The forex robot buyers guide


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In the market for a forex trading robot. Read this brief report prior to clicking the buy button and save yourself a world of trouble.

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The forex robot buyers guide

  1. 1. The Forex Bot Buyers Guide You can distribute this report “as is”, for free. And only if it’s for NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. All content in this report is created for educational purposes ONLY. DO not regard this report as financial advice. Forex is like any other investment; if you can’t afford to lose it then you shouldn’t be speculating. Copyright © 2011 | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 1
  2. 2. 4 Surefire ways to Select a Winning Forex Robot Are you in the market for a Forex Trading Robot and unsurewhich bot to purchase? Take a few minutes to read through thisbrief report. Your Forex future will thank you for it. In this report we are going to look at four quick and easysteps that will make your Forex Robot purchase a breeze. First, I’ll show you how to spot vendors that back theirtrading robots with live trading accounts and we’ll create a list. Next, we’ll take that list and remove any bot that hasn’tbeen thoroughly back tested. We’ll also insure their performanceto risk ratio’s are on par with trader expectations. Then, I’m going to teach you a couple of methods that willhelp you snoop out frauds who are only interested in your money,so we can stay clear away from those guys! Finally, and perhaps the most important, we are going toidentify the safest place to purchase a Forex Trading Robot anddiscover how to get real reviews of a particular bot and not someaffiliate marketers bogus hype. After reading the report you will be able to create a list oflegitimate back tested Forex Trading Robots that all operate on alive trading account, have low performance to risk ratios, are not | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 2
  3. 3. www.ForexRobotsThatWork.infobyproducts of hype, have a good reputation by real people andcan be purchased with a money back guarantee. SHOW ME LIVE TRADING PROOF! Let’s talk about live trading proof. A Forex Trading Botmeans nothing if it cannot show a real profit. Amazingly enough,a large majority of the bots you’ll find on the open market do nothave a live trading account. They offer up back tested results,which means nothing more than a potential chance to makesome money. Here is an example of one vendor who puts their moneywhere the mouth is in terms of offering up proof. Visit and see what they are doing. If you look closely, you’ll see that this vendor actually givesyou a user name and password to login to their live tradingaccount so you can see, first hand, the real trades it is making.Not too shabby huh? Very few vendors will allow you this kind of access, theimportant thing to look for is that they give you some kind ofverifiable proof that their bot is making money. | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 3
  4. 4. How do you know the proof isn’t doctored? In the days ofphotoshop, sophisticated programming and inexpensive videoediting, it’s pretty easy to doctor up some live trading results.How does one identify a phony bot? The answer lies near the endof this report. Add the bot to your list of potential prospects fornow and move on. We’ll thin the list out later. BACKTEST RESULTS ARE PARAMOUNT! Back test statements are a fair indicator of somethingcalled risk/reward ratio. Now back tested results will notnecessarily determine whether a bot will be a successful bot ornot, but it will shed some light on how the engineers tested theirbots. There is a big difference between A. Consistently placingsmall trades over a long period of time that make you money andB. Betting the farm each and every time a trade is place. Somevendors do this. That is, they bet the farm and hope for the bestso they have something awesome to publish. This kind of tradingis foolish and a red flag that you should keep an eye out for. Risk/ratio is nothing more than an indicator that tellswhether or not a specific strategy is too risky or not. Mosttraders agree that a risk/ration of 1 is sufficient. | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 4
  5. 5. What does this mean, you say? Well, if you had a risk/ratiogreater than 1, it would take more than 1 profitable trade tocover 1 loss. The risk to reward ratio is calculated by dividing thepotential profit by the potential risk. As an example, picture atrade going long on the FTSE 100 at 6000 with a stop at 5950 andprofit target of 6100. This would give a £ value ratio of £100:£50,which is a risk to reward ratio of 2:1. Look at a bots back testing results and pay attention towhere they enter a trade and then exit a trade and where theyplace their stop loss. These bots are automatic trading robotsand stick to specific rules. Risky bots can cause you to lose yourmoney. An additional indicator that can help you identify arisky/volatile trading robot is to look at its performance curve.Most of the time you can see this curve in the back testedresults that the vendor offers up on their sales page. Anything | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 5
