10 Fun Things about Forex & Investing


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10 Fun Things about Forex & Investing

  2. 2. This is $ 1 Trillion The daily volume of forex market is $ 5 Trillion
  3. 3. 3 greatest Forex trades ever $1 Billion in a day & a broken Bank of England G. Soros 1992 $1.4 Billion earned & the falling Japanese Yen read the full article How Soros did this who when $790 Million Profit & Asian crysis G. Soros 1997 who when Quantum Fund 2012 - 2013 who when
  4. 4. How much would You have earned with Soros? $0.5 Mil $1 Mil $1.5 Mil $2 Mil $2.5 Mil $3 Mil $3.5 Mil $4 Mil 1969 Numbers based on the growth of the Soros Fund management which was founded in 1969 Today $4 000 000 Profit $1000 investment in 1969 = $ 4 Million today! If you invested 1 thousand dollars in (or like) George Soros’s fund back in 1969 you would have made 4 Million USD till today. That’s the power of forex!
  5. 5. How to make Forex Gurus work for you? with Social Trading! Follow & Learn from experienced traders Copy their trades Create your portfolio of best traders Let them trade and earn for you
  6. 6. The Divine code applies also to Forex 61.8% 38.2% There is a golden proportion in nature called Fibonacci Pattern. In trading the idea behind Fibonacci Retracement is that markets will retrace a predictable portion of a move, after which they will continue to move in the original direction. The Magical Fibonacci Pattern helps traders to predict the best timing for opening and closing positions. The accuracy of the pattern is considered to be 60 - 70% which is suprisingly high for such volatile markets. Fibonacci Pattern
  7. 7. Can you spot the crysis of 2008 in this chart? Housing Market Source: Bank of International Settlements www.bis.org ...Not so much, right? ‘98 ‘00 ‘02 ‘04 ‘06 ‘08 ‘10 ‘98 ‘00 ‘02 ‘04 ‘06 ‘08 ‘10 ‘98 ‘00 ‘02 ‘04 ‘06 ‘08 ‘10 Stock Market Forex Market While housing, stock and share markets have fallen dramatically in the recent years due to the global crysis, Foreign Exchange market has continued its growth as if nothing was happening. There’s no crisis in Forex! An economic crysis in fact can be the best time for forex traders as money can be made both in a rising AND falling economic situation - all is needed are rate fluctuations, not growth per se.
  8. 8. How a Farmer became a Billionaire You can see the full story behind the collapse of the Barings Bank in the movie “Rogue trader” with Ewan McGregor From Soy Beans to owning Boston Red Sox & Liverpool F.C. John was a Soy Bean farmer who learned how to use futures to hedge his soy crops. He noticed that trends occur and developed a trend trading system which helped him earn 2.5 Billion US dollars. Now he owns Boston Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club. J. W. Henry was considered to be on the other side of the Barings Bank blowout where he won what Barings Bank lost. John W. Henry Movie to see
  9. 9. 1971 1983 1987 1995 2001 2011 375 275 175 75 USD/JPY $100 investment $2.6 Million Profit Trends can last for decades in the currency exchange market $2.6 Million from $100 40 years of a falling USD If a trader went short* on USD/JPY back in the 1983 it would have cost him just $100 dollars to earn more than $2.6 million in 2011 or a little less in 1987 or 1995. * go short = to bet that the USD rate would depreciate against JPY. Leverage has to be used for such results.
  10. 10. Best For beginners If you have some experience If you can invest big money 3 often hidden types of forex brokers Social Trading Networks Retail Brokers ECN Brokers Super friendly systems & interface Best place for learning Great for busy people Smaller minimum deposits than ECN Easier to operate than ECN More tools than in social trading No interventions Market driven spreads Extra fast execution
  11. 11. 0 100 200 300 400 500 1957 Fortune 500 1998 In the 41 years from 1957 to 1998, only 74 of the original Fortune 500 companies were still in the index. Fortune magazine published an article titled “10 Stocks To Last the Decade” in August, 2000. By De- cember 2012, the portfolio had lost 74.3% of its value, according to analyst Barry Ritholtz. Stocks are slippery. That’s one of the reasons why more traders turn to foreign exchange or index funds. Lesson Stocks are unstable
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  13. 13. Risk Disclaimer Just like any investment business Foreign exchange involves a high level of risk so it may not be suitable for everyone. Using high leverages can create big losses as well as profits. Before investing in foreign exchange one must carefully consider the investment targets, degree of know-how and risk tolerance. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose as there is a chance to lose all the investment. But remember – no one has become successful without taking any risks at all. So make sure you get to know all the risks associated with FX trading before investing your money. Good Luck!