2012 meeting with cfl class parents saratoga


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2012 meeting with cfl class parents saratoga

  1. 1. 2012Meeting with Parents WelcomeMandarin Language and Cultural Center Principal Jane Chen 10:30~10:55
  2. 2. Benefit from learning Chinese• Use both parts of the brain (Sophie Scott)• Learn to think in a new way• Memory will go up
  3. 3. The Organization:• Non-Profit organization• 5 board members• 8 administrators• 51 teachers• 1019 students• Two campuses: Milpitas High, Saratoga High• Office at 1630 Oakland Rd. A-207, San Jose
  4. 4. The Mission• To provide high quality language & cultural programs with affordable tuition• To enhance multi-culture understanding and diversity in the communities.
  5. 5. 55 Chinese classes in two campuses• 29 Chinese classes in Saratoga• 5 Culture classes• Total 587 students in Saratoga
  6. 6. School Administrative Personnel• Principal: Jane Chen• Curriculum Design: Chihmei Wang, May Hsiao, Chenhui Wu, Peiyun Lin, Yuchin Ho• School Events Coordinator: May Hsiao, Reuyling Chang• Treasure: Celia Wu
  7. 7. Mobile Office in SHS World Language Teacher office
  8. 8. Important date• Chinese class 8/25 – 5/18/13• Culture class of first semester 9/8-1/12/13• Culture class of second semester 1/19-5/11/13
  9. 9. Days off (total 7 days)• 9/1 Labor’s Day• 10/20 SHS PSAT Test• 11/24 Thanksgiving• 12/22, 12/29 Christmas• 2/23 Presidents’ Week• 4/12 Spring Break
  10. 10. Registration and refund policy• Date of registration for next school year 3/2/13 for current students and siblings 3/22/13 for new students• Refund policy before 8/1/13, $40 will be charged, before the third week of school, $100 will be reduced after the third week of school no refund
  11. 11. E-newsletter• If you don’t receive school’s newsletter via email by 10/5 Please call:(408)441-9114 or email: mlcc@mandarinschool.org• The newsletter will be posted on MLCC website www.mandarinschooldigitalcenter.org
  12. 12. www.mandarinschool.org
  13. 13. www.mandarinschooldigitalcenter.org
  14. 14. http://goo.gl/oez4h
  15. 15. Seminars for ParentsThe following seminars are held in the office.• 9/8 @ 10:50 Introduction of Acculive, the online virtual classroom• 9/15 @ 9:30; Talk with parents of G1 students, 10:30 with parents of PK students• 9/29 Hanyu Pinyin and Chinese input class for parents
  16. 16. Activities• 10/27 Halloween trick or treat• 2/09 Chinese New Year• 3/16 CFL Open House• 4/20 Book & Bake Sale, Annual Fundraising
  17. 17. The curriculum
  18. 18. Textbook: Chinese WonderlandCFL 1: Chinese Wonderland 1CFL 2: Chinese Wonderland 2CFL 3: Chinese Wonderland 3CFL 4: Chinese Wonderland 4CFL 5: Chinese Wonderland 5 (piloting)
  19. 19. MLCC + TKB in Taiwan Paper Textbook, APPS workbook, Audio CD Website CD Rom e- for learning Teachers9/3/2012 國語語文學校 21
  20. 20. CFL Program• Six levels of CFL courses• 2 hours/week on site class, 32 weeks in a school year• 15 min/week online class, 28 weeks in a school year
  21. 21. CFL Program Goal• Develop students’ interest in learning Chinese.• Develop students’ language ability* for daily life applications. * Students can think and speak in Mandarin even with limited vocabulary.
  22. 22. CFL Program Highlights• Focus on conversational Mandarin related to daily life. o Build up oral skill o Recognize Chinese characters o Read in contained material o Write Chinese characters from Level II o Practice Hanyu Pinyin from L IV o Learn Chinese input from L V
  23. 23. CFL Program Highlights• Mainly use Mandarin in classroom; use English only when necessary.• Use real objects or pictures to help students to comprehend.• Many conversational activities in classroom to build up oral skills.• Learning is reinforced by well designed homework.
  24. 24. Topics for CFL 1Family PetsHobbies ColorsClothes FoodToys School Supplies
  25. 25. Functions for CFL 1• Greeting• Introduce him/herself• Get and give information• Express likes and dislikes• Make request• Express needs• About 20 sentences structure
  26. 26. Basic Phrase Evaluation• Fall semester: 12/1, 12/8, 12/15• Spring semester: 4/20, 4/27, 5/04• Recognize 100 phrases in Level I 117 phrases in Level II 116 phrases in Level III 118 phrases in Level IV 131 phrases in Level V
  27. 27. Play with the Flash cards http://quizlet.com/mlccschool
  28. 28. The Online Synchronized Virtual Classroom• Once a week, 15 min/ week• 4-5 students a group• Introduction: 9/8 10:50-11:20 #503• Select the time slot: 9/5 on google doc• Get the info (schedule, account name & password by 9/10• Online testing: the week of 9/11• First class: the week of 9/18
  29. 29. On-line Moodle or Edmodo Classroom• On-line audio assignment• Additional listening comprehension and speaking exercise• Instruction of using Edmodo and Audacity will be given by Ms. Chen 11:15 ~11:30 today at room 504
  30. 30. Parents on Campus Duties• Six parents each week• This year turns to Pre-K to G3• Report to the office 15 min before class starts• Ensure students safety during arrival, recess, and departure time• Patrol campus during class time• Assist with school office work
  31. 31. Safety Notes• Parents must accompany your child in and out of school campus• Do not let children wander around in parking lot• In case of medical emergency, parents have the responsibility to pay for the ambulance and medical expenses
  32. 32. Fire Drill• 9/8• 10:33 to 10:45
  33. 33. No Cellular Phones, or other Electronic Devices (iPods, etc)• Students are prohibited by school policy to use any type of unauthorized electronic or mechanical device during regular school hours.
  34. 34. Parking• Please park at the lot along the Herriman Ave.• The rear parking lot is reserved for teachers and parents who are in charge of library books.
  35. 35. SCRIP on Sale Every Week at office• Starbucks 、Peet’s、Jamba Juice• Sweet Tomato 、 The Porridge• 99 Ranch、Marina 、Whole Food
  36. 36. Volunteers needed• Library in the office• SCRIP Sale
  37. 37. Meeting with your child’s teacher at 11:00~11:30 The meeting agenda and the calendar will be delivered to your child
  38. 38. Thank you