5 Minutes On Forms Design


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Funny but real examples of bad forms and how a forms designer can help.

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5 Minutes On Forms Design

  1. 1. 5 Minutes on Forms Design
  2. 2. What is a form? Any tool that is used to capture information for the purpose of providing a service or a product
  3. 3. • Member sign-up / registration • Online stores & e-commerce • Search functions • Front-ends to databases • Quoting & estimation systems • Internal systems & applications (e.g. car booking, leave requests) • Market research surveys ALL ARE FORMS
  4. 4. Most people hate forms… …with good reason…
  5. 5. Both? I work from home…
  6. 6. … and try to enter the right ? details for my organisation
  7. 7. I have my own professional services business…
  8. 8. …maybe I’m in the wrong occupation…
  9. 9. … I do find it hard to make sure I don’t miss calls from clients
  10. 10. At least I don’t have to worry about answering internal company feedback surveys ??????
  11. 11. …and I don’t drive a car, so I don’t have to worry about THIS one
  12. 12.  FIXES these sorts of problems  FIXES less obvious problems  PREVENTS new problems
  13. 13. A forms designer is like an architect: they design—but don’t build—the ideal structure for a client’s needs
  14. 14. But unlike some architects, form designers don’t cost the earth, and you get immediate returns for what they do
  15. 15. In fact, a forms designer will save you money
  16. 16. Better designed forms =  More new sales  Greater customer retention  Lower data processing costs  Higher levels of client satisfaction  Edge over your competitors
  17. 17. An example Transacting online e.g. buying goods and services 9 out of 10 (86%) British consumers who conducted transactions online in 2007 had problems completing them Over a third (37%) of those who had problems said they would abandon their transaction entirely Source: 2007 Harris Interactive Survey of Online Customer Behaviour
  18. 18. One business had a 69% increase in successful completion of online transactions after redesigning their online process with an expert Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/6/prweb531107.htm
  19. 19. We offer  Review  Design  Test for all types of forms
  20. 20. After working with a forms designer, you’ll feel more like this about your forms
  21. 21. http://formulate.com.au With thanks to Error’d on The Daily WTF http://thedailywtf.com/Series/Error_0x27_d.aspx PizzaDude for Rabiohead font http://www.pizzadude.dk/home.php