning to reach other languages, such as German, Russian, or Spain for high school students and public. EDISON My Better Myself project is the first project inCzech Republic which aims The project My Better Myself is a sum-to spread cultural awareness mer camp for highschool students, whichamong young people through are led by a group of facilitators comingeducated university students from all around the world. The vision offrom foreign countries interact- My Better Myself is to:ing with Czech high school students by discussing some topics, such • raise the attraction of further and advanced education among highas economics, politics, socio culture, etc. school students. • develop students´ leadership and soft skills Initiated by Local Committee Praha, EDISON involved foreign stu-dents from Austria, China, Colombia, Croatia, Portugal, and Romania. • educate further high school students with potential to be accepted at the university and make them more competitive among other universityThis year, EDISON is run nationally in other Local Committees in Brno, applicants.CZU Praha, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pilsen, and Zlin, and supported by • improve students’ englishRWE. • to provide good quality internship to university Facilitators coming to In total, there are 23 foreign students from Brazil, China, Russia, Peru, the Czech Republic to learn and gain new knowledge in facilitatingRomania, Croatia, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Germany, Serbia,Macedonia, and USA, and 26 high schools participated around the cit- What our Partners thinks:ies, and closed by global village at zoo in Praha. We are planning tohave this project continuously in twice bigger scale in the next year. We believe that the members of AIESEC are initiative team players that are used to the international environment. We SPEAK! have only positive experience with our common cooperation is national project focused on improv- and with the proactive attitude of the members. Therefore,ing language skills by having interactive we support this organization and events it organizes.discussion and conversation between We participate not only on conferences for current mem-foreign students and Czech students in bers of AIESEC during which we deliver trainings onuniversity. Started in Local Committee Karvina, this year SPEAK! is run different topics but we also support conferences for mem-in 2 other Local Committees that are Ostrava and CZU Praha. bers that are about to leave the organization or we take part Local Committee Brno and Pilsen are also running language project. regularly on the job fair Career Days.hope we will welcomeAt least 12 foreign students (majority from European Union) and more even more AIESEC colleagues among us.than 200 Czech students have been participated. Accenture
  13. 13. Results of Incoming Exchange Management Internships • Total number of realized exchanges: 57 In the year 2010, AIESEC Czech Republic realized 119 internships in • Main areas: market research, expan- sions, business development, marketing, finance,total. We had 133% growth as the situation on labor market was grow- accounting, customer careing and we were organizing projects for students. • Interns are coming mainly from: Netherland, Currently we are still developing new projects and programs for differ- Germany, Chinaent partners and potential clients. For corporate area, we are focusing Technical Internshipson Business Process Outsourcing, export-import, and Information • Total number of realized exchanges: 6Technology sectors; and for non-corporate, we are focusing on culturaland language education projects to high school students. • Main areas: software development and programming, web develop- ment, system analysis and design, database management AIESEC is globally focusing on developing projects and CSR activi- • Interns are coming mainly from: Russia, Brazil, Polandties for non-corporate area as well as focusing on management andtechnical internships for corporate area. Education internships • Total number of realized exchanges: 35 Therefore more projects for different stakeholders, such as self- • Main areas: language education in companies, language institution,development project for high school students, entrepreneurship project public and private schoolsfor Small and Medium Enterprises and university students, and socialproject for Non-government Organization; as well as more manage- • Interns are coming mainly from: United States, Canada, Australiament and technical sectors are what we can expect in AIESEC Czech Development internshipsRepublic in upcoming years. • Total number of realized exchanges: 21 • Main areas: CSR programs in companies, cultural education project Incoming Internships 2006-10 in high schools, language education project in university200 • Intern are coming mainly from: European Union countries, China, 161 Russia150 119 122 107 102 96 96 Management Internship 48%100 84 89 No. of internship realized 69 Diversification Educations Internship 29% No. of internship 50 signed of Internships Development Internship 18% in 2010 Technical Internship 5% 0 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
