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  • 1. FORMAT RESEARCH profile of the research institute. services supplied
  • 2. confidentiality Reproductions, even partial, of the contents of this document, are prohibited without Format prior written permission. 2014 © Copyright Format Srl 2
  • 3. profile Format Research institute active in Italy and Europe for twenty years in the production of field surveys and analyses useful to know, to decide, to anticipate the trends standard methodologies of research (therefore comparable with those of the European and Italian statistical institute and scientifically tested) applied to ad hoc commissioned researches customized according to specific needs 3
  • 4. vision Clear Vision of the Phenomena to understand the causes of the phenomena using a multidisciplinary approach based on the contribution of different disciplines: economics, statistics, sociology, psychology, philosophy defining their exact dimensions, characteristics and wideness with short times for the realization, reasonable cost, and the guarantee of maximum confidentiality solid experience in carrying out surveys in italy, france, spain, united kingdom, germany 4
  • 5. offer Economic and Financial Researches analysis of the economic structure of a territory: a large metropolitan area, a market/country analysis of entrepreneurial tissue conjuncture, consumptions anticipating the evolution of the market scenarios and the economic phenomena: labor market, credit market knowing needs and expectations of the economic operators to set development policies or appropriate marketing actions 5
  • 6. Marketing Researches offer analysis of the consumer behaviors, attitudes, opinions and preferences identification of the trends and evolution in-progress of phenomena (prediction models) realization of concept test, product test, researches on communication analysis of the pricing policies, researches on the sale point knowing and anticipating consumers and specific targets’ needs (e.g. businesses and professionals) 6
  • 7. Customer Satisfaction Researches offer analysis of the quality of services supplied by companies, banks, public administration analysis of the quality supplied, the quality expected, the quality perceived customer satisfaction analyses based on the comparison between the expectations in terms of quality by the users of a given service and the opinion on the quality they actually experienced for this service analysis of the relative quality e brand loyalty 7
  • 8. Social and Political Researches offer analysis of the changes in public opinion on major social and political issues analysis of knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, opinions analysis of the attitude towards social, political and economic facts identification of the evolution of phenomena and anticipation of trends and fashions 8
  • 9. products Our Main Products: OCF (Format Conjuncture Observatory – every three months format releases results of this survey that measures the health of italian businesses (trust, income, employment, late payments, etc.) Credit Risk - an annual monitoring survey on credit management tools used by Italian companies Public Sphere citizens - omnibus survey based on telephone interviews: a survey on Italian firms Public Sphere enterprises - omnibus survey based on telephone interviews: a survey on Italian citizens Internationalization – observatory on Italian companies that internationalize 9
  • 10. method Solutions: Quantitative Analysis Format uses different data collection techniques based on the phenomena under observation: 1 telephone surveys (Cati system) - format disposes more than 60 computerized telephonic emplacements 2 surveys based on web interviews (Cawi system) with authenticated access by respondents directly on format web platform. 3 4 personal surveys F2F (Capi o Papi systems) format disposes more than 300 interviewers nationwide postal surveys 1 Computer assisted telephone interview 2 Computer assisted web interview 3 Computer assisted personal interview 4 Paper assisted personal interview 10
  • 11. method Solutions: Qualitative Analysis focus group – solid experience, also internationally, in recruitment, organization and coordination of focus groups mystery shopping – for an number of years, with about 130 mystery shoppers, format conducts surveys for the most important insurance companies in italy desk analysis – gathering and analyzing statistical sources, official documentary and other data 11
  • 12. analysis Data Analysis Format uses differentiated techniques for data processing and analysis: descriptive analyses multivariate analyses cluster analysis (to understand the market segmentation) analysis of correspondences (to understand market positioning) conjoint analysis (to understand which factors are important when making a choice) 12
  • 13. format research is a member of: esomar (association of european researchers) assirm (confindustria) - (association of marketing and public opinion research institutes) sis (italian society for statistics) confcommercio ! asseprim format research is certified UNI-EN ISO 9001:2008 (Certification agency: DNV) membership Memberships and Certifications 13
  • 14. 14 clients
  • 15. Format Srl – market research Via Ugo Balzani, 77 - 00162 (Rome) Italy T 0039 06 86328681. F 0039 06 86384996. Cap. Soc. € 10.340,00I.V. VAT, Fiscal Code, No. Business Reg. Rome: 04268451004 REA Roma 747042 for information Barbara Di Cosimo Phone: 0039 06 86328681 Mobile: 0039 3884428773 15