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Chap 8,evaluation of print media
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Chap 8,evaluation of print media


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This slide will give complete view how to evaluate print media

This slide will give complete view how to evaluate print media

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  • 1. .. ....
  • 2. • Consumer magazine :54% of revenue from ad.• Business Publication: 73% of revenue from ad• Newspaper: 70% revenue from ad• 85000 million spent in 700 publication in 17 diff. language• Largest growing ad medium• Magazine growth rate: 22%• Newspaper growth rate: 32%
  • 3. Magazine:• Most specialize medium of advertisement• Some magazine highly devoted to only one segment market• Big company spent handsome amount to advertise in magazine.• P&G and GM spent over $500 million a year in ad.
  • 4. Top 5 Indian magazine• 1. Saras Salil – Hindi – 64.13 lakhs• 2. Kumudam – Tamil – 61.24 lakhs• 3. Vanita – Malayalam – 57.08 lakhs• 4. India today – English – 54.74 lakhs• 5. Kungumam – Tamil – 53 lakhs
  • 5. Classification of magazine:On the basis of Audience it is classified into three parts• Consumer Magazine• Farm Magazine• Business Magazine
  • 6. Consumer Magazine:• Used for general public for information or entertainment• SRDS(Standard rate & data services) divides 2700 domestic consumer magazine into 75 classification• It covers sports, editorial, travel & women’s.• Two third of revenue comes from adLike: India Today, Saras salil, Readers digest, Vanitha etc.
  • 7. Farm Publication:• 2nd major SRDS category, dedicated to farmer & their family• Approx 300 publication comes under 9 different classification.Like: successful Farming, Progressive Farmer, Beef, etc
  • 8. Farm Magazine
  • 9. Business Publication:• It dedicated to business industries & occupation.• SRDS classified it into 9300 diff. publication into 220 classificationSeveral classifications areNational law for LawyersIron & steelmaker: for steel indstRestaurant business: for restaurant
  • 10. Advantage of Magazine:• Selectivity• Production Quality• Creative Flexibility• Permanence• Prestige
  • 11. Disadvantage of Magazine:• Cost• Limited Reach• Limited Frequency• Long Lead Time• Clutter
  • 12. Magazine ad selling:• Full page ad generate 30% more readership• Full page 4 color ad increase 6%-60% more readership• Ad purchase on quarter, half, & Full page. It may be color or simple black & white
  • 13. Future of Magazine:Increasing of several medium of communication directly hurted the magazine. Following point required to tackle to overcome from this• Stronger Editorial Platform• Circulation management• Cross magazine & Media Deal• Database marketing• Online marketing
  • 14. Fact of World Top 5 Countries(newspaper reader per day)China: 93.5 millionIndia: 78.8 millionJapan: 70.4 millionUnited States: 48.3 millionGermany: 22.1 million
  • 15. In World( Top Newspaper of world)Yomiuri Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi ShimbunAround 75 of the 100 best selling newspapers are in Asia and seven out of top ten are Japanese newspapers.The Times of India is the largest circulated English-language daily newspaper in the world
  • 16. Most circulated Newspaper:Dainik Jagran (with 55.7 million)Dainik Bhaskar (with 44.9 million)The Times of India (13.3 million)Hindustan Times (6.3 million)The Hindu (5.2 million)The New Indian Express(1.8 million)Malayala Manorama(1.8 million)
  • 17. It is the second major form of print mediaTypes of Newspaper:Daily: Publish weekday, 60% youth read daily & 68% in weekendWeekly:mostly publish in small townNational newspaper:Circulated nationwide, TOI, HT, TH, Dainik JagranRegional Newspaper:Circulate in some specific areaLike: Ranchi express, Prabhat khabar in JharkhandSpecial Audience Newspaper:It offers some specialized news. Like ETNP supplement:It is additional with paper in specific day. Like Education times with TOI
  • 18. Display Advertising:• Found in throughout the newspaper• 70% of ad come from it• It is of two types• Local Display ad: Use supplement paper• National Display ad: Use main paper
  • 19. Classified Ad:Provide good amount of revenueArranged under subheads of productMost of them in small size or may be in colorPrint Inserted:Used by retailers or vendorsInsert pamphlet inside paper
  • 20. Advantage of Newspaper:• Extensive Penetration• Flexibility• Geographic Selectivity• Involvement/acceptance• Service offered
  • 21. Disadvantage of Newspaper:• Low production Quality• Short life• Heavy Ad competition• Poor placement
  • 22. Newspaper Future:As it publish daily so its future is goodIt has to maintain following point to be market competition• Competition from other media• Circulation• Attracting & Retaining Readers• Cross media buys