  14. 14. Outgoing Exchange Results of Outgoing Exchange This year AIESEC has visibly overachieved results from previous yearsinrealized exchanges. 176 student experienced AIESEC inetrnships. OTP Oversea Teaching Programme (longterm internships teach- ing English to students in mostly far away countries) • total number of exchanges: 9 • main area: teaching English at universities or high schools • interns mainly going to: Colombia We were focusing on capitalizing on 3 main factors. Firstly, wefocused on growing pool of Development internships. The offer TTP Technical Traineeship Programme (longterm traineeshipsincreased rapidly and projects became very interesting in many inter- in technical based companies mostly in IT sector)esting countries. Secondly, thanks to redesigned programmes adjusted • total number of exchanges: 5to Czech environment we managed to communicate better AIESEC • main areas: web development, database administrationinternship, especially Cultural Experience Programme, globally known • interns mainly go to: Brazil, India as Development traineeship. GEP + EIP Global Enterpreneurship Programme (midterm to Stressing on the culture and experience participants can gain we set longterm internships in companies in countries out of Europe,the right expectations at the very beginning and students could leave focused mostly on Management and Marketing)to countries of their choice. Thirdly We saw huge focus on X+L, living Elite Internship Programme (longhterm highly demandingdual experiences alias having people in AIESEC who have experience internships in Western European countries and Global Exchangeboth exchange and leadership position. Our members who have been Partners´ in HR, Marketing or Finance)on exchange understand better teh AIESEC product and spread theword around. • total number of exchanges: 74 • main areas: Marketing, Business Administration, Finance, Project CEP Cultural Experience Programme (short term internships managementfocused on understanding given culture and improving soft skills) • interns mainly go to: Germany, India, The Netherlands • total number of realized excahnges: 88 • main areas: soft skills based projects, cultural ambassadorship proj- ect, financial litracy • interns are mainly going to: India, Turkey, Russia, Colombia GEP+EIP 74 Annual performance TTP 5 200 176 Division 150 of Internship OTP 9 120 124 100 111 97 105 types 77 77 CEP 88 50 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  15. 15. FinanceFinancial statementRevenues Corporate relations Services sold 5933 products - 98% - Career Days partnerships National funds - The Most Desired Company Member contricution - 2% - Career Brochure Committee - expenditures - Conference partnerships in 2010 Local committee fees 1227 TOTAL REVENUES 7160Expenditures Office and flat maintanance 1024 General costs - 12% Services used 3758 - travel costs HR costs - 16% - representation costs - meetings and conferences Corporate relations - 26% - Career Days Member Salaries, Social&Health insurance 917 Committee LC development - 4% Other expenditures 353 expenditures in 2010 Conferences - 8% TOTAL EXPENDITURES 6052 Public relations - 3% EBIT 1108 NOTES: Finance&legality - 30% • All of the financial data refers to the period from 1st January 2009 to 31st of December 2009. Other costs - 1% • Statement will be adjusted during Closing operations of the year 2009.
  16. 16. Logo Coca-Cola a tvar láhve jsou registrované ochranné známky společnosti The Coca-Cola Company.
  17. 17. Local commitees Local Commitees of Czech RepublicAIESEC i n the Czech R epublic has its AIESEC Olomouc AIESEC Ostrava Incoming Internships: 5 Incoming Internships: 14headquarters i n Prague. The headquarters t eam Outgoing Internships: 13 Outgoing Internships: 8consists of 8 people, who are working full time for Members: 39 Members: 49AIESEC and t hey a re r esponsible for strategicdirection of the country and education. Operationalwork i s being delivered b y local committees, t hat AIESEC Hradec Králové AIESEC Karvináare currently present in 7 cities. There is one local Incoming Internships: 14committee being established i n Hradec K ralove observation group since Outgoing Internships: 5and w e expect i t to b e fully established b y the January 2011 Members: 37January 2012. AIESEC Pilsen Incoming Internships: 0 Outgoing Internships: 10 Members: 50 AIESEC Praha Incoming Internships: 49 Outgoing Internships: 84 Members: 160 AIESEC Zlín Incoming Internships: 7 AIESEC Brno Outgoing Internships: 8 Members: 59 AIESEC CZU Prague Incoming Internships: 21 Incoming Internships: 9 Outgoing Internships: 33 Outgoing Internships: 14 Members: 94 Members: 49
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