Chap 6,advertising planning & process


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This slide will give overview how to create ideas & other important steps at the time of making advertisement

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Chap 6,advertising planning & process

  1. 1. .. ....
  2. 2. Advertising Creativity .. Creative Determining what the advertising Strategy message will say or communicate Creative Determining how the message Tactics strategy will be executed
  3. 3. .. “My children, Theobald and Lydie, are discussing the newest Lindsay Lohan ad for the Patch…I think they like it…even though they think Lindsay’s a slut.”
  4. 4. Taglines That Set Vegas Part .. What happens here, stays here Be anyone Your Vegas is Showing
  5. 5. What is Creativity:• Perhaps it is the most common used term in advertisement. An effective ad is known as Creative ad.• Advertising creativity is the ability to generate fresh, unique & appropriate ideas, that can be used as a solution to communication problem.• It must be relevant to target audience.
  6. 6. The Power Idea .. Describable in a Likely to attract simple word or the prospect’s phrase attention Lets prospects Revolves vividly around the experience the clinching goods benefit Allows you to brand the advertising
  7. 7. Planning Creative Strategy:Three factors must consider before planning creative strategy• The Creative Challenge• Taking Creative Risk• Creative Person
  8. 8. The Creative Challenge:• Creativity in the advertising is the main issue so ad must be in different segment• The creative people must take all research, creative briefs, communication & other inputs before transferring it in ad.
  9. 9. “Only artistic value and “Its not creative originality unless it sells” count” SalesArtists
  10. 10. The Perpetual Debate . Only artistic. It isn’t creative if it doesn’t value and sell originality count Suits Artists
  11. 11. Creative Risk:• Company should dare to take risk• Must faith on Ad agency• For ad agency creativity comes first compare to client relation• Some of the best ad made due to faith.Like: Ad of Jaypee cement, ad of Liril, Ads of deodorant( wild)
  12. 12. Creative Person:• Most of the ad agency have creative person• They are generally eccentric person, as most of the media create their image like this.• They are from art, literature, music, humanities• No working schedule like 9-5• Generally we have lacking of these people
  13. 13. .. “Hmm…” “Hmm…” “Hmm…” “Hmm…” “Hmm…what’s that bird doing on my head?” “Hmm…”
  14. 14. The Creative Process:A very good logical approach is required for making an meaningful advertisement .Ad agency need to follow following stepsAccount Planning:• It began in Great Britain in early 70s & now spread al over the world.• Planner is known as the pillar of ad agency.• He has to work hard & to think always in current trends• Carefully design layout with the help of major to minor details of requirement of client• It required strong coordination between client & creative deptt.
  15. 15. An Absolut World ..
  16. 16. Inputs to the creative process:It consists following two phasePhase-1:in this phase the person go through following three stepsPreparation:Gathering information needed to solve the problem through research & studyIncubation:Analyze information & develop ideaIllumination:Seeing idea & think if it is the right solution.
  17. 17. Phase-2:Verification & Revision:• Here creative deptt looks & revise all the things which is designed In illumination process• All person look ad, especially the creative deptt• Rejection, evaluation, refines & polish is done at this stage