  6. 6. www.ForexRobotsThatWork.infowith a sharp increase or decrease in the chart indicatesvolatility. We want a smooth curve. A numerical value of such achart is called drawdown. You’ll hear traders talking aboutdrawdown a lot. Anything under 10% is good. Snoop Out the Hypesters! When the Forex Robot exploded onto the scene, it was likea gold rush during the Wild Wild West. Any programmer with halfbrain was out trying to concoct the next big golden goose in formof a Forex Robot. Well, needless to say, it was their golden goosethat they were trying to develop, not the trading communities.You still see a lot of unethical business being conducted in Forexto this very day. It’s important that you identify the phony conartists and stick to the good bots. For the most part, all of the successful bots on the marketare there because people know about them and it all comesdown to marketing more than performance. It’s the old cliché,“They were the biggest and best band no one ever heard of”. Youcan have the best trading robot in the world but without a meansof raising public awareness you have no way of really getting thebot out and into the mainstream. So this is where affiliatemarketers come in to play. This is also a window of opportunity | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 6
  7. 7. www.ForexRobotsThatWork.infofor you to see how business is being conducted behind thescenes. The next time you are on a Forex Trading Robot’s website,look down in the footer for an affiliate page. Visit the page andsee how the vendor is hyping the product. A lot of times, the vendor will not reveal any details withoutrequiring some information like name and email address. Feelfree to use a junk email account and make the rest of theinformation up. It really is important to take the time and seewhat the vendor is doing here. Look out for vendors who brag about suckering theircustomers into big up-sells and long term commitments likememberships and such. If you don’t mind this kind of thing, that’sfine, the bot will probably perform as advertised, but it does giveyou a sense of what the vendors true motivation is. Just giveyourself a gut check and ask whether or not you would feelcomfortable buying from this vendor. 3 Ways to Pick to the Right Bot | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 7
  8. 8. Congratulations. You made it to the last and most importantsection of this report. Now that you have a list of prospectiveForex Trading Robots, you need to know what real people aresaying about them. Here’s what you do: Take your list, and go to and do a searchfor “Forex Trading Forum” or “Forex trading Robot” forum. Leavethe search results page open, avoid ALL review websites andopen only the forum sites in their own page or own tab. Most forums do not require you to sign up if all you want todo is search and browse. So once you are at a forum, look for asearch bar and type in the name of the trading bot you areresearching. For example, FabTurbo or Fap Turbo. This is a good way to read reviews and end userexperiences. You’ll find that most, if not all, bots on your list donot perform as advertised. This is just a reality check andnothing more. Exclude a bot if you find a high level of negativecomments and refund requests, not because it misses tradesfrom time to time. It’s just like the advertised gas mileage in your car, or theadvertised internet speed you are paying for. You’re not going toget what you are told you are going to get. Also, ignore posts by | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 8
  9. 9. www.ForexRobotsThatWork.infopeople who are trying to send you to a website. They are nothingmore than affiliates trying to sell you a bot. The bottom line is this. Despite all the back testing proofand live trading proof, and whatever mumbo jumbo the vendorhas placed before you to get you to bite, you have a communityof Forex Traders that have already walked the path you arewalking now. If some vendor out there is using Photoshop todoctor their results, a savvy trader will spot the fraud and you’llread about it because you did your due diligence and paid a visitto the webs top forex forums and did a search on all the bots youwere interested in. GOOD JOB! Finally, where to buy? Any reputable Forex vendor, that iswilling to put their money where their mouth is will test theirTrading Robot against the rock solid, no questions asked, 60 dayClickbank Money Back Guarantee. is a reputable and secure online retail outletthat was founded in 1998. It has over 100,000 affiliate marketersand sells over 46,000 different digital products, including theheavy hitters of the Forex Trading Robot world. I would recommend that you only purchase Forex TradingRobots that use Clickbank to handle the transaction. If youpurchase a trading robot that isn’t working for you, then you have | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 9
  10. 10. www.ForexRobotsThatWork.inforecourse and you can get your money back. The Clickbank nameis all over the order form so you shouldn’t be confused when youget there. As it stands, while I write this, the 5 top selling ForexTrading Robots on Clickbank are: 1. FAP TURBO PRO - 2. FOREX MEGADROID - 3. GPS FOREX ROBOT - 4. LEO TRADER PRO - 5. Forex Signals Machine - Now you have all the required elements, including a list toget you started. | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 10
  11. 11. So, in conclusion, we discussed the importance of backtesting results and live trading results. We discussed risk/ratio,performance curves and what a good draw down should be. Weidentified an easy method for identifying frauds who are onlyinterested in taking your money. We discussed an easy methodfor finding real reviews from real people and how to avoid phonyreviews from affiliate marketers. Finally, we discussed the safestretail outlet to buy from when it comes to finally clicking thatbutton and making your purchase. I hope this free report helps guide you in making the rightdecision when it comes to making your Forex Robot purchase. | The Forex Bot Buyers Guide 11