Multiple Time Frame Analysis


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Multiple time frame analysis of the spot forex is by far the most thorough method of analyzing a currency pair. It takes time and effort but you will have all of the details in front of you on any pair or group of pairs when you analyze the market using this method. It is easy to set up some exponential moving averages on any pair on meta trader or any other charting platform. You can set up the indicators on 28 pairs in about 30 minutes. After you drill down the charts you will know what pairs are trending or cycling.

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Multiple Time Frame Analysis

  1. 1. Multiple Time Frame Analysis For Forex Trading
  2. 2. Multiple Time Frame Analysis There are 9 Time Frames On Metatrader
  3. 3. Multiple Time Frame Analysis Start With The Largest Time Frame Drill Down The Charts From The Largest To Smallest Time Frame Look for Pairs That are Trending on the H4 Time Frames and Larger Or Look For Pairs Oscillating in large ranges on the H4 or Possible H1 Time Frames
  4. 4. Multiple Time Frame Analysis Drill down from largest to smallest time frame and inspect the charts
  5. 5. Multiple Time Frame Analysis Note The Time Frames Each Pair Is Trending On Incorporate Parallel and Inverse Analysis – Check the Pairs in the Same Currency Family Example: If the EUR/JPY is trending up check the EUR Pairs and JPY pairs
  6. 6. Example Oscillating Pair
  7. 7. Multiple Time Frame Analysis Set Up the Trend Indicators By Individual Currency When Drilling Down The Charts Check Support and Resistance on the Time Frames Set Price Alarms on The First Short Term Resistance or Support
  8. 8. Trend Indicators For USD Pairs Set up for one currency, then you can check the USD pairs as a group, do same thing for any other currency
  9. 9. Multiple Time Frame Analysis Example D1 Time Frame Uptrend
  10. 10. Multiple Time Frame Analysis Drill Down The Charts Across 28 pairs By Individual Currency When You are Done With This What will You Know ?
  11. 11. Multiple Time Frame Analysis You Will Know What Pairs Are Trending You will know what pairs are Oscillating You will know what currencies are strong or weak You will Know Support and Resistance Levels and Pip Potential You Will Know If the Market is Choppy
  12. 12. Multiple Time Frame Analysis Practice Drilling Down The Charts Daily Become an Expert Follow Along With The Trends and the Forexearlywarning Trading Plans
  13. 13. Multiple Time Frame Analysis Once you have determined the trend on a pair you can then verify the trade entry into the trend with The Forex Heatmap®
  14. 14. Multiple Time Frame Analysis If the NZD/CAD is trending up, then you can use The Forex Heatmap ® to guide your trade entry, works for 28 pairs !
  15. 15. Multiple Time Frame Analysis References: Lesson 11 and Lesson 31 in our 35 lesson package. Good Trading,